How To Attract A Leo Woman

The Leo is a person born between the 23rd of July and 22nd of August. This is a fire sign governed by Sun. The Leo is indeed regal, confident and effortless powerful. They lap up attention, expect and revel in it.

How to attract a leo woman

What Type of a Woman is the Leo?

You will be able to notice the Leo woman in any crowd. She is regal, she is sparkling and she is attracting all the attention to her. She is intelligent, strong, lithe and elegant. She is regal in the full power of the word.

She is a woman who is looking for a partner in the real sense of the word. She needs someone who walks shoulder to shoulder with her not one who protects her or looks for protection. She is fiercely independent, vocal and quite wild. When you are around her, you will feel a thrill that comes with “you never know what this girl will do next”.  There is not one moment dull when you are with her, and once you know a Leo woman, you cannot but want more. She is like a drug that you cannot resist.

She is passionate in her love and will go in when she falls in love, which is often. This is not because she is a butterfly, but because she cannot resist the temptation when she thinks she found the right man. Since she is demanding, possessive and fiery not everyone can hold up to her and she finds herself on prowl again.

What Does A Leo Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

  • Power. She finds power in a man irresistible. She is permanently seeking a man who can fall into step with her. She wants excitement, thrill and love without losing focus of her destination. This woman is ambitious and will not settle for a second place in whichever field she works in. Even if she chooses to be a homemaker, she will be the leader in her neighborhood. She is born to be a leader.
  • Easygoing nature – she is attracted to men who are easy to talk to, quick to act on any opportunity and open to have fun. Not for her a person who takes life too seriously or does not know how to stop and smell the roses.
  • Humor – the Leo woman laughs easily and loves to be made to laugh. She will be hugely attracted to the man who can make her laugh. She has a tremendous sense of humor that borders on sarcasm, but this is more like tongue-in-cheek type of sarcasm rather than the hurtful type.
  • Romance – intense romance more like it. For the Leo woman love is the centre of existence. Nothing else matters in front of the feeling of being in love. She will give all of herself and woe behold if he does not do the same. She loves romancing, but she looks for a lot of class. Whatever you do, you do it in style with this woman. No cutting corners here; you will lose her.
  • Sensuality – the men Leo women are attracted are sensual. Like a cat in the wild, she smells him out and then plays him until he is so fully excited that he can see no one else but her in the whole room… the world.

What Does A Leo Woman Not Like In A Man?

There is a lot that the Leo woman does not like in a man. She is picky and she is demanding in matters of love. She has a very strong physical drive and this is why for her love is very important. She needs to be mentally excited before she can enjoy things in bed. Not for her a one night stand; when she falls in love she always plans to go all the way. It’s another matter that most men fall short of her expectations much too soon.

Here are a few of the things that will close the doors on your chances to win the heart of this woman:

  • Flirting nature – for most men (and women, too) flirting is fun and harmless. Not for the Leo woman. This woman is hugely territorial and possessive. If she as much sees your eyes move over a woman’s figure, her nails would come out and you better watch for she has got a most fiery temper.
  • Lying – never ever lie to a Leo woman; not even the tiniest fib. The Leo woman cannot tolerate her man telling her lies. To her that is paramount to betrayal and that means the end of the love story.
  • Self-indulgence – she likes a confident man and will be attracted to him. However, if the story keeps revolving about him, the Leo would drop him. While she appreciates and admires a man who is confident about himself and his work, she needs to be the center of attraction and would consider it malicious if anyone steals the limelight.
  • Unkempt – the Leo woman cannot even look at a person who is not dressed right or groomed impeccably. She needs that her man looks presentable at all hours, especially when he is in her presence.

How To Seduce A Leo Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

The Leo has a few ground rules in place. If you remember these rules and are genuinely in love with her, you have a great deal of chance that she will fall for you, too.

  • Be Confident – the Leo is attracted to all the qualities of a king. A man to catch her eye, needs to be confident and with a magnetic personality. You like her, talk up to her and ask her out. She loves directness because she understands that it takes courage. She appreciates courage in a man as she appreciates straightforwardness.
  • Be Truthful – the Leo woman can take anything as long as you tell her the truth. Do not hide anything if she asks you; do not ever lie to her about anything. Everything can instantly fall apart if she finds that you lied to her – it does not matter how insignificant the lie.
  • Hardworking – this woman works hard and plays hard. You want to impress her, work as hard as is humanly possible. She would be working in the same manner. However, when it is time to play, she will put all else in the second place.
  • Be A Self-Made Man – while it is true that many times a few good references, a tiny word spoken on your behalf can work wonders for you, if you want to impress the Leo woman – you need to get it all on your own merit. She warms up quickly to the man who makes his own destiny.
  • When partying, there are no rules – the last rule is typical of the Leo woman. “All is fair in love and war” is perhaps a saying written for the Capricorn. She will not abide to any rules when she parties, when she is love (and that is often)and when she works. Beware, for this woman can be so exciting and wild that she can scare you.

The Leo woman is superlative in everything she does. She will have a most comfortable home, she will love with all her being and expect the same in return and she is loyal and dependable to a fault. She is passionate in bed and likes to take the lead. She is mostly calm and composed and make an exceptionally mature and passionate as a life partner.