How To Attract A Libra Woman

A Libra is a person born between 23rd September and 22nd October. This is an air sign ruled by Venus. The Libra is the embodiment of Yin and Yang, perfect balance and justice.

how to attract a libra woman

What Type of a Woman is the Libra?

The Libra woman is charming, sociable and fair. She can draw people to her effortlessly and makes friends easy. Ruled by Venus, she will bring harmony and beauty into any relationship. She is totally devoted to the one who wins her heart. She neither plays games nor likes others play games with her. She is calm, charming and fully impartial in love and everything she does.

In any argument she will make an honest effort to understand and see the other person’s point of view and she will accept her mistake, if she finds that she is wrong. It is rare however, that a Libra woman will enter an argument on anything that she cannot defend in totality. She will work had to maintain balance and harmony in her environment and cannot function unless perfect balance is acquired. When off balance, she can behave like a cranky crocodile.

She has a cool demeanor, which can turn into a fiery temperament if she sees injustice done anywhere. She is sensitive to a fault, helpful and loyal. She is charming, sensuous, attractive and graceful; she will almost always be the center of attraction – though she does not seek it out. She makes friends for life and they know that in time of need, she will always help. She is also sought to arbitrate and negotiate any argument because she is known to be capable of total impartiality.

On the downside, she will find quite difficult to take decisions big or small because she keeps weighing the pros and cons about each side. However, once she does decide, it becomes a decree carved in stone; nothing can stop her actioning her decision.

What Does A Libra Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

The Libra needs harmony and balance in her life to feel happy and she actively seeks this in every person that comes in her life – friends or lovers. She wants a man who can support and complement her. In her relationship she alternates between totally being subservient and totally independent.

The Libra woman is attracted to physical beauty. It is important for her that her man looks good. There are many other factors that she considers before she gives her heart.

  • Passionate – the Libra woman smolders with passion waiting for the right time and right man. She looks for passion in her man – and this passion is not only in love but also in everything he does – friendship, work, fun and play. She will not be happy with half measures.
  • Chivalry – the Libra woman needs to respect the man she loves.  She is hugely attracted to a gallant man, who opens the door for her, pulls her chair, walks her home, etc. She will deeply admire the man who exudes quiet strength and does not feel the need to flex his muscles to make a point.
  • Romance – the Libra woman is incurably romantic. She loves flowers, dinners and gifts and notes and messages from her man. She will respond with equal fervor. She also believes in fairy tales and will look and work hard in her relationship for the “happily ever after” ending.
  • Support – she will almost always be financially independent. Nonetheless, she is attracted to men who are self-made and successful. She loves luxury and comfort and will appreciate the man who is capable of pampering her.
  • Animal lover – most Libra women love animals deeply and will always set out to help in some or other way. She is immediately attracted to a man who is partial to animals – and anyone weak and downtrodden,  in general.

What Does A Libra Woman Not Like In A Man?

The Libra woman will “manage” with almost everyone and has very few strong dislikes. She always tries to walk in the other person’s shoes in an argument or different view and is very slow to judge anyone. However, there are a few things that will not go down well with the Libra woman.

  • Display of power and money – while she loves the comfort and luxury money provides, she is hugely put off by any display of power and/ or money.  For her, any type of intimidation is injustice and she will have no part of it.
  • Cruelty – the Libra woman is slow to anger, but cruelty and injustice committed against anyone can get her flare up into a fiery tempest. She cannot tolerate any one being cruel to people or animals and will immediately shut off from that person.
  • Sloppy appearance – she might not need you to be rich to win her heart. However, you definitely need to be clean and well groomed. She is hugely turned off by unkempt appearance; she is grossed out by anything that is not clean, beautiful and smells good. She will also be repelled by loud manners, clothing and behavior.
  • Stinginess – money for the Libra woman, is just a means to get what you want or do what you want. She is never after money, nor does it impress her too much. However, she does get put off by a man who is stingy. She does not believe that money is important and cannot appreciate anyone who is a slave to it.

How To Seduce A Libra Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

The Libra woman is not an easy win. Her easy going, friendly countenance will often mislead you into thinking she is an easy conquest. She isn’t. She gives heart with great care; and when she gives it, it is for good. Here are  few tips that will help you win her heart:

  • Honest and truthful – be honest. The Libra woman would forgive most things, but not a loved one who is dishonest. She believes that in a relationship there are no secrets and she will be devastated if and when she finds that her man hides something from her or told her a lie.
  • Romantic – Libra is an incurable romantic. Go all out courting her- flowers, wine, dine, gifts and so on. She is most attracted to the thought behind the gift and most impressed when you take the trouble to find out her likes and dislikes while choosing your gifts.
  • Confidence – this woman finds a confident man very attractive. Inside her heart, she believes that the man is the protector and woman is the care giver. She inadvertently looks for qualities in a man that makes him a good provider and protector.
  • Helpful and kind – the Libra woman cannot resist a man who is generous and kind to others. A peacemaker herself, she is attracted to men who choose to use their power, strength, money and position to help others. Join her in her causes and you will find the door to her heart open.
  • Good looking – physical appearance is important to the Libra who loves beauty and harmony in everything that surrounds her. “Good looking” here may not mean the “James Bond” type of handsome; it means a man exuding confidence, well dressed and well groomed, smelling good and wearing clothes suiting his personality. You need to look good enough to eat to win a Libra woman’s heart.

The Libra woman is devoted to the one she loves and will give much more than she receives. She can be a staunch supporter, friend and a passionate and exciting lover. She will need total honesty however, and will not tolerate any type of deviation when it comes to trust.