Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend – All You Wanted To Know

Love makes everything look and feel beautiful. Most couples have sweet nicknames for one another based on things that make their relationship special.  A warm way to show how much you love him is calling him cute (also romantic and naughty) names. Men love it when their women show them off and saying you love him with cute names is both fun and romantic as well.

When you are looking for the right nickname for your boyfriend, remember to have fun. You are telling him you love him and also want to bring a smile to his face with the history behind the chosen name. A few easy methods are listed below, which will help you find the best and cutest name for your boyfriend. Take your time and choose at leisure. Enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome; the right nickname will present itself when you least expect it.


Pet Names Derived From His Name: Most pet names are derived from the given name itself. For example, if his name is Richard, you may call him Richie, Rikky, Dick or Hitch. Considering that Richard is derived from the German word “Ruler”, you could also call him, “My King”.

Pet Names Based On His Physique – Another way to find cute nicknames to call your boyfriend is to describe his best physical attributes:

  • Adonis – for the Greek God type
  • Bear – gruffly handsome
  • Beast – Tall, dark and handsome (and you get to be the Beauty)
  • Big Guy – if your boyfriend is a giant in front of you
  • Bulldog – for the guy who is muscular and handsome
  • Goliath – a giant of a man
  • Handsome – for the guy who is drop dead handsome
  • Hercules – for the tall and strong guy
  • Mr Universe – for the best looking guy ever
  • Muscle Man – for the guy whose muscles are rippling
  • Panda Bear – for the guy who is chubby and strong
  • Rambo – rugged and handsome
  • Rocky – quiet and handsome
  • Samson – whose hair gives him a rugged and handsome look
  • Sexy – for the guy who is drop-dead gorgeous
  • Shorty – for the guy who is short (told with love, this pet name is great; however if he is touchy about his height, don’t use it)
  • Sweet eyes – for the guy with the cutest eyes
  • Teddy – for the guy who is big and cuddly
  • Tiger – when he is gorgeous and tough
  • Tight buns – for the guy who has lovely posterior

Pet Names Based on His Behavior – you call him something that describes his behavior:

  • Busy Bee – he is always busy
  • Dream Boy – he is always lost n dreams
  • Humming Bird – who likes to hum under his breath
  • Jealous Cat – who is kinda of jealous of everything and everybody
  • Nail Cutter – he always chews his nails
  • Rambo – rebellious and handsome
  • Tabby Boy – who is very affectionate
  • Tornado – who messes up stuff wherever he goes
  • Water Baby – who loves to shower all the time
  • Wolf – who eats like a wolf

Pet Names Based On Favorite Heroes/ Stars – there are so handsome stars, celebrities and Heroes. What better way to tell him that you think the world of him?

  • Iron Man – if he looks as charismatic as the hero
  • Tom Cruise – when he is young and handsome
  • Harrison Ford – handsome, handsome and more handsome
  • James Bond – unbeatably sexy
  • Al Pacino – dangerously attractive
  • George Clooney – irresistibly handsome
  • Romeo – romantic to the core
  • Caesar – regal handsome
  • Jack Sparow – handsome, suave and smart (Pirates of the Caribbean fame)
  • Superman – for the one who always solves your problems
  • Yoda – for the wise beyond wise (Star Wars fame)
  • Thor – the handsome blonde God from Asgaard
  • Santa Claus – the generous boyfriend
  • Captain Kirk – handsome, smart and charismatic (Star Wars fame)
  • The Hulk – big, angry with a soft corner only for you
  • Wolverine – for the guy who never conforms

Pet Names Based on cartoon characters – we all have favorite cartoon characters. Here are a few cute names to call your boyfriend –

  • Asterix – smart and unbeatable in brains
  • Bagheera – lithe and handsome as the black panther in Jungle Book
  • Ferdinand the Bull – huge body with a soft heart
  • Goofy – for the guy who is always awkward around you
  • Nemo – for the cute and curious guy
  • Obelix – big, cute and all heart
  • Popeye – for the muscular and always ready to help guy
  • Scooby-Doo – for one who only thinks about food.
  • Simba – the Lion King
  • Spike – tough, good looking and with a golden heart

Pet Names Based On Favorite Heroes From Books – if you are a bookworm, you may like to choose your favorite paperback hero’s as a pet name for your man:

  • Heathcliff – tall, dark, handsome and extremely intense in love; the most romantic hero of all times (of “Wuthering Heights” fame)
  • Sherlok Holmes – who has great intuition about everything
  • Harry Potter – fascinating, magical, most lovable
  • Godfather – the powerful, rock steady, protector type of guy
  • Da Vinci – Cool, intelligent, suave
  • Darcy – handsome, deep, noble (of “Pride & Prejudice” fame)
  • Rochester – old school romantic, chivalrous, gallant, handsome (of “Jane Eyre” fame)
  • Rhett Butler – raw sensuality, alpha male, raw and handsome (“Gone with the Wind” fame)
  • Orlando – romantic, suave, boyishly charming (“As You Like It” fame)
  • Majnu (of “Laila – Majnu” fame)– crazily in love, can go to any extent to make you happy
  • King Edward VIII – loves beyond all world; he is the king who abdicated his throne to be with his love

Pet Names Based On Favorite Hobbies – if your boyfriend has a favorite hobby, praise his talent with a pet name inspired from that hobby:

  • Columbus – likes sailing
  • Elvis – loves singing
  • Homer (of “The Simpsons” fame) – loves to watch TV
  • Houdini – for the guy who loves to show magic tricks
  • John Travolta or Fred Astaire – loves to dance
  • Michael Jackson – dancing is his passion
  • Picasso – he paints exceedingly well; you can also call him that if he makes a mess of it, but loves to paint.
  • Shakespeare – he is a great writer
  • Sherlock Holmes – he is good at investigating stuff

Pet Names Based On Habits  – he could be having good habits and bad habits, both could be used in his pet name –

  • Bookworm – one who loves to read all the time
  • Cool Cat – one who is cool about everything
  • Dr Doolittle – one who loves animals
  • Geeky Mikey – one who loves gadgets and computers
  • Ghost – one who moves quickly and quietly or one who is never at home
  • Green fingers – one who loves gardening
  • Hairy Harry – one who loves his hair and is always preening himself
  • Handyman – one who can fix anything around the house – and your heart
  • Lazy Bones – one who is too lazy
  • Lover Boy – one who is incurably romantic
  • Quick Fix – one who always finds a solution for problems
  • Speedy Joe – one who drives/ or moves too fast

Pet Names Based On Personality:

  • Bill Gates – who makes lots of money yet he is charitable and kind
  • Brave Heart – he is never scared of anything
  • Dare-devil – he always looks for challenges and is fearless
  • Dragon Warrior – he is perseverant and diligent
  • Encyclopedia – he knows everything
  • Jerry Seinfeld – for the guy who is always cool and wise
  • Lion King – who is always careful that you are okay and treated right
  • Mr Perfect – hard taskmaster at work and home
  • Playboy – who is hugely attractive
  • Teddy – cuddly and sweet

Pet Names That Are Simply Cute – there are names that come out of your mouth spontaneously as endearments, which make cute names for your boyfriend:

  • Baby darling – shows how much you love him
  • Honey Bun – sweet and sexy
  • Hot stuff – when he is smoking hot and you can’t stay away from him
  • Lover Boy – the one who stole your heart
  • Mi amour – “my love” in Spanish, which somehow sounds even more appealing
  • My love – an eternal classic, which says it all
  • My Sparkle – when the guy brings fun and freshness along with him
  • Sexy Eyes – guy with sexy eyes
  • Sunshine – when you look at him, you smile
  • Sweetheart – the one whom you love

Pet Names Inspired By His Exceptional Abilities – there would be certain qualities that you love about your boyfriend.

  • Armani – one who loves classy stuff
  • Beckham – loves and/ or is good at football
  • Bruce Lee – one who is a master at martial arts; invincible
  • Buddha – spiritual, enlightened, calm and serene
  • Columbus – one who is bitten by the travel bug
  • Confucius – wise, deep, exotic and spiritual
  • Eagle Eyes – he sees everything, he is sharp and alert always
  • Edison – keeps inventing stuff, restless and with an engineering mind
  • Einstein – one who is super intelligent, or totally goofy
  • Hitler – one who enforces strict rules
  • Keats (of John Keats fame) – one who writes poems for you
  • Michelangelo – very artistic, intelligent beyond his time
  • Midas – whatever he touches turns to gold; very clever at business
  • Napoleon – super intelligent, able to multitask and achieve the impossible; loves you to bits (you are his Josephine)
  • Owl – stays up all night, sleeps in the day time
  • Shakespeare – a literary genius or the exact opposite
  • Socrates – he is philosophical and cool about everything
  • Tom Cat – proud, preeny and exceedingly cuddly

Find the Best Pet Name for Your Boyfriend – 10 Foolproof Tips that Work Wonders

The ground rule when you are looking for a cute pet name for your boyfriend is that it should make you both happy. The name you choose should evoke good feeling in his heart and mind; it should tell him and the world at large, that you love him very much and you feel lucky to have him in your life.

  • Start with His Given Name – it takes time to find the right nicknames to call your boyfriend. For a quick start, use his given name. Shorten it or modify it in ways that will make a cute pet name.
  • Choose Macho Names – select names that highlight the macho side of his personality. Men love to know that their girlfriends see them as handsome, macho, strong and dependable.
  • Choose Names That Warm His Heart – choose a name makes him feel loved and cherished. Men love romance and endearing words as much as or even more than women do.
  • Choose A Name That Has A Meaning To You Both – the nickname could be a sweet reminder of something private and personal. As a couple, you would definitely have plenty of incidents that celebrate your love. Use any one of these to inspire a pet name whose meaning is special only to you both.
  • Choose Names That Inspires Love – choose a name that tells him and the whole world how much you love him. Calling him “my darling” or “sweetheart” is beautiful but too common. Find your own “love pet names” for your boyfriend, which is unique and romantic.
  • Choose Names that Highlight Imperfections in a Pleasant Way – often the imperfections increase the attraction quotient of a man. Highlighting the imperfections that you love most in your man will add a special zing to your relationship.
  • Use Intimate Cute Names for the Bedroom – if your boyfriend is a love machine in bed you might like to show your appreciation with pet names like “Stud” or “Love Machine”. Men love to be praised for their prowess in bed and such nicknames which will definitely make him happy both in front of his friends and in the bedroom. You might like to have a few secret code names and/ or bedroom names for your boyfriend. This would stoke the fires of romance in your relationship.
  • Choose a Nickname that Reminds Him of YOU – choose a cute name that only you call him and no one else. The uniqueness of this name will become part of your history and tradition as a couple, strengthening your love as years go by.
  • Nicknames Could Be Many – don’t stop with one pet name for your man. You can have as many as you want. You could have one for every occasion – travel, party, bedroom, among friends, in front of his parents, etc. It’s up to you how many nicknames you use to tell him, “I love you”. Don’t stop at one.
  • It Does Not Need to Be English – to make it completely unique, look for names in other languages. Look at legends of gods and super heroes, look into the history for men of exceptional talents and achievements, check out contemporary heroes – search for a name that fits your boyfriend like a glove. You will amazed at how many lovely cute nicknames for guys are there when you are really looking for one. Do not limit yourself to any language or region.
  • Be Careful with Nicknames in Foreign Languages – whenever you borrow foreign nicknames, check the meaning carefully. There are instances where women used derogative nicknames – albeit inadvertently – for their boyfriends because they were misled by friends, or they misunderstood the meaning.
  • Just because the nickname is popular in the language or country or origin does not mean that it is a good idea. What is considered “cute” in other places may sound insensitive at home, such as Polish “Brzydalu”, meaning “The Ugly One” or Tibetan “Nyingdu-La”, meaning “Honorable Poison Of My Heart”, or Dutch “Scheetje” meaning “Little Fart”, Flemish “Mijn Bolleke”, meaning “My Little Round Thing” or Ecuador “Gordo”, meaning “Fat Guy”. There are others, which mean a lot worse; hence, be cautious when you choose a foreign language pet name for your boyfriend.
  • Avoid Evoking Bad Memories and Feelings – avoid calling him what his Ex nicknamed him. Also stay away from anything that would remind him of a bully in school, or a trait that he is not too proud of – especially if he is sensitive about it.
  • Be as Creative as You Want – while choosing the nickname, engage your creativity to make it unique. It could be a word or expression that describes or complements your boyfriend. Call him Cootchie-Coo, Meow, Camel, Thorn Bush, Orange Peel or anything else you like based on your history as a couple. Be as creative as you want in choosing the nickname for your boyfriend because finding an unique pet name would add new dimensions to your love.

Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend From All Over The World

For inspiration about nicknames in English, there are thousands of sites on the Net at the click of the mouse, which will give you huge lists of romantic, funny and cute nicknames for your boyfriend. The list below is meant to inspire you to look beyond the English repertoire of names.


  • Heuning Dra – Honey bear
  • Kosbare – Precious or Treasure
  • Liefhebber – Loverboy
  • Liefste – Sweetheart
  • Mooi – Handsome
  • My Een En Enigste – My one and only
  • Suiker – Sugar


  • Mon Amour – My Love
  • Mon Ange – My Angel
  • Mon Canard – My Ducky
  • Mon Cheri – My Darling
  • Mon Chouchou – My Sweet Bun
  • Mon Coer – My Heart
  • Mon Lapin – My Bunny
  • Mon Loup – My Wolfe
  • Mon Tresor – My Treasure


  • Barchen – Teddy
  • Hase – Bunny
  • Liebling – Darling
  • Maus – Literally means “Mouse”. But the connotation is, “Sweetie”
  • Mausebar – Cute Bear (Mouse bear)
  • Schatz – Treasure or Precious
  • Schnucki – endearment in German similar to sweetheart


  • Agapi Mou or Zoi Mou – My Love
  • Agapimeni Mou – My Beloved
  • Glykouli – My Sweet
  • Kardia Mou – My Heart
  • Kardoula mou – Sweatheart
  • Matia Mou or Matakia Mou – The Apple Of My Eyes
  • Psihoula mou – My Muffin


  • Amore – Love
  • Amore Mio – My Love
  • Bambino – Baby
  • Bello – Handsome
  • Ciccino – Darling
  • Cucciolo – Puppy
  • Pasticcino – Cupcake


  • A Choisle Mo Chroi – The Pulse of My Heart
  • Mo Chroi – My Heart
  • Mo Chuisle – My Pulse or My Heart
  • Ojos de Angel – Angel Eyes


  • Golubchik – Darling
  • Pupsik – Little Bird


  • Chiquito – Baby, My Man
  • Corazon – Sweetheart
  • Mi amor – My Love
  • Mi Rey – My King
  • Osito – My Little Bear

The Last Word on Finding The Right (and Cute) Nickname for Your Boyfriend

Nicknames are all about celebrating your love. You want to tell him through the name you choose for him, that you love him dearly and cherish him for who he is. Sometimes, it takes a while before you stumble upon the right nickname. Be patient, it will come to you.

While searching for a cute name, play with all the possibilities you get. Make it a habit to pin a cute name on him every time he makes you happy, every time you admire something about him, every time you are grateful you have him in your life. This habit will lead you to the right nickname for your boyfriend – and one day, out of the blue you will have your “aha” moment!

When you choose a pet name for your boyfriend, the most important thing is making him know you love him. That’s all there is to it.  The right pet name should come from your heart and touch his; it should make him smile, it should create an intimate vibe that only you two share, which enriches your relationship.