How to get a guy to like you

Seducing a man can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. For that reason, in today’s article, we will give you the best tips on how to seduce a man, so you’ll see that is something perfectly feasible and relatively easy if you know how to do it. Take a look!

How to make a guy fall in love with you: 10 Steps to follow

First, let’s see what the necessary steps to seduce a man are, starting with the basics, and reaching the end point which is the beginning of the relationship. As you can guess, it is a process of variable duration, but it always has a positive result:

Step 1: Understanding Male Psychology

Sometimes women think that men are simple, but it’s not like that. By the time you learn how they really think, you’ll get a working relationship.

Step 2: Adapt to him

Once you have that knowledge, you can start working on adapting to his way of being. This often misunderstood and I don’t want that to happen: We’re not talking about you changing the way you are, but for you to adapt.

how to get a guy to like you
This means that if you like electronic music but you have no problems in going to reggae clubs, if you know he likes the latter, then go more times to the reggae club than to the electronic music club.

It doesn’t mean to change your personality or the way you are (no one should be change when trying to seduce another person), but to take those aspects of your personality that work best with the other person, and exploit them.

Step 3: Get inside his field of vision

Once you have already brought out those features that you think that he will like because you’ve already done some research about his way of being and you are sure know that in this way you can get along better with him, it’s time to get noticed.

Seducing a man without him knowing you exist is impossible, the first thing you have to do is precisely that: Let him know you exist. You can add him to Facebook, go to a nightclub where he goes, stop by the store where he is working…

You have many ways to do this. The important thing about this point is simply to let him see you, for him to know you exist, have a conversation with him even if it’s not important, and leave him with the question, “Who is this girl?” Going around his head.

Step 4: Look for friends, places or activities in common

Once he knows you exist, if you don’t continue trying to be more present in his day to day, well it could happen that, although he might have found you interesting or attractive in that first encounter, he might not be interested in you enough for him to seek you.

Therefore, you have to find friends, places, or activities in common. Any of the three aspects work since both by knowing the places in common (for example, the store where you work), or having friends in common (for example, the group of friends you haven’t seen in some time) or activities in common (e.g. reggae club), you can get the result you want: to be with him more often.

Step 5: Have casual conversations

Once you have those more or less regular meetings, you can have a casual conversation where you may find elements in common. Since you have already asked a little about him and you know what he likes and what he doesn’t, you can guide conversations as you see fit to carry an area where you feel comfortable and may be able to get along.

The goal at this point is just to have friendly conversations, no big deal, just to know each other a little better. But I would strongly recommend not taking too many steps at this point, because you have to keep some distance to increase curiosity in him.

Also, keep in mind that, in general, in these situations there will always be more people present, and it might be better not to reveal all your cards before him and, his friends or your friends.

Step 6: Create a situation for you both

With the passage of time (which may be only a couple of weeks, it’s up to each other), you can create, in one of those moments when you are together somewhere, an exclusive situation for you both, with no more people around.

In that time you can have a deeper conversation, or dance, … You can guide the subject as you like (each person is different, and here I can only give you the guidelines).

Finally, when that situation you’ve created exclusively for you both it’s over, you can ask him for his mobile number (or to have him ask for yours, preferably). I don’t recommend this to happen before that, because, as we have mentioned, it is important to go step by step to make his interest grow

Step 7: Meet with him more frequently

Once you have his mobile number and have contact with him through social networks, Whatsapp, etc. you can begin to meet with him alone more often, so that you can address all the subjects that with other people around you didn’t want to touch.

It is recommended to get him to be the one inviting you to go out, because although it’s you who is really interested in him, you should be able to turn the process around and for him to think he’s trying to make you fall in love with him.

One of the basic elements on how to make a guy fall in love with you, is to make him believe that he is seducing you, and not the other way around.

 Step 8: Talk about personal subjects

Over time, as you continue to see him and going out, you can move on to talk about more personal subjects. This is an important point, since by talking about personal subjects you get him to open up and feel comfortable with you, a must if you want to start a relationship.

how to seduce a man

Also, when the other person opens up, you can know things that, during the previous phases, were hard to be seen. For example, it’s probable that he might tell you problems you have with your family, or a bad moment that might have happened in his life, etc.

With this information you can also be playful when seducing him.

Step 9: Make him know you like him without telling him

At this point, he will be the one trying to make you fall in love with him … You have him right where you wanted! But he’s not entirely sure whether you are also willing to have a relationship with him or not, you have to make him know that you are.

I don’t need to explain you how to tell a man you like him without telling him. There are many subtle ways to let him know and that don’t need words. Simply put them into practice.

Step 10: Take him to a magic site

And lastly, once you both are sure that both want to have a relationship, whether or not you used words in that tacit agreement, you only need the last step … Meet him in a magical place!

A place in which you will be comfortable, without other people bothering where you may let love arise… And he will take care of everything!

How to make a man love you: Tips

Next I make a list of some simple and easy tips to carry out that will help each and every one of the above steps are met without a hitch.


One of the gestures that work best in personal relationships is the smile, because it indicates that you are in a comfortable situation with the other person, and that’s always beneficial when it comes to make a man want you.

how to make a man fall in love with you

Don’t try to hide a smile. If something makes you laugh, smile, and if you don’t see a reason to do that or if you are particularly sad on that day, think of a funny situation and let that smile appear.

Show your best aspect

Clearly, when it comes to how to get a guy to like you, you can’t show up in front of him wearing dirt clothes or needing to go to the bathroom before you leaving his home. Here I present some points you need to care of in order to be perfect:

  1. Your hair.
  2. Your mouth.
  3. Perfume.
  4. Makeup.
  5. Clothing.

By meeting these five points and carrying them out to perfection, it will be impossible for him not to notice you and see that you take care of your look…you ‘ll be offering the best of yourself!

Show him what he wants to see

As we’ve already mentioned, you not only to show the best of you, but also what he wants to see. Try to offer him that which you have available and that you know he likes. There are things that appeal to all men (no need here to explain exactly what they are), but others are specific to each man.

Try to offer both types, but with subtlety. That which all men like, and that which the man you’re trying to seduce likes.

Keep the mystery

Mystery is the key to make him be the one interested in making you like him. Below I point out some points that can help you make that shift to the relationship:

  1. Don’t tell your life story: Making him want to know more about your life is crucial, as this will increase his desire to talk to you to find out more about you. If he asks, just offer him details.
  2. Be calm: You might want to, as soon as possible, start talking to him on Whatsapp or Facebook. Don’t try to run. The key to keeping the mystery is to be calm. Let him be the one asking for your contact details and when he calls you, take some time to answer.
  3. Don’t leave everything for him: It’s already clear that, when a man finds out that the other person is interested in him, he ceases to be. Therefore, don’t stop doing what you usually do when trying to make a man like you. Continue your routine for him to see that he’s not the only important thing to you.

Leave him wanting more

In line with the above, to show little interest and make him be the one always wanting more, will help to make his interest grow within him and for him to be hanging there waiting, until he realizes that, not knowing exactly how, he can’t spend another minute without thinking of you.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Be the one finishing conversations first: An important point is that you have to be the one ending conversations first. You don’t have to do this always, but most times you need to be the one ending conversations. Thus, he will always want to talk to you.
  • Don’t spend too much time with him: When people have much time for us to someone else, we get tired of that person. However, when we have limited time, we always want more. Apply this idea on the occasions you’re meeting with him.
  • End the conversation when he’s about to go into an interesting point: It’s not the same to end a conversation when there is nothing to say that when he’s entering into its most interesting point. If you do it in the latter, you will leave him with an overwhelming desire to talk to you.
  • Stay away when something interesting is about to happen: As in the previous case, if you stay with him, and when something interesting is about to happen, you tell him you have to go home, he will not be able to avoid feeling the need to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Don’t show yourself too available: As we have said, when we have too much “supply” of something, it stops attracting us. We like limited things and that aren’t there continually better than those others which are plentiful. Use your time with him following this criterion. Search the balance point to keep his interest constantly growing.


Another tip you should follow is, undoubtedly, flirting. Let him know that you like him without telling him is a fundamental part of the process of how to make a man fall in love with you. To achieve this, you can follow these tips:

  • Let him surprise you staring at him:When you’re not talking or maintaining eye contact, let him find you looking at him with a slight smile. That will tell him that you like him and there will be no need of saying it.

how to make a guy fall in love with you

  • Watch your body language: Humans subconsciously place great importance to body language. Watch your body language to let him know that you like him. Simple things such as directing your feet towards him when you talk or letting your arms behind you when you talk to him, are small changes in body language indicating interest and confidence.
  • Show yourself a bit nervous: Blushing or lip biting are unmistakable gestures of interest in the other person. Therefore, let it happen, don’t try to avoid it. You would be saying that you like him without words.
  • Use humor: Humor is essential when flirting and seducing a man. It will be useful to break the ice and to create a comfortable atmosphere for both. That’s right! Don’t ridicule him.

Show yourself slightly helpless

Another important element to make a man fall in love with you is to show yourself a bit helpless. Men, for thousands of years, have had the tendency to protect “their females” and that remains deeply ingrained in them. Here I give you some tips you should consider:

  • Show yourself fearful: Being afraid of spiders can be real or not, but in the event that you don’t have fear of spiders, if you see one, pretend that you do. That will make him try to spare you the “danger” and that protection relation that exists in every relationship will take place.
  • Forget your jacket: Another classic example is to forget the jacket, so he will have to lend you his. Typical in movies, but a clear example of what we are discussing here.
  • Show yourself indecisive: Even if you are a strong woman, you may want to show yourself a bit indecisive about some things when you’re with him. That will help so that, again, he will make a decision to help create that atmosphere of protection.

Things you shouldn’t do if you’re following the process of how to make him fall in love with you

And to complete this article, I also outline some steps that you shouldn’t follow under any circumstances, because they can backfire and make the man who likes you to lose interest in you:

Do not give everything at once

Do you really want to know how to seduce a man? Be mysterious and leave him wanting more. Obviously giving everything you’ve got at once, is completely contrary to that objective.

If you give him everything you have at once continuously, he will get oversaturated of you, and he will lose any interest he might have. Therefore, go slowly and be rational with your time with him. Make him always wanting more.

Don’t be transparent

This serves, above all, for your time. That is, you must ration the time you spend with him, for him to always want more. However, you also need to do the same with yourself.

how to make a man love you

Therefore, you can’t be transparent, because you will destroy all the mystery that may exist. You should always show yourself with some veil that he has to unveil over time. You can hide something about you that you actually consider trivial, but to him that will generate curiosity, and that’s what matters.

Don’t believe that he’s the only one

No man (or woman) is unique, so don’t treat them as such. If one day, for example, you’re with him and your group of friends shows up where there are more guys, you can talk well with the other guys and even flirt a little.

This may seem counterintuitive in the process of how to make a man want you, but it isn’t at all. Let him see that his chances of being with you are getting jeopardized, this will simply make him have more interest in you and try to do better to seduce you, which is just what you’re looking for.

Do not be jealous prematurely

Jealousy can be interesting to show the guy that you’re interested, but if you show them too quickly, you won’t achieve anything good. In this sense, if you see that he’s also flirting with another girl, discuss it in a calm manner and with humor. That will be more than enough for him to notice you.

If you show jealousy or push too hard, he will think that a relationship with you will be even more harrowing and claustrophobic, so this could be step back in your progress.

When it comes to how to make a man love you, don’t believe he has no interest in you nor think he has an excessive interest in you. Either thing may end up hurting you. Just let yourself go. You’ll see that sooner than what you think, he will be trying to seduce you instead of the other way around.