Good morning text messages for him or her

Starting a new day is not always easy. As a general rule –except those “morning people”- people wake up in a bad mood, a bit grumpy. This is normally due to the fact that they have to work, go to school or just live their daily routine. But things change when they are in love or they have a crush on someone.

When this happens, the first thing you think about when you open your eyes is him or her: the man or woman of your dreams. Thanks to all the advances in new technologies and the easy access to smartphones and mobile apps, we can reach the love of our life with just one click, one twit or one private message. The last ones are our favorites, of course, because sweet good morning messages are very important for any kind of relationship: couples to be, beginners or long lasting marriages.

Keep the flame alive and make him/her start the day with a smile!

Good morning my love

  • It’s time to wake up, my love. Light up the day with the shine of your eyes and your smile. Have a wonderful day!
  • Good morning, my love. Hurry up, I really want to see you smiling by my side. I miss you.
  • My love, good morning. I hope that this message reminds you how much I love you and how special you are for me.
  • I wish had wings to go to your house every morning, open your door and wake up by your side. You make me very happy. Good morning my love.
  • Every morning, the first thing I do before I open my eyes is looking for you inside my head. That makes me wake up with tons of vitality because you are my reason for living. I love you. Good morning!

Good morning baby


  • Have a good day, baby. Remember that I will be thinking only about you all the day.
  • A bunch of flowers will show you that I love you; I smile will prove that I like you; my tears will confirm that I miss you… but this good morning text means that I always think of you. Good morning, baby.
  • We may be thousands of miles apart, but it doesn’t matter. The magic of a good morning text can make our hearts and thoughts be closer to each other and can make us smile by just looking at a screen. When we see each other again, I will hug you and never let you go.
  • Good morning baby, I just want to tell you how much I love you because you make me very happy and you are the most wonderful person I know.
  • The Sun lights up the Earth… just like your eyes light up my heart. Good morning baby!
  • Follow this steps to enjoy a wonderful day: open your eyes, take a deep breath and read my good morning text: I love you!
  • People are always wondering why I live with a permanent smile on my face. I know they think I’m crazy, but the truth is that I am crazy about you. Good morning!

Good morning, I love you


  • I don’t even need to tell you “good morning” because every morning, afternoon and night are wonderful as long as you are by my side.
  • It’s already daytime and the first thing that comes to my mind is you. I hope you have a lovely day.
  • Good morning, I love you! Have an amazing day and never forget how much I miss you. You illuminate my darkest days.
  • I know how much you hate waking up too early, but you need to: the world needs your smile, and I need your love!
  • I am writing to you this good morning text because I want to be the first one in your daily life. Remember how much I love you, day and night.
  • I woke up and remembered that you were in my life. I felt so happy. Good morning love.
  • You know what? Today is a wonderful and sunny day. Our love lights up everything around us, no one will ever tear us apart. I love you, good morning.

Good morning honey


  • While you sleep so deeply, I can’t stop thinking about you… wake up honey, good morning!
  • I wish I could enjoy the honey of your lips and give you all the stars that shine up in the sky. I am so in love with you, honey! Good morning…
  • Today, we have been blessed with a new wonderful day, an amazing sunrise and with the greatest joy: knowing that we have each other and that we enjoy our relationship. Wake up, I want to see your beautiful face.
  • Every new day is a great new opportunity that life gives us so we can live our love and give and receive the sweetest kisses. Good morning, honey.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t wake you up with a real kiss, but instead of it, I send you this cute text message telling you that we have a long life to spend together.
  • You are the reason why I wake up smiling every morning. You make me dance, laugh, sing and enjoy my life. You are so sweet and caring that I love you with every beat of my heart.
  • I dream about being your love when I sleep, and I enjoy being it when I am awake. I feel that you are my better half, my complement, my soulmate. Together we can live in harmony and happiness forever. Good morning, honey!

Good morning sweetheart


  • I wish I could see you waking up every morning and start my day with a kiss from you. I know that is not possible now because of the distance between us. I wait for the moment I can see you again. Good morning my sweetheart.
  • Good morning, sweetie. I send you a huge kiss and a big hug. I hope they help you to start your day with strength. I miss you and love you so much!
  • Life is not long enough to share my love with you. But it is not either as short as we think. Especially with you by my side, every day is a new chance to be happy and smile as it would never end. Good morning, my little sweetheart, I hope everything goes well today.
  • Some people have the ability to make every day more special than the other. You are one of these people. Thanks for making my life special, I love you. Good morning.
  • A good morning text doesn’t just mean “good morning”. It is also the reflection of how much I love you and how much I think of you when I wake up alone in my bed.
  • Knowing that you love me is the reason why I wake up so happy every morning. Thank you so much for sharing your life and feelings with me. I hope you have a great day, sweetheart.
  • Even that this is a cold morning, I thank you because you make my days shine as if I was living in an eternal summer. I love you and I wish you a wonderful morning, my sweet love.

Why does a good morning text work?

When you ask someone how they feel about receiving a cute morning text from their love, they will only say good things. And making others feel good will make you feel as good as them –or even better! The complicity in happiness is very important to start a relationship or keep your feelings alive.

Romantic morning messages will determine how the rest of the day will go. If you feel happy and relaxed (and in love), you will be nicer with your co-workers, the bus driver, the baker, and even your mother-in-law. This happens because when we wake up we start a new day from zero: and what is better than a good morning SMS?

We can make our lives better just with a simple, cute and romantic goodmorning message. Some people will say this is useless and nonsense, but they are completely wrong. Is it really useless to make someone happy?

The good morning texts for him or for her that we have shown you today are just a few examples of what you can say to your sweetheart when you wake up –not only by text message, but you can say it out loud! And in fact, waking up next to him or her is way easier because you can add a kiss, a hug or a good breakfast with that good morning message.

For all the long distance (or short distance) relationships, our mobile phone is a must, it is our best ally and we have to know how to use it properly. So, with this collection of cute good morning texts for her and him we hope you make someone’s day.

When can I use this good morning texts? Dos and don’ts.

Now you have all the information, and we all know that information is power. The power of letting him or her know that you think about them every morning. Take advantage of this, but use it properly. Here there are some tips so you don’t mess up everything!

  • Don’t send cute good morning texts for her or him it every single morning. Maybe you think that it is super romantic to write “good morning, I love you” texts every day, but once you do it as a routine, it is not romantic anymore.
  • Don’t do it before he or she wakes up. Even if it is the cutest good morning text ever, if you wake her or him up with the sound of a notification, you will make them very angry.
  • Don’t do it too soon. You can’t tell someone that you want to be with them all your live after a first date. People need time to love, and remember that you are not in a Disney movie!
  • There are many cute ways to say good morning to your sweetheart: Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS and even better, in person!
  • Do not limit yourself to words. Don’t you know that an image is worth a thousand words? Use funny, cute, romantic and sweet images when you send cute good morning text messages to him or her. Also, make a good use of all the emoticons and stickers that all these apps give you!