How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You: Top 20 Signs

When you’re a young woman who’s interested in a shy guy it may be difficult to know if he likes you. You want to pursue a potential romantic relationship, but you don’t want to waste your time if he is not interested.

You’ll have to start at the beginning like everyone else, and find signs that this shy guy likes you. Start looking for special signs that he likes you, because you don’t want some other girl to snap him up before you’ve had a chance to go on a date with him.

Here at the top 20 signs to help you learn how to tell if a shy guy likes you.

#1. He’ll glance at you when you’re not looking.

That shy guy doesn’t want to get caught looking at you, so he’ll do it only when you aren’t looking at him. He wants to first figure out if he really likes you or not. If he decides to like you, he’ll then do more than surreptitious looking—he’ll ensure that next time round you notice him watching you.

#2. He looks really uncomfortable.

This is a tough one because it may appear that he doesn’t like you at all, when he is simply so nervous around you that he wants to barf. Fortunately, this may only happen right at the beginning when he first meets you. As you gradually get to know each other over time, he’ll soon warm up to you and have more confidence in speaking to you.

#3. He is so awkward that he drops things.

Does he constantly drop his pen, or does he drop his books when he’s in your presence? Perhaps he accidentally brushes his notebook or cellphone off his desk? He may also have difficulty holding onto his coffee mug or his glass around you too. You may want to take a step back from the chaos so that coffee doesn’t get onto you, but do inject some humor into the situation as you don’t want to discourage him.

#4. He’ll treat you differently.

If that shy man really likes you, he’ll treat you differently than the other girls in the room. He’ll fetch a drink or an item for you, while ignoring the needs of the other girls in the room. This may even get to the point where they’re annoyed, but who cares, as he has eyes for only you.

#5. He’ll share secrets with you.

Even a regular guy may not share secrets with you in the beginning, but since your shy guy is special, he’ll be more than happy to open up to you once he does get to know you. He’ll share little secrets with you, or ask for advice on something that has been troubling him. He’s so shy that he’s not comfortable sharing this information with anyone else.

#6. He gets irritated when you mention other guys.

Your shy guy likes you so much that he cringes when you mention other guys. This makes him insecure or feel hurt, because you’re not just into him.

#7. He’s interested in what you’re doing.

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You

Your shy boy will ask you what you’re doing and what you did on the weekend. He may even become involved in some of the things that you’re involved in. The next thing you know, he’s a new member of a club that you also belong to. Or perhaps he’ll bring some books or music that you’re interested in too.

#8. He’ll ask if he can connect to you through social media.

The one nice thing about social media is that you don’t have to talk to interesting people in person. That will save him at least some of the embarrassment of talking to you. But he will find you on Facebook or Twitter, and he’ll friend and follow you and post comments regularly.

#9. He gets teased by his friends.

Do you hang out with his friends and then notice them whispering about you? It’s not in a bad way, as they’re smiling and laughing. Perhaps he’s told them something about you that he hasn’t told you yet. Or perhaps they can just tell that he really likes you.

#10. He never asks you out.

Has the status of your friendship always remained the same level but the game continues to be played? You know he likes you, but he seems afraid of doing anything that would make you like him less, including asking you out. He’s afraid of rejection, and your friendship means more to him. Perhaps he’s waiting for you to make the first move, as then this takes the onus away from him.

#11. He’ll defend you.

Are your other friends making fun of you, but he stands up for you? He may not understand that they’re joking, and he’ll take it the wrong way. He may takes things literally and over react. No matter what, he’s always got your back.

#12. He remembers the minute details.

Your shy guy will remember what your childhood pet’s name was, and he’ll also remember your favorite pizza toppings. He may even have your college schedule completely memorized, so he’ll just happen to be in the cafeteria when you are. He’ll have a way better memory than any of the other cute guys you know have.

#13. He’ll put himself out there for you.

Your shy man hates to socialize but when you’re with him he’ll talk to other people in the room. He’ll try and get you engaged in the conversation as he doesn’t want you to feel left out. He’ll make himself socialize and join a group even if he’s not normally that chatty.

#14. He’ll send mixed signals.

One day he’s worked up the confidence to talk to you, and the next, he won’t even say hi to you. Perhaps he’s still nervous around you, or he’s having a panic attack and rather than make a fool of himself he’ll simply not say anything to you at all. Either way, you’ll be confused.

#15. He’ll face you directly.

Boys who like you will face your directly, rather than standing at an angle to you. It’s a subtle way of discerning if he really likes you.

#16. He holds the door open for you.

This is especially important if he lets the door slam in other people’s faces, but he’d never think to do that to you. He’ll go out of his way to hold the door open for you, especially when your arms are loaded down with books.

#17. He’ll make friends with your friends.

Even though he’s normally a shy guy he’ll befriend your friends. This is often so that he can hang out with you more often. He’ll even make an effort to really connect with them.

#18. He’ll listen to you.

Even though he’s addicted to his computer or smart phone screens, he’ll turn aside and take time to talk to you. He’ll really listen and hear what you have to say. If his cell phone is ringing or he’s receiving alerts on his tablet, he’ll simply turn off his devices, as what you have to say is way more important to him.

#19. He’ll offer to help you.

Not only will he offer to help you but he’ll also notice when you’re in distress. He’ll immediately come up and offer to help you out with your computer or your school work. Perhaps you’re trying to get that ketchup bottle open so he’ll take it from you and twist it open for you. But he may never offer to help anyone else with things because he’s just that shy guy that sits in the corner.

#20. He smiles at you a lot.

Does he almost never smile except when you’re around? He’s so shy, that he’s too embarrassed to smile at anyone at all. But you catch him smiling at you. This may be because it’s an unconscious move on his part. You do truly light up his life, and he can’t help but to be happy around you. It will take more than his shyness to not smile at you.

The next time you meet a shy guy you like, have a look for one of these 20 signs. It can be worth it to date a shyer guy, because you won’t have to compete with any other women. It can be of great benefit to find out how to know if a shy guy likes you. It may be up to you to take it to the next level, but when you do you’ll be the girl who has a boyfriend, because you took that extra step to encourage him.


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