How To Attract An Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius is a person born between 10th of January and 20th March. This is the first sun sign of the zodiac. The Aquarius is an air sign, but do not for one moment think that you can blow her off. She is no light breeze, but a powerful tempest that can sweep everything off her path if crossed. If clam, she is refreshing, kind and insightful.

What Type of a Woman is the Aquarius?

The Aquarius woman is a total non-conformist. She does not like to be told what to do and will rebel against any type of imposed authority. Her heart is kind and you will find her go out of her way to help to anyone who needs it – human being, animal or environment.

How to attract an aquarius woman

This woman loves to travel and will jump at every opportunity to do so. However, a peculiar trait is that though she loves new things, people, places – she stay attached to the old and the past.

She is an equalitarian, who treats everyone equal no matter what background, age or financial status. She makes friends easily as she is very loyal and caring.

What Does An Aquarius Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

The Aquarius woman is independent and knows her mind. She knows her heart and mind and will do what she thinks is right even in the face of the strongest opposition. In fact, whenever she is opposed, she will grow stronger and more powerful.

She is friendly and helpful, but she takes her time to commit romantically. For her to fall in love, she needs her man to match her intellectually and respect her independence. She looks for the following traits in her man:

  • Communication – this is a very important trait for the Aquarius woman. She needs to communicate easily as she needs her man to talk to her freely. She believes that love cannot exist without open and unencumbered communication as this means complete trust and mutual respect.
  • Kindness –  she is kind and always ready to help anyone who is need in whichever way she can. For a man to win her heart, he needs to be more than kind; he needs to be ready to join her in every endeavor and do it with all her heart.
  • Intelligent – this woman does not mind whether this man is rich or poor, highly educated or a drop out – but she does need to be able to engage intelligently with him. It is important for her that she is mentally stimulated for her to feel attracted to the man.
  • Ability to adapt quickly – the Aquarius woman has many kinds of friends and she is fiercely loyal. To win her heart, you need to be able to adapt and mix to a wide variety of people. She will not abandon her friends for you; so, unless you are able to adapt quickly to her huge repertoire of friend, you might lose her.
  • Rule Breaker – this woman is a rule breaker. She will do the exact opposite of what she is told not to do – because she cannot accept any type of restrictions or dictate. She admires a man who is a rule breaker himself – but not in a reckless way. She looks for a man who knows to stand his ground in the face of opposition – and she expects him to support her whenever she swims against the current.
  • Space – she needs space and will give space. He cannot handle possessive men or those who need a minute-to-minute account of what she is doing every minute of the day.  If you want her to become yours, you need to give her as much freedom and space she needs. Rein her in and you will lose her.
  • Ready to experiment – she is impulsive and often more than a little wild. She will be attracted to a man who is ready to take the leap of faith on her say-so. She is a risk taker whether in personal life or professional and she is hugely attracted to like-minded men.

What Does An Aquarius Woman Not Like In A Man?

  • Stinginess – the Aquarian woman strongly dislikes a man who is stingy. She does not care much for money and cannot understand or tolerate a person who values money too much. She is not a shopping-crazy female, but she will not hold back if she really likes anything – whether she can afford it or not she will find a way to get it.
  • Men who don’t love animals – this woman loves every being on earth. She simply cannot imagine how anyone can stay away from animals. She will help and volunteer to help animals at every opportunity. She feels than one who does not loves animals is incapable to love anyone in the real sense.
  • Stuffiness – she appreciates formal dressing and respects the fact that sometime it is required by etiquette to behave in a formal manner. However, she is not one to conform to any rules and does not like a man who sticks too much protocol or insists on rules of behavior, etc. She values her independence a lot and will move away from any man who intends to put any limits on her thoughts or movement.

How To Seduce An Aquarius Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

While it seems easy to capture the heart of an Aquarius woman, you will soon find out that it is not. She is super friendly and will be your buddy in no time, but she is very careful about giving her heart to anyone. If you want to win her heart use the following few tips:

  • Generosity – the Aquarius woman is highly impressed by generosity in a man. You want to catch her and win her heart, support a cause close to her heart. She will have many so you will not have trouble in choosing something. She would love you most if you support her in her fight against cruelty to animals.
  • Risk taker – this woman loves to shock people by doing the unexpected. She is a trend setter and will often start a fashion or something new. She would be hugely attracted to a man who does the same and/ or supports her when she does this. It will thrill her to have someone who joins hands with her in doing fun stuff.
  • Gift of the gab – for the Aquarius woman communication is as good as a commitment to trust and love. She expects him to tell her everything that is important to him and she will tell him everything that is important to her. She believes that communication between a couple is the glue that holds the relationship together. She love to talk but will not be satisfied with you only listening; this is a woman who will not only let you speak, but actually want you to speak.
  • Fiery and experimentative in bed –  she is a sensuous woman and will hugely admire passion and willingness to experiment in bed. She can be light as a zephyr or powerful as a tempest – and needs a man who match her every nuance. More often than not she will be the one taking the lead and her man should not feel intimidated or threatened by her aggressive side.

The Aquarius woman is independent, intellectual and intense in her romantic relationship. She is very slow to commit to any relationship, but once she does she will give herself completely and totally. She is refreshingly original and diverse making her a very special life partner.