How To Text A Girl You Like

Texting is perhaps the easiest way to get a girl interested in you, especially if you are good (and more comfortable) with writing stuff, rather than saying it. However, to use this plan of action you will need her number. The first step in the plan therefore, is to ask the girl of your dreams her number.

You may be able to get her number from mutual friends, too; however, the best is to get the number directly from her.

Getting Her Number

how to text a girl you like

The easiest and quickest way to get her number is the direct way. Walk up to her and say, “I find you fascinating and would like to know you better. Could I have your number, please?” Most girls would appreciate such a straight forward approach and give you her number; but not all.

If you feel she may not be the type who will share her number just for the asking, then you would need to use a few alternative approaches.

    • Host A Party Through a Common Friend – get her to your party through a common friend, and you will have enough common ground to approach her for her number, which she would not mind giving you, since now she would know you.
  • Get A Friend to Introduce You to Her – look for a common friend and have him/ her introduce you to her. You may orchestrate a situation, where you could “run into her and the common friend by chance”, before you ask for her number.
    • Befriend Her for Some Work – find out what she is good at and ask for her help in that field. Find a good reason and request her to help you. When she agrees, and you are more familiar with one another, ask her for the number.
    • Host A Party for A Common Friend – one of the easiest ways to get her number is by asking her to help you organize a surprise party for a common friend; the friend should be close to her for this to work.
  • Offer Her Something She Cannot Refuse – this has to be something of huge sentimental value – something like a rare book, song record, comic book, dollhouse, etc. It should not be very expensive or she will not accept it. You could also ask her help with finding a home for a kitten, puppy, fledgling, etc. – something that most girls would feel compelled to do.

You Got Her Number – Now What?

You have her number. The next point on your agenda is what to text a girl you like. Now that you have a contact point, “talking” with her is no longer difficult. Texting is actually the easiest way to put feelings across with the least butterflies in the stomach.

  • Start with Common Ground – start texting on whatever topic connected you both the first place. Follow the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) principle. Your text should be crisp and light, initially, so she will not think there is any ulterior motive. As you become familiar, you could escalate to the next level and gradually reel her in.
  • Use Emoticons – the emoticons and emojis are sweet and funny, therefore, an excellent way to communicate and build familiarity. You need to get the girl to like you first, and if you are sweet and funny, your chances are good. Intertwine your text with smileys and watch her warm up to you.
  • Be Extremely Useful – do more than expected and do it with a smile and no strings attached. Find out what needs to be done and go an extra mile (or more). Try to get her to depend on your help, ask you for help. This will make it much easier for you to escalate the “acquaintance” to “friend” level, hoping to graduate to “girlfriend.”
  • Don’t Overdo It – In the initial stages, a couple of texts per day are okay. Do not overdo it, or she’ll qualify you as a pest and your chances to become her friend would disappear.
  • Use Humor – it’s okay to send her jokes and cartoons that are funny. Send nothing that can be construed as indecent or raw. Forbidden subjects in the early texting period are crimes, nudity, death, politics, religion, and race among others. Stay away from anything that might be controversial in a negative connotation.

Taking It to the Next Level – How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text

You are now comfortably texting on common ground in a non-romantic manner. It’s time to take it to the next level and get her to agree to be your girlfriend. This is the most important thing in this whole process, because it is delicate, and one mistake can nullify your chances to proceed further.

  • Test The Waters – Does she like you? You need to know whether she likes you as much as you like her. Sometimes, the liking is strong and mutual, and she is just waiting for a sign from you. Start with innocent sweet things, such as “I was thinking of you today when I heard XYZ song” or “I was saw a tiny kitten today and was reminded of you.” It could also be related to work, people, professions, etc. Start with telling her you keep thinking about her, and see how she responds.
    • If she replies with emoticons and emojis, she likes it. Bring it up a notch, gradually.
    • If she does not reply or replies with a curt “thank you”, she’s not into you. Yet. You will need to go back one step and take it a little slower.
    • If she says, “Oh, my God! I was thinking about you, too!” She’s ready for the next stage; ask her out for a first date.
    • Stop for one or two days and observe what she does. If she texts and asks how you are, she likes you. If she is quiet, you need to carry on a little longer. She might send you a happy answer when you text again after a gap of two days. This means she likes you, and she just realized that.
  • Say It Straight – as you text to-and-fro, look for openings when you can ask her out, but don’t mention dating, yet. Instead, text her something like this, “Hey, I found this wonderful place where they serve world class coffee with English waffles. Would you like to try out tomorrow around 5-vish?” Look for an offer she is unlikely to refuse. If she loves cats – “I found this place where they have 5 cutest kittens. Would you like to come and see them? I am trying to find homes for them.”  Look for openings and opportunities she would find irresistible. Choose something that is fun, emotional, but not romantic. This is not the time to say, “Hey, XYZ movie is running. Would you like to watch it this Saturday?” This comes much later.
  • Shoot To-And-Fro – don’t wait to write the prefect retort when she texts. Text back and quickly. If you have no adequate words immediately, just shoot an emoticon. A word of warning here – use no emoticon unless you are 200% sure of what it means. Many budding relationships break up because of misunderstanding caused by sending the wrong emoticon. At this stage, she might not take the trouble to double check with you if you used the wrong image; she might assume you meant it.
  • Drop Compliments – women love to be appreciated and it’s hard to get mad at someone innocently saying, “I think you have the most wonderful smile” or “There is a naughty twinkle in your eyes that makes you look so special” and so on. Be sincere and sprinkle clean compliments in your conversation; flattery, though easier to use, will spook her off.
  • Ask Her Out – when you feel she likes you well enough, ask her out. Start small– like inviting her for a coffee, visiting an art gallery, offering breakfast, etc. Starting small will give immense advantage, because for one, she’ll see nothing wrong in accepting it, and second, she’ll have her guard down, and you can woo her easier during these innocent meetings.
  • Ask Her Stuff About Her – find out her likes and dislikes, so you could give her small gifts. Ask her what’s her favorite color, food, place to travel, type of flower, type of book to read, favorite author, music, singer, car, fruit, person, animals, jewelry, brand, etc. The more you know about her, the better your chances to connect with her.

It’s easy to get a girl to like you over text, but be warned that, unless you are patient and careful, you might mess it up quite as easily. Be prepared to go slow initially aiming at getting her to trust you as a friend, first. It is much easier to woo a girl, once she trusts and likes you as a friend. After all, friendship is the foundation stone  of love.