How To Attract A Taurus Woman

The Taurus is a person born between the 20th of April and 20th of May. This is an earth sign ruled by Venus. The Taurus is known for patience, sweet nature and seductive countenance. There is an auro of strength around the people under this sign that is both endearing and reassuring.

how to attract a taurus woman

What Type of a Woman is the Taurus?

The Taurus woman is attractive. Contrary to common belief she does not fly off the handle often. In fact, most Taurus women are known and admired for their sweet and affectionate nature. When they lose their temper it would be for something that is extremely serious; and at that moment, it is best to get out of her way as quickly as you can.

She has great strength of character and will withstand any obstacles that come in her path if she has made up her mind to achieve something. A Taurus woman is rarely swayed or beaten by hard times.

She is intelligent and astute, but shy from the center stage. She would rather have others shine in the limelight, herself content with the knowledge that she is loved and appreciated.

She is unnerved by change and dreads it. However, this woman will not run away from anything that life throws in her path. She is undemonstrative, which makes her seem distant and cold. She is not; she is caring, nurturing, passionate in bed and tender in love.

What Does A Taurus Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

When it comes to matters of the heart the Taurus woman will seek security and romance. She loves and expects to be romanced off her feet, but she is not easy to win over. She is happy with less, focusing on feelings more than material things but she will expect her man to do his best. Among the traits she finds irresistible in a man are:

  • Generosity – practical and down to earth, she appreciates greatly a man who spends money to woo a woman. She will not be happy with frivolous waste of money, but will appreciate flowers, high class, high-end gifts and thoughtfulness in courtship.
  • Finesse and subtlety – this woman will take a long time to commit. She expects the man to be subtle and patient with her. She hate to be rushed into anything she is not 100% sure and will get away from any man who is impatient and demanding for a commitment. In courtship, she will be attracted to men who are subtle, gallant and court with great finesse and panache.
  • Confidence and strength – the Taurus is always seeking security. A man who is confident and exudes quiet strength will appeal immensely to this woman. She is happy to allow him to take the lead. However, do not get too complacent here; she knows what she wants and if she finds her interests clashing with yours, she will leave without a glance backwards.
  • Nature lover – this is woman is not a party animal. She loves quiet and peace and will choose a quiet time with her man over party time with friends. She loves nature and appreciates a man who can feel comfortable outdoors, camping, trekking, sun-bathing, etc.

What Does A Taurus Woman Not Like In A Man?

The Taurus woman has strong dislikes and likes. Among some of the important straits that this woman dislikes are:

  • Loud behavior – she does not like brash behavior and will not condone it. She is slow to temper, and rarely allows herself to be provoked to an argument. Brash behavior, especially one that hurts the feelings of others can send her into a rage.
  • Restlessness – a Taurus woman is content to just sit side by side with the man she loves and feel ecstatic. She is able to appreciate the smallest joys of life and loves to move at a relaxed pace. She feels tired in the face of a man/ woman who are always restless and demanding.
  • Blatant flirting – this woman detests any form of flirting. She prefers the direct approach and will expect that from her man. She can be quite put off by a man who beats around the bush to capture her attention.
  • Verbosity – the Taurus woman appreciates action over words. In fact, words tire and bore her. She’d rather have you show her you love her rather than tell her. Woo her by doing things for her, by walking along her side, by being there for her when she needs you. She is not impressed much by poetry and song; but she will love you for being there when she needs you.

How To Seduce A Taurus Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

The Taurus woman is simple at heart and she seeks the same simplicity in her man. She looks for a man on whom she can depend for support in time of hardship, and she looks for security. Hence, a man who is ready to recognize his woman as a 50% partner and is a good provider will attract the attention of the Taurus woman. Here are a few tips that will help you capture her heart:

  • Support her – the Taurus woman gives high importance to security. One facet of security is a man who knows how to support his partner in everything she does. She is practical and down to earth; you will find it easy to complement and support her in her endeavors.
  • Health conscious – the Taurus woman is health conscious and will require that her man be the same. She appreciates a man who knows how to maintain his weight and health and does not waive off healthy methods of living.
  • Camping and bird watching – this woman will always welcomes an opportunity to spend time among nature. Want to woo her? Organize a picnic at a picturesque place and invite her. She loves the outdoors and will be happy to go with you in retreats that involve natural settings.
  • Dress for the occasion – she is a physical woman, and like any physical woman, she needs that her life partner to look good. She hugely appreciates a man who knows to dress for the occasion; impeccably groomed and dressed at formal gatherings and beautifully informal when the situation demands.
  • Successful – the Taurus woman seeks stability, security and passion in her relationship. Hence, success plays an important role in the selection process. You need to be moneyed, but not flashy. You need to find ways to show her how successful your career is with panache.

The Taurus woman is most affectionate and helpful. When in love she will be fiercely protective of her love and her family. Slow to anger, she is patient with those who try to provoke her into a fight. She makes a sincere, loyal and hugely supportive life partner.