Why Do Women Cheat – 35 Reasons

Nowadays, cheating is not only a male thing, women cheat as many times as men and it has been scientifically proven.

For most men, though, it still remains a mystery what’s going on inside an unfaithful woman’s head. So the main question here is: why do women cheat? Psychologists, anthropologists, poets and even neurologists have tried to answer this without a complete success.

Why Do Women Cheat

Let’s see 35 reasons of why women cheat!

  1. The desire of living new exciting experiences. In this case, for young women, their lovers are an opportunity to try new things in their sexual lives –an exciting adventure. For women over 40, cheating with another man is more like a curiosity for things that they have never lived before in their early years.
  2. Sexual dissatisfaction with their actual boyfriend or husband. Even the fact that our society tries to make women look like innocent girls with no sexual desire, women have as much libido as men (or even more). Girls and women of all ages have strong sexual desires, erotic fantasies and they usually masturbate. A poor sexual life and an unsatisfied desire are a free way to temptation.
  3. Cheating for revenge is a reaction to a previous man’s betrayal. When a man cheats on a woman, she gets really hurt, and even if she says that she has forgiven him, for sure she has not forgotten. Now she sees his husband with different eyes, as well as she sees other men with more desire. In her inside, she wants to hurt him as much as he did to her.
  4. Physical attraction. A high percentage of women who cheat is just because they feel sexually and physically attracted to another man. Within years, couples get old and bodies are not the same as they once were in your golden years. So, the desire for another body is, sometimes, unavoidable.
  5. An unhappy marriage. If you wonder “why do married women cheat”, this is one of the main reasons. People, men and women, like to be happy with their partner. If her husband is a workaholic and doesn’t make her happy, she’ll try to find her happiness in another person.
  6. This may sound a bit strange, but many studies have proven that vacation places usually offer incentives that we cannot find in our daily lives, in our routine. A different weather, new landscapes, relaxation, new smells, colors and cultures excite our senses. Normally, this kind of infidelity is just a one night stand.
  7. Couple crisis. When a woman looks for a lover it is normally because something is not working with their bf or husband, whether it is emotional or sexual. Girls can easily feel misunderstood by their partner over the years and they can find caring, understanding and/or satisfaction with other men.
  8. Husband vs Lover. Many women make a huge difference between their husbands and their lovers: they are different men with different purposes. For these women, the lover is savage sex, while their husband is their partner, their friend and the father of their kids. Instead of finding everything in one man, she chooses to have two.
  9. Fear of commitment. A very common excuse among men for their infidelities is this one, but it is also a usual thing in unfaithful women. Why do girls cheat in this case? Well, lack of maturity, fear to commitment or just the aim of experiencing more adventures in life are some of the reasons why women cheat, often in the early stages of a relationship.
  10. Feeling desired. When a man prefers to sit in front of the computer instead of seeing his girlfriend or wife naked, women get frustrated and their confidence decreases. The lack of interest of their partners is one of the reasons why do married women cheat. It is very common that the lover compliments them a lot more than their husband: in this way, girls receive all the attention and desire that they want.
  11. Mother and woman. Sometimes men forget that they have a woman next to them and that she is more than just the mother of their children. When men feel like they cannot do the same things with her as before because she is a mom now, the passion is often revived through a lover. Women feel lousy at home, even misplaced when trying to play in bed!
  12. Routine can kill the passion, the love and the desire for your best half. It locks couples into a comfort zone that can get to suffocate both, boys and girls. Even the fact that women have an acuter sense of belonging and conservation, an excess of passivity and routine in a long term relationship can tire anyone.
  13. Emotional dissatisfaction. We have talked before about sexual dissatisfaction, but this is also important for trying to find out why do girls cheat and why do married women cheat as well –this has nothing to do with ages. Women seek for a lover because they don’t feel loved enough, they don’t receive enough attention and their husbands and boyfriends don’t care a lot for them.
  14. This kind of infidelity usually begins without any physical contact and it can generate high levels of stress and distress for a long time –as long as the cheating lasts. This is usually one of the most painful ways of cheating for both parts, as it means that love between the couple no longer exists.
  15. For evading problems. Sometimes, infidelity is used as a way to escape from real problems of daily life, normally serious or emotional problems. For example, an unwanted kid, a frustrated desire of motherhood, or the death of a close relative (for example, one of the sons/daughters). Many women see a potential lover as an exit door to a problem they cannot solve.
  16. Incompatibility. People grow up together; they meet when they are sixteen, they marry when they are 21, kids come at 25 and one day, when both are around their 40s, they realize they have nothing in common with each other. They have grown together, but they have evolved in different directions.
  17. Jealousy and excessive control. When a husband overly controls (or tries to control) his wife, she will feel oppressed, suffocated and with a huge lack of autonomy. At that, they find that the best way of earning again their own freedom is with infidelity: it is just an answer to their anxiety. It may sound paradoxical, but it is more common than you think.
  18. To avoid divorce. If reason 17 wasn’t paradoxical enough, here you have another one. Boredom and an absolute knowledge of your partner after years of being together can generate a routine that makes us feel accommodated and apathetic at the same time. A discrete infidelity can be very positive in a relationship and it can strengthen bonds between husband and wife.
  19. To increase our ego. This often happens with men, as their ego is easily fulfilled with a new woman in their life. However, this may be a reason for infidelity in those women that were absolute beauties in their younger years and want to prove that they are still desirable.
  20. Mid-life crisis. Mid-life crisis and infidelity go hand in hand. Men and women in their forties want to feel young again and this feeling is reached by a new conquer. Also, at this point, they can feel bored about each other and want to seek motivation. It is a very common reason for cheating and can lead to a painful divorce.
  21. Sexual addiction. Sex addiction (nymphomania) comes in many ways and it is not determined by age or genre. One woman (or man) can be defined as “sex addict” when their sexual behavior is uncontrollable, excessive and/or obsessive. Not all nymphomaniacs are unfaithful, but the vast majority of them cheat at some point.
  22. Low self-esteem. Some women can be completely satisfied (both emotionally and sexually), their marriage can work perfectly, they love their husband a lot and they have a wonderful life, but their self-esteem is very low. Infidelity here becomes a challenge, a high-risk game, a forbidden adventure full of adrenaline that can increase our self-esteem and confidence.
  23. Wanting sex is a natural instinct. Some psychologists affirm that women and men, as human beings and animals, have been contradictorily programmed: on one hand, they want a stable partner and a family; on the other hand, humans want to satisfy their sexual desires, no matter with how many people.
  24. Disbelief in monogamy. Some women do not believe in monogamy at all but anyways they accept commitment and marriage. For this way of thinking, monogamy may be convenient for a determined period of time in which they feel satisfied, but it won’t last forever and at some point, they’ll find alternatives in their love lives.
  25. Emotional void. If the relationship is unsatisfactory, it is pretty normal that sooner or later the woman (or the man) cheats on her partner. The probability increases when these problems put her away from her family and friends. Sex and romance are used to fill this emotional void.
  26. She wants to abandon him, but she wants a back-up. As simple as that. Before facing the truth and telling their husband/boyfriend that the relationship is over, they find a substitute, so they can openly continue this new relationship when the other one finishes.
  27. An unfaithful woman can feel in an inferior position when it comes to beauty, wealth or age, for example. This kind of infidelity reaffirms their “value” in the love market and make them feel secure about themselves again. Usually, this is not a premeditated infidelity, and the repentance that comes after is very common.
  28. “Ought of sight, out of mind”. This is a cruel way of thinking but it is also an answer to the question “Why do women cheat?” that keeps running in our minds. This reason is often linked to any of the others in this list. We think that if the other part doesn’t know, we won’t hurt them. But in the end, you’ll be discovered (sooner or later).
  29. Even that the relationship is satisfactory in general terms, women can feel bored and want to try something especial, something different. There is an intense and mysterious pleasure in the affair.
  30. An unresolved trauma. According to some studies, women and men who have suffered some kind of trauma in their childhood, such as physical or sexual abuse or emotional abandon, are more likely to cheat on their partners. People are more unfaithful if there have been certain behaviors in their family environment –for example, an unfaithful father.
  31. Irrational expectations. Some women think that their husband or boyfriend must give them all they want and fulfill all their necessities. No one can be perfect, and when their partners fail at some point, they think that infidelity is totally justified.
  32. To revive old times. Through Facebook and new technologies, old lovers get back in touch and they start remembering old good times. This can be dangerous as it can lead to an infidelity with an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.
  33. Husband doesn’t want to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Your husband is supposed to be an emotional and sexual partner in life. If there is a strong sexual fantasy that she wants to do and he denies it, it is very probable that she will find another man to fulfill her needs.
  34. If the husband works in another city and spends days or even weeks away from home, a woman can fall into a boredom and loneliness spiral, followed by a meaninglessness in their lives. This may create a vicious circle in which she will find a new obsession.
  35. Temporary break-up. Just like Ross and Rachel in Friends, a temporary break (whether emotional or physical) can lead to an easy infidelity.