15 Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend

Is he flirting with me? Does he have a crush on me or is it just my imagination? At some point, every girl on Earth has had these doubts, especially if she is interested particularly in that guy.

Generally, women have a sixth sense that makes us realize if there is a potential lover around looking for us, but, in case you have any doubt and you don’t dare to ask him directly, we’ll give you 15 signs a friend likes you. Are you ready to discover the truth?

Top 15 Signs A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend

The eyes are the reflection of the soul

You need to know how to read his eyes. If he is always looking for you, even if he is a bit far away, he is instinctively trying to protect you. Furtive –for shy guys- or insistent –for the brave ones- glances are also a sign that he is interested in you in a “more than a friend” way. If you are interested in him, don’t look away!

Shaking or sweating hands?

If he gets nervous when you appear on the scene or when you give him a smile, it is probably because he secretly desires you. A sign for this nervousness is shaking hands (or even legs!) or general sweating, specially hand palms or armpits. This is because his heart pumps faster than normal and his breathing accelerates.

He smiles and laughs with you

Ok, let’s not misread this –he may be laughing because you are hilarious. But the smile doesn’t lie at all, it is impossible to fake a true smile. A man who is attracted to you will never be completely serious when he looks at you –except if you are in trouble. Moreover, he will always try to make you happy as well!

He carefully listens to what you say

Women normally talk much more than men -and that is a scientific fact. If the boy is really into you, he will carefully listen (and remember) everything you say, even if it is all your family history or how do you deal with your job. If he is not interested he will make an excuse to go or won’t be even looking at you when you talk.

Pay attention to his friends

Maybe the guy is too shy to show any feeling for you, but his friends won’t lie. They are usually more daring to tell you that he likes you, or even to ask you if you like him. If you see they start joking with him when you are around… there is something hidden.

Physical contact

Signs guy like you more than a friend

Attraction is not only physical, but if a man is attracted to you he will always try to be near you, gently grab your arm or just feel you very close. Even if it is just poking or tickling, he will be seeking for physical contact… an unmistakable sign!

He shows interest in what you like

Suddenly he is interested in your musical taste, in which movies you prefer, which activities you do or what your hobbies are. He even starts to be interested in them, too! The fact that he wants to share your interests is one of the best signs that he likes you more than a friend

The imitation game

This may sound silly but it is not at all. When we like someone we imitate them –and we don’t even realize! Pay attention to his gestures, normally if he likes you he will cross your legs after you do it, or he will touch his hair as well. Try and check!

Mysterious random encounters

Do you find him at the mall? And also in your favorite pub? Even walking down your street? We have to tell you the truth: it is not a coincidence, although he will try to make it look like it is. He wants to see you, don’t you realize?

He will help you in everything you need

Whether you need help for the Science exam, you need to fix your room shelves or your computer is broken, he will always manage to try to help you in any way he can. Protection and support are pretty sure signs that he secretly loves you!

He cares about your reactions to his acts

He makes a joke or he is explaining a story and he furtively looks at you to see if you are laughing or reacting or just paying attention to what he says or does. He really wants you to enjoy with him as much as he does with you!

The importance of his body posture

Is his whole body looking towards you? Are his feet pointing to you? If the answer is YES, there is no doubt, he has a crush on you. The closer he is, the more interested. Don’t desperate if he keeps distances, though: many men are very shy!

Little presents

If he remembers your birthday and gives you a very significant but small gift, or he gives you flowers because you passed that hard exam, or even if there is no apparent reason but he likes to give you little presents… it means he wants to be a part of your life.

He tries to impress you…

Men like to let you know how good they are in many fields, even if it is in a subtle way. Maybe he is good at sports, or at studying, or cooking, or fixing things. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet, he will make sure you notice his strengths.

… and at the same time, he shares his feelings

This is, in fact, the final sign. Men do not normally tend to open themselves and share their feelings because in our culture it may be seen as a sign of weakness. However, if he feels safe and comfortable next to you, he will share his emotions… and maybe he finally confesses what he really feels for you. Will you correspond him?