How To Attract A Pisces Man?

According to the sun signs, the Pisces is a person who is born between 19th of February and 20th of March; this is the second among the 12 zodiac signs. The Pisces man is sensitive, romantic and very trusting. This man has a tough time saying ‘no’ to anyone, especially to women in distress.

What Type of a Man is the Pisces?

The Pisces man is a true romantic. He will lavish his woman with love and gifts and treat her like a queen.

How To Attract A Pisces Man

Being highly intuitive, the Pisces man is rarely swayed by outward appearance. He is very generous and will readily give everything he has to anyone who needs help. Owing to his trusting nature and generosity, this man will often land in financial troubles.

He falls in love easily and is often hurt. He is perpetually looking for his soul mate and is convinced that he found her every time he falls in love.

What Does A Pisces Man Find Irresistible In A Woman?

The Pisces man being kind and generous is hugely attracted to women who possess these qualities. Other traits that catch this man’s attention are:

  • Dominant nature – the Pisces man feels happy to be guided and even pushed into action most of the times. This is why they fall in love with women who like to take charge of his life and decide for him (or help him decide). This is because it is very difficult for him to take any decision. To a Pisces, everything has a good and a bad side – and hence, making decision-making a nightmare.
  • Patience – this man is a dreamer. He works hard and he is intelligent, but because he keeps changing his mind about his goals, he finds himself too often at the starting line. He appreciates a woman who has the patience to listen to his dreams and believe in them, even if they change much too often.
  • Kind beyond words – this man is so generous that he would literally give you the shirt off his back for the asking. Generosity is an important trait that he looks for in the woman of his dreams. You need to be happy to give both money and time for those who are less fortunate than you.
  • Honesty – ethics and honesty are paramount for the Piscean. Any type of cheating, stealing, bullying or unfair thing would completely put him off. They are honesty personified. They are totally attracted to women who value integrity and honesty and don’t compromise on it.
  • Romance – with Pisces men, every love story is a fairy tale. They are hopelessly romantic and they love this trait in women. Walking hand in hand, watching a sunset together, reading a book side by side, candle-lit dinners, flowers, gifts, chocolate, etc. are what define love in their mind. To win a Pisces heart, you need to go all-out with the romance. You need to love receiving and giving it out in the same measure.
  • He’ll expect you to cook for him, give his sentimental gifts, surprise him with notes and flowers, and so on. On the other hand, nobody can beat a Piscean when it comes to wooing his woman.
  • Love seafood – Pisceans love seafood. Since he wants to share everything he has with his better half, you also need to love seafood – both eat and cook.

What Does A Pisces Man Not Like In A Woman?

Pisces is a peace loving sun sign and so, they always tend to move towards people who are kind, loving and friendly. There are a few traits that completely put a Piscean off in women, such as:

  • Bullying of any kind – Pisceans are completely intolerant of rudeness and bullying. If you speak harshly to anyone, laugh at the expense of another person, give anyone a hard time, look down people who are less fortunate than you – there is no chance for you to win a Pisces man’s heart.
  • Practical and down-to-earth – this man is a dreamer. His mind and soul are continuously soaring concocting new dreams. He needs a woman who can share his dreams and accept this side of his nature. If you are a practical woman, dismissing his day-dreams in an attempt to bring him back to the present reality, you will lose him. He cannot and would never let go of his dreams. He will leave you.
  • Money is important – for Pisces money is only important as much as it gives him the power to help someone or make someone happy with it. He is not driven by the need to gather wealth and cannot function in an atmosphere or with anyone who puts money as number 1 in importance. If money is important to you, then Pisces is not your type of man.

How To Seduce A Pisces Man: Easy Tips To Follow

This man is easy to hook because he is most trusting and kind. All you need to do is approach him. He will be happy to befriend you and if you play your cards right, you could have him eat out of your hand in no time. Here are a few tips that will help you capture and win his heart:

  • Encourage his need to help others – to catch his attention, you could join him in any of his “good Samaritan” projects, or ask him advise about how to help someone. You will find that he immediately warms up to you and welcomes you in his circle of friends.
  • Dresses like an artist – Pisces men hate any type of restrictive clothing. They love women who wear flowing clothes that give them a fairy tale look. They love the simplicity and are easily put off by too much makeup or formal attires.
  • Nature lover – Pisces men love nature and animals. They love camping, bird watching, animals of all sorts and expect the women of their dreams to share this attribute. The easiest way to start a conversation with this man is by talking about some animal or natural spot.
  • Seafood fan – for most Pisces seafood is irresistible. If you know places, where the seafood served, is exceptionally good, or you can cook a meal with seafood for him – the hook is in. All Pisceans love food, but it is seafood that makes their soul sing for joy.
  • The Piscean man is among the most sensitive types. He will love you deeply, shower you with care and gifts. However, he will have some serious ups and downs with his finances. He is hardworking, a good provider and an extremely kind man. As long as you can manage the financial part, you will be the happiest woman on earth with this man.