How To Attract A Cancer Woman

The Cancer is one who is born between 21st of June and 22nd of July. This is the sixth of the sun signs of the zodiac. This is a water sign ruled by the moon. Like the water she is both deep and passionate; and like the moon, her moods wane and wax.

What Type of a Woman is the Cancer?

The Cancer woman can be described in one word – “sensitive”. Women under this sign are perhaps the most kind and sympathetic among the whole 12 zodiac signs. She is extremely intuitive and she displays a most uncanny sixth sense in any situation or person – and 9 out of 10, she will be right.

How To Attract A Cancer Woman

She does not take kindly to criticism and rarely forgets a slight. For those she loves, she is totally dedicated and can go to any extent to protect them and keep them happy.  She can be gregarious and outgoing sometimes and she can be totally withdrawn and taciturn at others.

Her moods are indeed influenced by the moon’s movement. She will also go into her shell, if she feels she is not appreciated or wanted. The Cancer does not know what objectivity is; she will take all criticism personally and to the heart.

What Does A Cancer Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

The Cancer woman is an out and out romantic. She loves the whole nine yards in courtship – flowers, dinner, wine, slow kisses under the moonlight, holding hands and walking, love notes and messages, balloons, serenades, phone calls and so on. She is one who loves to be wooed off her feet and she likes it slow.

She is shy when it comes to the matter of the heart and extremely sensitive. You might hurt her without having the slightest idea; you’ll get a clue only when she retires in her shall and shuts you out completely leaving you wondering at where you went wrong. There are a few traits that this woman finds irresistible in a man:

  • Traditionally romantic – the Cancer woman’s idea of romance is curling on the sofa with him and watching a movie together; preferably with a lovely glass of wine and healthy nibbles. She’ll be drawn to a man who is follows the traditional romance routine.
  • Good sense of humor – this woman loves to laugh and the man who can  make her laugh scores high with her. Be warned that she does not like to laugh at herself very often; she takes all criticism to heart so it is best to avoid a jab at her, no matter how light. However, she loves a man who can laugh at himself as she believes that showing your vulnerability means that you trust her. Mutual trust and respect is very important to a crab.
  • Kindness and courtesy – the crab loves a macho man, but more than that she appreciates a man who is kind and courteous to all, especially the common people. She is totally won by men who go out of their way to be kind to someone – a child, a senior person, an animal, etc. She also appreciates and expects courtesy and chivalry from her man.
  • Loves children – children are very important to the Cancer woman. She will always settle with a man who loves children and want to have some of his own. She is perhaps the best mother among the zodiac signs and it is very important to her that her life partner considers children very important as well.
  • Sensual and slow – the Cancer woman cannot be rushed into a romantic commitment. You need to prepare yourself for a long and very slow courtship with her. Rush her and you will lose her. She needs to be sure that you are the right one and until she believes that you are THE ONE 100%, she will keep you hanging.

In bed, too she likes it slow and intense. Though not very adventurous between the sheets, you will find her ready and responsive to your suggestions and her passion and intuitive expertise will leave you pleasantly surprised.

What Does A Cancer Woman Not Like In A Man?

To a Cancer woman, there are a few things that are total put offs in men:

  • Loud and brash – she needs to respect the man she loves and she cannot respect any man who is loudmouthed, bragger, and always ready to jump into a fight. She is looking for a gentleman who will not even use a swear word in front of a lady. Lack of manners and loud behavior turns her off.
  • Immaturity – the Cancer woman is by her sin sign a caregiver and home maker. For her, family, home and children are very important. Immature men will send her running.  She is looking for men who have the maturity and ability to protect her and her children. Though she is in most cases, self-sufficient financially and emotionally she still needs that her man should be the provider and protector.

How To Seduce A Cancer Woman: 5 Foolproof Tips

Security is the one thing that attracts the crab most. She is strong and self-sufficient, but she is instinctively looking for a partner with whom she can build a strong and safe home for her children. There is an innate mother instinct in the Cancer woman, which makes her a most caring and warm partner. You want to woo her, use the following few tips:

  • Macho is good – the Cancer finds strong and protective men irresistible. Show your strong and kind side and you will have her eat out of your hand. There is nothing more attractive to a Cancer than a man who is he champion of the weak.
  • Romance – send her with flowers and sentimental gifts. She does not need it to be expensive as much as she is looking for thoughtfulness behind every gesture. However, do not be tempted to be cheap. Remember she is looking for the man who is best able to help build her “nest”.
  • Say it aloud – the Cancer woman in totally turned on by open declarations of love. You love her – say it out loud; say it as often as you can.
  • Chivalrous – you need to open the door for her, pull her chair, wrap your arm around her if it is cold, and pick the tab when you take her out. She deeply appreciates a man who treats his woman like a queen – and she nothing less than a queen.
  • Be patient and gallant – the Cancer woman is slow to say “yes” either to physical intimacy or marriage. Do not rush her. She needs to know that her man respects her feelings and decisions and she needs to be absolutely 200% right before she accepts you as her life partner – and it is for life.

The Cancer woman is a devoted and caring life partner. She will make your house a home like no other. The saying, “your home is your palace” is definitely apt here. A Cancer woman will ensure that her family has access to the best of everything – home cooked/ healthy food, clean and clutter-free environment (at home) and lots of love. As a life partner, she is devoted, caring, strong and supportive. In bed, she is passionate and full of surprises.