How to tell if a guy is checking you out

Let’s face it, men and subtlety just do not mix. If a guy is checking you out, there is a very strong chance that you will notice. However, when a guy looks at you, that does not necessarily mean he is checking you out. We all deserve to find the partner of our dreams, and for some of us, he may be closer than we thought.

Guys are generally all around, which means in theory we can take our pick of the bunch – providing they’re single. The problem is that some of us are a little naive, and often miss clues.

How to tell if a guy is checking you out

When a guy looks at you, he could potentially be checking you out, though there is plenty more to look for. When women check guys out, they are a lot stealthier, and have it down to a fine art. Knowing whether a girl is checking you out is much harder than knowing whether a guy is checking you out.

If however, you are a little naive and are not good at picking up on signs, this article is for you. In this article we will be looking at how to tell if a guy is checking you out. Contained below you will find a series of signs that almost certainly will prove that a guy is indeed checking you out.

He is staring at you

As mentioned before, men are not subtle. If a guy is indeed checking you out, he could very well stare at you. With that said, when a guy looks at you, he is not automatically guaranteed to be checking you out. Looking at somebody is different to staring at them, so just remember that.

Guys generally do not like to make life difficult, if they stare at you and make it obvious, they may be doing so because they want you to notice.

Sometimes guys may be daydreaming, and sometimes they may simply be over confident. Men generally are very visual, so if they do see something they like, I.E you, they will almost certainly stare.

He nudges his buddy

If a couple of guys are out walking with each other, if one of them is checking you out, he may discreetly nudge his buddy.

Men are notorious for this as they can’t seem to see a hot girl they like the look of without letting their friends know.

If you’re out and about and see a guy nudge his buddy and discreetly say something to him, it could be about you.

He looks impressed

Another tell-tale sign of how to tell if a guy is checking you out is whether he looks impressed. When he sees you, whether you’re in the gym, at the bar, or out in the street, if he likes the look of you, he may look impressed.

If he looks impressed, or awe-struck, his jaw may literally drop.  He may also struggle to keep his faculties about him. As soon as you look in his direction however, he should snap out of his trance.

He looks away when you look at him

When a guy looks at you, even if you can’t see, you should be able to sense something. If a guy likes you, he will obviously want to look at you and check you out.

If however, you find a guy looking away as soon as you look in his general direction, this is another clear sign. This is actually a very easy way to tell whether he is checking you out because it proves he is consciously looking.

If he was day dreaming and staring into space, he would not notice you looking at him. If he is checking you out, he will see your every move and will look away so as to not get caught in the act.

He’s the only one of his group not looking at you

Another great way of telling whether a guy likes you is to see what his friends are doing. If you’re out and you see a group of guys all looking in your direction, if one is not looking, he may like you.

His buddies will know he likes you, and they will all want to see you for themselves. If there is one guy making an effort to not look at you, he may indeed be secretly checking you out.

He walks past you multiple times

If you’re at a bar, a restaurant, or the gym perhaps, is there a guy often walking past you? If there is, and he has to walk past you to get to the bathroom, you have to ask why that is.

He could have the weakest bladder in the world, but more than likely he will be trying to get you to notice him.

If a guy keeps passing you, he may be afraid to make a move and may be hoping you will instigate things.

He smiles at you

When a guy looks at you, if he looks you in the eyes and smiles, he likes you. This is also a sign that he is confident, and we all know that confidence is a turn on.

How he smiles at you will reflect his personality. If he smiles cheekily, he has a cheeky side. If he smiles passionately, he is a passionate soul, and so on.

When it comes down to how to tell if a guy is checking you out, if he is confident, he will want you to know.