100+ Best Friend Tag Questions

They say that best friends are forever, or at least, the real ones. You may think that there is nothing you don’t know about your bff, but is that entirely true? How deep do you know each other? In order to find out this mystery, we suggest you a game: the best friend tag questions!

Best Friend Tag Questions

The principles of the game are simple. There are 100 questions that you will ask your best friend and vice versa. If the answer is right, you get one point –and if it’s wrong you get nothing, obviously. At the end of the test, you can check the results and get to know your level of friendship!

We have divided the game into different categories: basic, favorite things, difficult, deep ones and funny stuff. Are you ready to play? 3, 2, 1… GO!

BASIC best friend tag questions

Let’s start with the most basic questions about you and your best friend. Pay attention, as it may seem easy but it is also tricky!

  1. Am I allergic to anything?
  2. Which celebrity am I in love with?
  3. When did you meet for the first time?
  4. Have we always got along well?
  5. Have we ever had a fight?
  6. When is my birthday?
  7. How many brothers or sisters do I have?
  8. Two positive facets of me.
  9. One negative thing about me.
  10. Do you think our friendship will last?
  11. Our craziest memory together.
  12. If I had to wear a shirt or a T-shirt, which would it be?
  13. What is our favorite inside joke?
  14. What is my dream job?
  15. Describe me in one word.
  16. Do you call each other in any special way?
  17. Do I say any expression or phrase very often?
  18. Do I have any mania or tic?
  19. Do I have Facebook?
  20. When was the last time we hung out?
  21. Do we live close to each other?
  22. Which is my favorite makeup brand?
  23. If I could go anywhere in the world with you, where would it be? Why?
  24. If my house was on fire and my entire family was ok in a safe place, what would I save and why?
  25. Is there anything weird that I eat?
  26. Where’s our next vacation together?
  27. Who takes more time to get ready?
  28. When I am older I want to be…

 “Which is my favorite…” best friend tag questions!

This section is to check if you know what he/she likes from many aspects in his/her life. Do you have these things in common or are you opposite poles?

  1. Which is my favorite food?
  2. Which is my favorite movie of all times?
  3. Which is my favorite TV series?
  4. Which is my favorite song?
  5. Which is my favorite animal?
  6. Which is my favorite singer/band?
  7. Which is my favorite place in the world?
  8. Which is my favorite sport?
  9. Which is my favorite color?
  10. Which is my favorite season?
  11. Which is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
  12. Which is my favorite kind of sandwich?

It’s time to make things a bit more complicated

After basics and favorite things, let’s make it more difficult. Here there are questions for another level of friendship: are you as close as you think?

  1. Do I steal the shampoos, body soap and conditioners bottles from hotels?
  2. Do I like to use post-it notes?
  3. Would I rather be attacked by a big tiger or a bunch of spiders?
  4. Where was I born and where I’d like to live?
  5. Do I smile for pictures or I do silly faces?
  6. Do I believe in ghosts or other paranormal things?
  7. Do I prefer Nike or Adidas?
  8. Do I ever dance with no music playing?
  9. Do I chew my pencils and pens?
  10. Which was the last person I kissed?
  11. What did I want to be when I was a kid?
  12. Have I ever cried because of happiness?
  13. Do I like to collect anything?
  14. Do I have to visit the doctor this year for any reason?
  15. When was the last time I had to pull over my car or I was stopped by a policeman
  16. When was the last time I went to the shopping mall?
  17. When was the last time I went out of town?
  18. Which is the last book I read?
  19. Was I named after anyone? If so, who?
  20. Have I ever had surgery?

Deep in the feelings

Is your best friend someone with whom you share everything or you just have a great time together partying and gaming? How deep do you know each other?

  1. Have I ever been in love?
  2. If I could choose, would I choose someone else as a best friend?
  3. Will I always be there for you?
  4. Do I want to get married?
  5. Who was my high school crush?
  6. What is a unique thing about me that only a few people know?
  7. Do I miss anyone at this moment?
  8. Do you think I would die for you?
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does my friendship with you mean to me?
  10. What exactly would I be capable of doing for you?
  11. Do I want kids in my life?
  12. Have I ever talked behind your back?
  13. What do I do that always makes you smile?
  14. Why am I your best friend?
  15. If I died tomorrow, what would I do?
  16. What would you do if I said I never wanted to talk to you again?
  17. Would I rather be hurt by the one I trust the most or the one I love the most?
  18. Is it easy for me to fall in love?
  19. When was the last time I told someone I loved him/her/them?
  20. Would I give a homeless person CPR if they needed it?
  21. If I could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
  22. Who am I in love with?
  23. Do you think I have any secrets I haven’t told you yet?
  24. Would I ever tell anyone your deepest secrets?
  25. What is the meanest thing someone has ever told me?

Time for laughs!

Friends are always there for the bad moments, but the best ones are the funniest!

  1. Have I ever eaten a crayon?
  2. Am I wearing socks right now?
  3. Do I have any strange phobia?
  4. What am I really bad at?
  5. Do I wash my car or I leave it dirty until it rains?
  6. Would I bail you out of jail, or be sitting there with you?
  7. Do I prefer Cheetos or Fritos?
  8. Which is my LEAST favorite movie?
  9. Do I still watch cartoons?
  10. Do I sing in the shower?
  11. And do you sing in the car?
  12. Which is my secret weapon to attract the opposite sex?
  13. Have I ever drank my soda from a straw?
  14. What does my last SMS say?
  15. What was I doing last night at 12 AM?

Results of the tag question test

0 to 10 points: best friend or neighbor?

If you haven’t even answered the basics right, you need to rethink about this relationship. You are desperately considering him/her your best pal, but it is not true. A best friend will know almost everything about you, and you don’t even know how many sisters or brothers do you both have? Come on!

10 to 25 points: there’s something missing

Ok… you know each other on the main basic areas, but there is no depth in your communicative levels. You may be best friends for going to a party, for seducing girls/ boys, for playing a whole afternoon with your Playstation. But if you don’t do anything else, you won’t count on each other when bad times come!

25 to 50 points: recent best friends

Maybe you write everywhere that you are best friends forever, but be careful because you don’t really know the person that is next to you. Why don’t you talk a bit more about your feelings and your childhood? You don’t need to make it like a police interrogation, you just need to be sure you accept the other one as he/she really is, not what he/she looks like.

50 to 75: almost like brothers/sisters

Maybe you have grown up as a solo child, but you know you will always have a brother/ sister. You share everything and love each other a lot, but still, keep a bit of intimacy and some dark secrets to yourselves. Family at its best!

75 to 100: soulmates

Are you sure you are two different people? You are so faithful to each other that you both would cancel your own plans, risk everything and swallow your pride to make the other one happy. You are very lucky!