100 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Do you know any nice things to say to your boyfriend, or are you always looking for inspiration when it comes to expressing your feelings to him? Are you able to make him understand how special he is in your life, how much you love him, and how he has become the center of your existence? Not everyone has the gift of gab, especially for expressing matters of the heart. If you are always looking for some cute things to say to your boyfriend and are at a loss for the right words, here is a helping hand.

Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Why Saying Romantic Things to Your Boyfriend Is Important?

Contrary to common belief, men crave for loving, romantic and endearing words just as much as women do. If you want to put a smile on his face and keep the romance hot, learn to say sweet things to your boyfriend at every opportunity you get.

You can text him, tell him in person or drop him an email. Let him know you love him, cherish him and appreciate him with loving words. To help you say the cutest things, here is a list of 100 romantic things you could tell your boyfriend. Use this for inspiration to get you started in the right direction.

#1 Every time I hear your footsteps approaching, my heart skips a beat.

#2 I never thought I’d love you so very much. Come to think of it, I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love you.

#3 I cannot imagine my life without you. I don’t want to imagine my life without you.

#4 I don’t think I will survive if anything ever happens to you.

#5 Stay safe, my love, for my heart beats inside your chest.

#6 God must have loved me so much to have sent you in my life as my life partner. There could be no one better than you for me.

#7 You’re the only person in this world whom I can trust with anything. You’re the only person with whom I have no secrets.

#8 Every time I look at you, I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life – and I give God a quiet “thank you.”

#9 Only you have the knack of making my heart beat faster with only one look, one touch!

#10 For you, my love, anything is possible!

#11 I love you so much it hurts! You’re the most wonderful man ever!

#12 There is no feeling more beautiful than to wake up in your arms.

#13 Happiness… thy name is (name of your boyfriend), the man who still knows how to make a woman feel like a queen.

#14 Your kisses make me weak at the knees… forget about going to work today…

#15 I must have done something right in my life; how else would I get the only perfect man in this whole world?

#16 You are perfect in every sense of the word, and I love you for it.

#17 There is nowhere I would rather be than in your arms.

#18 My love, home is where you are.

#19 Someone asked me today at work, “Why are you smiling? Is there any good news?” Only then, I realized that I’ve been thinking of you!

#20 You are the cleverest person I have met, and I have met plenty of people in my lifetime.

#21 Receiving a text from you is the highlight of my day.

#22 You make me feel like I am 16 years old and in love for the first time!

#23 Thank you for being the greatest blessing of my life.

#24 When you hold my hand, the world ceases to exist for me.

#25 I love my mum very much; I never thought I could love anyone as much, and here you are!

#26 I could listen to you talking forever; I love to hear your voice.

#27 You’re the most precious thing I have in my life. I feel so blessed.

#28 I love the way you smile, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you sleep. I love everything about you.

#29 Hey love, you wanted to go for that “all-guys” outing. What happened to it? Don’t worry about me; I fully understand.

#30 How come you look so awfully handsome in everything you wear? Even in pajamas, you are a total knockout!

#31 You are the one I want to grow old with; never leave my side, my love.

#32 I wish I could see you every moment of the day. Miss you terribly.

#33 You are my knight in shining armor!

#34 I don’t even know how you put up with me; I can’t put up with me most times.

#35 You are the kindest, most wonderful human being I know!

#36 I love your gifts. Everything is so carefully chosen to make me happy. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Thank you for loving me!

#37 If I could go back in time, I might change most of the things and leave only one thing untouched – knowing you!

#38 I don’t know how I could ever have gone through life without you. You’re wonderful!

#39 Only you can make me smile, even when I am totally messed up.

#40 Oh my God! I must have gotten the last gallant man on earth. This breed has been extinct for some time.

#41 You are everything I wanted in my life partner  and much more.

#42 Thank you for all the beautiful things you do for me.

#43 You set my heart racing!

#44 You’re looking good enough to eat today!

#45 I love you! Wish I could tell you how much!

#46 I have never seen a guy driving as good as you do. It’s like you become a part of the car.

#47 All my friends love you! Now, they are looking for boyfriends who look like you!

#48 You’re amazing! You always give me just the right advice.

#49 I love the way your muscles show through your shirt! Do you know how handsome you are?

#50 You’re one special guy! You must have downed at least 10 glasses, and you’re still bright as a new penny!

#51 I like the way you go after your goals! It’s simply amazing to see you at work.

#52 You make the best martinis in town.

#53 You’re perfect in bed and out of it! I am the luckiest girl alive!

#54 When I am with you, nothing scares me, nothing worries me, nothing bothers me. I feel safe.

#55 I like the way you bond with the guys. I like to see that side of you!

#56 I am so proud of your convictions! It takes a lot of courage and drive to do what you do!

#57 Hey, you are a gorgeous hunk, aren’t you! Looking at you, I think, “Man! I am lucky!”

#58 I respect the way you stick to your principles, even when things go against you! You are remarkable!

#59 You are a man of your word! I admire that the most about you! Where do you find men of honor, today?

#60 You’re incredibly clever! I would have never thought of that. You never cease to amaze me.

#61 Whenever I look at you, I see a gentleman! They don’t make men like you anymore, my love!

#62 You have the most attractive voice ever! I feel weak at the knees, when I hear you call out my name!

#63 Nobody can cook like you… How can you be perfect at everything you do!

#64 My life would never be the same without you! You’re the greatest blessing I have from God, and I am grateful!

#65 Meeting you was the best thing that could happen to me. I don’t think I want anything more from my life.

#66 You are everything I dreamt to have in a man, and I don’t know if I really deserve such a wonderful gift.

#67 I love hanging out with you – everything is fun with you, even things I never liked before.

#68 You are like a magician. When I am with you, nothing bad comes to me.

#69 No one plays this game better than you! You are too good at this thing! I bet you beat them all.

#70 I see you come to my bed day after day and never cease to wonder – what have I done to get this gorgeous, kind man to love me.

#71 With you at my side, I can take on the whole world and win!

#72 I’d like to be stranded with you on an island, where there is no one else, but you and I.

#73 I love the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh. You look so handsome that I could kiss you .

#74 I am thinking of you right now, and I want to feel your hands around me.

#75 You totally and completely rock my world! No one has ever made me feel this way!

#76 I feel proud to be your girl. You’re the most remarkable man I have met!

#77 You’re the kind of man a woman likes to take home to meet her parents.

#78 The sweetness of last night still lingers in my mind! I love you!

#79 My body craves you like I am addicted to you! I can hardly wait to have you in my arms again.

#80 No man has every touched my heart the way you do. It’s my heart, but it beats to your command.

#81 I never knew that I could be this happy, until I met you. You’ve changed me, you’ve changed my world, you’ve changed the way I see the world. Thank you for being mine.

#82 You made this evening unforgettable. Do you know how sexy you are?

#83 You look so handsome, today. I can hardly bear looking at you! Do I dare to let you go out in this bad, bad world?

#84 The sexiest man alive! And he is mine!! God must really love me!

#85 Every day with you is like a special gift! Things can’t get better than this!

#86 “Lived happily ever after…!” I have heard this so often and always cut it down. “This cannot happen in real life!” Then, I met you. Now, I am a believer.

#87 Why do you love me so much? Why are you so perfect? Why does my heart jump at the sight of you?

#88 I am so in love with you! You make me feel like a princess.

#89 You are my soulmate.

#90 I look at you, and I want to rush and hug you! Why are you so goddamned good looking!

#91 The way you smile when you look at me makes me want to stop time in its tracks.

#92 It warms my heart to know I am coming home, where this gorgeous, loving man is waiting for me.

#93 I want to shout out from the rooftops how lucky I am to have you in my life!

#94 My life is a celebration of goodness and happiness, because you are in it!

#95 Everything you do is thoughtful and kind. I have learnt so much from you about love!

#96 How is it possible for a man to be so thoughtful and kind? You are a special breed, you know!

#97 You complete me  in every possible and imaginable way. You’ve changed my life  for the best it could ever be.

#98 Hold me tight and don’t let me go. I love the way you smell; love the way your muscles feel against my skin. I love feeling your heart beating next to mine.

#99 Kiss me know! I can wait no longer to be your arms!

#100 Forever be mine!

When you search for sweet things to say to your boyfriend, remember one thing – HIM. Choose words that compliment his abilities, looks, thoughtfulness, love for you, things he does for you, etc.

When your focus is on romantic things to say to your boyfriend, focus on his body and the way he looks. Be generous with compliments. Men love to hear “I love you”, sometimes, even more than women do.