How To Attract An Aries Man?

According to the sun signs, the Aries is a person who is born between 21st of March and 19th of April; this is the third among the 12 zodiac signs. The Aries man is the playboy type, always flitting from one woman to another. He is passionate and he find beautiful women irresistible.

How To Attract An Aries Man

What Type of a Man is the Aries?

The Aries man loves to be in love. You will find him chasing the type of girls that are not looking for a long-term relationship, but just fun time. With this man, fun time it is. He is witty, good looking and loves adventure.

He is attracted to shallow beauty and quickly distracted. He can easily date 3-4 women at the same time – and expects that they do the same. Not one who has a single possessive bone in his body, he believes that life is for as much fun as you can get.

The Aries man actually loves the adrenaline the chase gives him. Once the conquest is made, he quickly loses interest in the woman. This is because he is focused on her outer appearance and rarely takes any trouble to know her at all.

He is full of energy and can be on his feet working or partying up to 18 hours a day without any effort or dent.

What Does An Aries Man Find Irresistible In A Woman?

He settles later in life when he feels that he is ripe for domestication. The woman who he chooses as his life partner would be someone who gives his full freedom, yet trusts him implicitly.

The Aries man does not take kindly to be questioned or spied upon. Some of the traits the Aries man finds irresistible in a woman are:

  • Mystery – the Aries man needs to have a puzzle to solve all the time. He needs him mind and body to be exercised constantly. This is why they are athletic and they are very intelligent. A woman veiled in mystery is something they cannot resist.
  • Impulsive – this man loves the unpredictable. Women who are down-to-earth, responsible, with a clear-cut future plan, organised day and life are not exciting enough for the Aries. This man needs surprises, needs drama, needs trouble, needs to have something to fight for – in other words, they need a woman who will keep them on their toes guessing what comes next, every minute of the day.
  • Independence – he loves his independence and deeply appreciates a woman who loves hers. This is not a man who will hold your hand and guide you through your life. He wants you to make your decisions and mistakes; he wants you to be as wild and temperamental as you want. He is greatly attracted by a wild and free spirit.
  • Assertive – the Aries man likes women who call a spade a spade. They cannot handle women who look up to them for all decisions. At the same time, they are not comfortable with women who take the lead. The woman that attracts him is that who knows how to get what she wants.
  • Beautiful – this man is attracted by beauty. You need not be “Vogue” beautiful to get his attention, but you most definitely need to be impeccably groomed and dressed. Red lipstick, high heels, latest hairdo, perfectly manicured nails and totally coordinated accessories will help you catch his eye.
  • Expensive tastes – designer label apparel, high-end accessories, expensive perfumes, latest gadgets are sure-fire ways to get noticed by this man. As a playboy, he loves luxury and revels in it. You will find him more often than not driving the latest cars, wearing the latest trends, dining in the best restaurants, etc.

What Does An Aries Man Not Like In A Woman?

  • Demand for commitment – the quickest way to chase the Aries man away from you is by letting him know that you are looking for marriage or long-term commitment. They cannot tolerate any type of constraints when it comes to relationships. They need to call the shots; no exceptions.
  • Criticism – another thing that turns them off completely is any type of criticism. You cannot even joke about anything he says or does. They immediately shut down in front of criticism and distance themselves from the person. If you disagree with anything, you need to learn to put it across with delicate subtlety.
  • Dominance – the Aries man sees himself as an Alpha male. He will not tolerate any display of authority on his territory. He needs to be in charge. Period. If he feels that you are trying to dominate him on any aspect of his life, he will drop you like a hot potato.
  • Carefree or unkempt look – to the Aries man, the carefree look (informal) and totally unkempt are one and the same. He expects his woman to be poster-pretty. Not a hair should be out of the way, perfect makeup, perfect pout, hair, nails, shoes, styles – everything. Anything less than perfect put him off – as he sees his woman as an extension of himself.

How To Seduce An Aries Man: Easy Tips To Follow

If your Aries man is young it will not be too difficult to capture his attention and heart. However, holding on to him is another story. Here are a few tricks that will get him tied up to you for life:

  • Keep his guessing – the Aries man is comparable to a great hunter. The more dangerous the hunt is, the more he loves it. However, as soon as he has his kill, the fun is over. He needs another animal to hunt. Similarly, it is not the women that really interests him, but the chase. Do not let him think that he has won you over yet. Let him feel that he is close; however, whenever he feels that he is about to touch the “end” post, you move it a little further.
  • Have your own identity – you need to make him feel proud that he is with you. He loves to know the others are envying him for what he has – among which are your affections. Be desirable physically and professionally – let him know that you do not need his glory, but have your own.
  • Dress to kill – The Aries man cannot resist beauty. Ensure that everything you wear would stop the traffic – even your pyjamas.

The Aries man can be selfish, arrogant and brash in his young days. As he approaches his mid-life he tends to settle down a little bit. To win this man’s heart is a 24×7 job for life. On the plus side, this is a man who will idolise you and fill your life with excitement and fun.