Cute Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

Have you ever think about how your girlfriend feels about you calling her by her first name? While this maybe is a small thing, there are some people who wanted to be called by pet or nicknames that show a little bit more of your endearment.

These nicknames are usually cheesy sweet but should not be limited to that because some may like it funny or condensed from some private information that only the two of you may know. Whatever it is, it is just so cute of you two if you would be calling each other by nicknames.

So first off, you may start considering these cute nicknames for your girlfriend:

  1. One of the cheesiest cute nicknames for your girlfriend is baby, as well as among the popular nicknames used as endearment of lovers too. This can also evolve into babe, bebe, babes, my baby, or my baby love. Whichever you pick, you are simply putting the meaning out to her: she is your baby whom you want to take care of all the time. Sweet, yeah?
  1. Basically, this is the sweetest way to acknowledge the sweetness of your girlfriend. Calling her sweetie recognizes the sweetness that she has shown you over the course of your relationship. For sure, she will feel elated by this name but you have to run the risk of being a stereotype because it is also one of the most popular nicknames used to call a girl or boyfriend.
  1. Another sweet nickname you can call your girlfriend is honey, but is also widely used by people in relationship. This is usually used to people who are sweet as honey to their loved ones and is just perfect to be acknowledged.
  1. An increasingly getting popular cute nickname for your girlfriend is wifey. It is a name that will also feel like a promise to your girlfriend because the name is coined from the name “wife”, which is the ultimate destination of every relationship. Calling her wifey is like telling her how serious you are with her and your relationship.
  1. There is no better nickname you can call your girlfriend than pretty as recognition to how fine and refreshing she looks. While every girlfriend will really look pretty to her boyfriend, it is still the sweetest way a boyfriend can show her girlfriend how he admires her.
  1. This is a nickname that is growing in popularity. It is a nickname that is best used when a girlfriend is cute as a button, and she will surely love you calling her like that. This will transcend how you feel about her and how well aware you are of her unique characteristics.
  1. Let your girlfriend know how she makes you feel warm by calling her hottie. This will give her an idea, if she isn’t well aware yet, that she is hot – both physically and mentally.
  1. Does your girl brightens up a gloomy day for you? If so, there is no perfect cute nickname you can call your girlfriend than sunshine. This will give her the idea that she is just that to you and how her presence means to you every day. Isn’t that sweet?
  1. If your girlfriend is perfect as a doll then you must be calling her doll. This perfectly fits her and will be your cutest way of letting her know how you admire her perfect features and just everything about her.
  1. Girlfriends should be a princess to their boyfriends, which is why this is the best nickname you can call your girlfriend. Besides, this will not only mean that she is dolled up to perfection but also you are a prince charming of sort with her.
  1. If your girlfriend is a queen to you, let her know that by calling her queen as nickname. This is the sweetest way you can convey how you adore her and how you wanted to treat her. For sure, she would love to hear that – in fact, every woman would because that is basically how they wanted to be foreseen and be treated.
  1. You dated and got her yes out of love, yeah? So what better nickname you can give her than ‘Love’? While this is a cute nickname you can call your girlfriend, it is good to be ready to the fact that maybe 2 out of 10 couples call their loved ones with this name. To be a little more unique, you might want to add a suffix or a prefix say ‘baby love’?
  1. Girlfriends are angels, are they not? So make her know that she is one to you. Call her angel or may be my angel. This will surely sound great in her ears. Who knows she might return the favor and call you the same?
  1. Crazy in love with your girlfriend? You should call her boo, just like how those cool R&B singers call their lady or guy love. This is way cool and cute nickname you can call your girlfriend, which will best fit if she is or the two of you are into cool things.
  1. Love cookies? Then your girlfriend should be a ‘cookie’ for you in real life. Let her know that by giving her the nickname cookie. She may be well aware of how into cookies you are by now so she will surely get the message and definitely love it.
  1. Beanies are different things to everyone. They may be in the form of a headdress or a couch like seat. The common denominator to both is that they both offer comfort and warmth. If these are the things that your girlfriend makes you fell then why not call her that? She will surely get it and love the idea. Of course, if anyone of you are into beanies then that would also be a literal and cute nickname you can call your girlfriend.
  1. Let your girlfriend know that she is treasured. Call her ‘dear’ because she is definitely that to you. Of course, you should be well aware that this is one of the oldest nicknames that people in love or couples call each other so you are less than unique like those other people with the same name of endearment.
  1. Another long running name of endearment to couples and lovers is sweetheart. This is usually used to people who are sweetly into each other, letting each other know how sweet their hearts are. And since your girlfriend is one of these people, let her know how you recognize her traits by calling her ‘sweetheart’ or maybe to be more unique, ‘my sweetheart or sweetheart baby’.
  1. Do you love cuddling with your girlfriend? Is she cute and cuddly? Let her know that by calling her ‘cuddles’. This will her the idea that you simply love the act of cuddling with her. That is way sweeter than anything else, eh?
  1. Honey pie. Honey is sweet and pie is simply heavenly. Calling your girlfriend both is definitely great and would make her feel that she is definitely loved and appreciated. She might even return the favor, right?
  1. Thanks to Adam Levine, people now have seen how important the word sugar is to love. Give her this nickname to make her know that she is your sugar – sweet and important to anything you drink to life.
  1. Do you love muffin? Does she? If that is the case, you might want something that represents your need or her good choice in food. Muffin, if taken literally, depicts a refreshing and pampering snack. Definitely, your girl is not a snack but is a great someone to you. She makes you complete all day long that you are together. Thus, it is best to get that straight and make her know just that – she is definitely a muffin to your life.

Tips on choosing cute nickname for your girlfriend

Cute Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

The main purpose of calling your girlfriend with another name than her true name is to give her a more suitable, true-to-her qualities little cute name. Thus, you really would want to stick to that goal and flatter her.

  • Choose a nickname that is unique. You don’t want to be stereotyped, and so does your girl. Thus it will be best to keep the nickname you will give your girlfriend original. While the 22 cute nicknames you can call your girlfriend above are among the best selections, they are also some of the most popular ones which means they may be used by other couples. It is therefore highly recommended to either condense these ideal nicknames to have a more unique nickname for your girl.
  • Ensure that the nickname is pampering, if not flattering. You surely wouldn’t want a nickname that will ring a bad feeling to your girl. While you can be playful and actually teasing, giving her a name that will not make her feel pampered or elated will eventually take its toll on her. So, it is best to keep it flattering – and simple.
  • Stay away from nicknames that will impose a negative vibe. Some nicknames may actually have a bad vibe or feel to it. Don’t use any of those nicknames to call your girlfriend though how cute they may sound or feel to you. Remember that this is your girl, the extension of yourself so keep her happy and pampered just like the way you want to treat her and be treated. Make sure that you choose wisely and veer away from those names that have negative or double meanings.
  • Keep it casual and maybe, cool. One of the best ways to find the best nickname for your girlfriend is to stay to yourself. You don’t want to be really fancy or run the risk of being too boring. Therefore, you wanted to keep things sweet and light. Choose a cute nickname for your girlfriend that is not only casual but also cool at the same time. This will surely keep the spirit of calling nicknames fun but also sweet and thoughtful.
  • Don’t expect your girlfriend to reciprocate. Seriously, this is you making your girlfriend feel wanted and important so don’t expect for anything in return. Should she reciprocate and call you names – cute names, by the way – you should be thankful. If not, then you should be happy you made her feel good with the nickname you choose. Therefore, don’t choose a nickname that has a boy name counterpart.
  • Ask her for pointers. Of course, you wanted her to feel how lucky she is for having a feeling and sweet boyfriend in you but you should know that she is actually not oblivious to that. The best way is to ask her if the nickname you pick is actually making her feel good or the otherwise. As you probably know by now, there are people who will always be happy of what others would treat them but not actually approved of it. Your girlfriend may be one of those people so always ask her about anything, say the nickname you call her. If she approves of it then you are one great boyfriend.

There are so many people who have come together and form a special bond that they wanted to tag their names all over it. One of the many ways is to have cute nicknames for each other.

This is why you should get a cute nickname to call your girlfriend. Doing so will ensure that you are making your girlfriend know how especial she is to you.

This will also transcend something that you cannot tell her – that you recognize every little thing that she is and you are so thankful to be the lucky man in her life to this day.