How To Attract A Cancer Man?

According to the sun signs, the Cancer is a person who is born between 21st of June and 22nd of July; this is the sixth among the 12 zodiac signs. The Cancer man is known for being a thorough gentleman. You will always find him opening the door for someone, helping someone cross the road, guiding someone, etc.

What Type of a Man Is The Cancer?

The Cancer man is ruled by the moon and like the moon, his mood wanes and waxes. He is sensitive and shy when it comes to his personal life, but aggressive and confident when he works. For one who does not know better, this may look like split personality; but this happens because the Cancer is guarded about his personal life and very committed about his work.

How To Attract A Cancer Man

He loves his home and will get extremely upset if anyone invade his privacy or interfere with his peace. For a Cancer man, family especially children are the most important. Men under this sign are naturally intuitive; they will often surprise you with a remark that seems to have read your mind.

A Cancer man loves tradition and customs and is happiest when he is surrounded by family and close friends. He is very sensitive and easily hurt; and when he is hurt he gets into his shell and does not come out for a very long time.

What Does A Cancer Man Find Irresistible In A Woman?

The Cancer man does not trust women easily. He is so scared about being hurt that is takes a lot of time and effort to draw him out into a relationship.

However, once he is hooked, the Crab is the lover of your dreams. He’ll bring you flowers, shower you with gifts and generally vie to fulfil your every whim and fancy. What turns the crab on?

  • Homeliness – when he looks at a woman, he looks for a potential mate who will help him build a home and take care of children. He is quickly put off by the modern, bra-burning type women. Though he respects women’s independence and individuality, he expects his life partner to be the nurturer of the family. Too much fashion, makeup, partying type women will scare him away.
  • Romantic – an incurable romantic himself, the crab is constantly on the lookout for a romantic woman who will match his mood and feelings. He is hugely attracted to women who are soft-spoken, kind and love children. He loves sunsets, flowers, home cooked meals and his idea of best pastime is, watching a favourite movie with the one he loves.
  • Fashionable – the Cancer man is traditional but not old fashioned. He loves women who dress according to the latest fashion, who take the time to ensure that they look their best bot at home and outside.
  • Family oriented – a Cancer man will always admire a woman who is close to her family. Want to score big in this man’s books? Ask about his family; better still, ask about his mother. Ask what type of food she cooks; what does he like to eat during Christmas, etc. Being family oriented is one trait that will make you irresistible to the Crab.
  • Cancer men are almost always very close to their mother. Pay her a few genuine compliments, send her some well-thought gifts and you will have the Cancer man eating out of your hand in no time.
  • A good cook – the Crab loves to do household chores and you will often find him dusting, rearranging furniture and generally taking care of his home. A woman who loves cooking for her family is considered a great find by the Crab.

What Does A Cancer Man Not Like In A Woman?

The Crab is quite reserved and resents aggression of any type. He cannot function in an atmosphere of distrust and tension and will move away from any people or places who he feels threatening his peace. There are a few traits that he dislikes strongly in women:

  • Party-going type – while he admires people who enjoy dancing all night long, he is not quite at home with a woman who loves partying. He’d rather curl at home with a good book or watch TV rather than spend an evening at a popular (and loud) party. He’d steer away from women who are all out extroverts.
  • Possessive – Cancerians are very attached to their mother. This could be a downside for you, but it is best that you are prepared to share him with his mother. The Crab will not tolerate possessive women, who resent his closeness to his mother. You love him, you love his mother. This is the package deal.
  • Anti-traditions – for the Cancer, home, community, customs and traditions are very important. These are his roots and anyone who does not understand how important these are would not be able to win his heart. The Crab is quite put off by women who don’t value traditions.

How To Seduce A Cancer Man: Easy Tips To Follow

You want to catch the attention of this man, let him know that you adore children and animals. You will find it a little difficult to catch his attention because the Crab is initially highly suspicious about everyone. To hook him, try doing any or all of the following:

  • Help children – Cancer men find women who love children irresistible. They always dream of having a lovely home with wife and children – and therefore, helping children, or promoting any cause for children will get you his attention.
  • Offer him home cooked goodies – whether it is a sandwich, muffin or pie – as an ice-breaker, give him something to eat. Better still ensure that you make it for him and you tell him that. The Cancer is permanently on the lookout for the best mother, best wife, best friend traits.
  • Wear attractive clothes – wear clothes that flatter your physique. Looks are important to Crabs. You have to look good enough to eat to attract his attention – but at the same time, it should be completely clean. He is attracted to women who look elegant in what they wear, without making any effort.

Hooking the Crab might be a little difficult in the beginning. This is because he is happy in his shell and not too attracted to beauty, per se. However, you can coax him out with gentle behaviour, trust and patience. Cancerians are the best life partners in the zodiac because they are hugely sensitive to their partner’s needs, are very serious about marriage, home and love. If you are happy with a man whose whole Universe revolves around his family – the Cancer man is your answer.

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