How to date girls

Opposite genders always attract but sometimes this attraction does not last more than 2 to 3 hours even if you want it to. There are many individuals that have the looks, but they are unable to date a girl. The reason might be their attitude and the way they approach a lady. To help all the single men here we have a few tips that will help you know how to date a woman.

Things to talk about with your girlfriend

When you are learning how to date girls the first thing you should consider is the online dating service. It might be hard for you to find the right girl around you but with the online dating sites, it will get easier to find the one. There are millions of choices to select from you can chat with a few and finalize the one who you find most appropriate.

Online dating site is a reliable source because you will only meet the girl in person once you are sure that she is the one.

Be humble and confident

An important thing you should know when you are planning to date girls is to remain humble and confident.

  • Girls are always attracted to the boys that are confident. It gives them a sense of security
  • Being rude with girls will get you nowhere because some of the girls that might get offended
  • It is important that you remain humble and polite. It will show the girl that you respect her and the chances of you going out with her will increase.

Remember that your clothes might be able to attract her but your attitude will be responsible for your first impression.

Do not do all the talking

A common mistake that most of the boys make is that they love to talk. They will keep talking about all their achievements and the adventures they have done with their friends. They do not understand that talking is for girls. It is important that on the first date you let her talk as well. If you will do all the talking there are chances that your partner will soon get bored and she will not go with you on another date. Ask her about her achievement and her interests. Once she opens up to you there are chances that she will like you.

Keep everything fun

You have to wisely plan your first date. Even if you are sitting on the college bench make sure that you keep everything fun. It is a fact that girls like humorous guys but if you are unable to make things fun for her there are chances that she will not go out with you again. You have to take her to places where she would love to have fun. In case she is into games take her to a gaming arcade. You have to pay attention to the hobbies and likes of the girl that you will be taking on a date.

Do not talk about your ex

When you are learning how to date girls an important thing to remember is that you should keep your ex in the past where she belongs. When you will talk to your girlfriend about your ex, it will give the wrong impression. She will feel like you are still in love with your ex or you are comparing her to your ex. It will make her uncomfortable and might lead to a fight. It would be better if you would appreciate the girl you have taken out on a date and talk about things that will not associate you with your ex-girlfriend.

Make date plans where you will feel comfortable

When you are going on the first date everything can get confusing. You cannot arrange a posh or candlelight dinner because the girl might feel uncomfortable. As it is your first time, so you should prefer a public place where both of you can feel confident around each other. Take her to a park, her favorite mall or some exciting place to have a lunch. When she will notice that you care about her likes, dislikes and you pay attention to even the minor details she has mentioned it will make her fall for you.

Try to understand each other

One of the most important things you have to remember is that you should try to understand her. Do not make the mistake of bossing her around or showing that you know everything about her. It would be better if you would let her talk and share all her fears and worries with you. It is important that you gain her trust and that is only possible by showing her that you are trying to understand what she is saying. When she is talking you should listen attentively because it will give her the impression that you care about the issues she is dealing with. Assure to give her some solution that will show you were listening.

Offer to pay

When you are going out for dinner or coffee you should offer to pay the complete bill. There are some girls that like to split the bill because they would not like to be a burden on you. You should offer in such a way that it will not hurt her ego. If she resists your offer it would be better that you allow her to divide the bill according to her liking. She might allow you to pay the bill once both of you are committed but before that it is better you listen and obey.

Bottom line

Once you have learned how to date a woman it is important that you find the right one. Remember that ladies are very sensitives and they are not your toys to play with. Only make a commitment to a girl if you are serious about her and would like to have a future with her. If you are not interested in her that way, then you have no right to use her. When you love a girl she will always return it ten times more.