How To Attract a Capricorn Man?

Capricorn is an Earth sign, and therefore very practical, calculated and sometimes reserved. They are rarely spontaneous and need to plan every step ahead. Before actually doing something, they will go over the scenario in their heads for several times and make sure there is no room for failure. This is a Capricorn’s biggest fear, so they are very dedicated to success. This dedication can sometimes make them selfish, and it can cause them to loose touch with people.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

Despite their appearance, Capricorns are loyal friends. They can be old-fashioned sometimes, but the reason is that they value honesty and trust. They will rarely reveal their emotions to others than friends, which is why it is easy to conclude they are arrogant and somewhat cold. On the other hand, they are selfless, and would do anything to help their friends.
Capricorns are extremely self-assured, or at least, that is what they try to present to other people. They are full of energy and strive towards great things. Usually, they are not very creative or artistic, but you can be surprised what a Capricorn is able to do.

In relationships, Capricorns are highly complex. It is not easy to approach them, and certainly not easy to understand them. Here are some several ways that can attract, and keep a Capricorn.

How To Seduce A Capricorn Man

Capricorn takes relationships very seriously. They do not easily engage in a short-term relationship, and they like to see a future with a person before actually indulging in something. That is why it is important to avoid all games and be honest. Show him that you like him. This will surprise him, and will make him think about you. While doing this, try to hide any doubts or fears- Capricorns do not like insecure and weak people. They like people who can take control in life and get what they want. So, be brave and don’t waste time.

Be Mysterious

Capricorns are usually very self-assured. Therefore, they think highly of themselves and seek something beyond ordinary. They believe they deserve something special, different, so they will probably fall in love with a person who knows exactly how and when to show or hide something from him. In a conversation with a Capricorn man, do not reveal too much about yourself, because he enjoys a good riddle. If you deprive him of the privilege of “reading you” on the first date, he will feel challenged to “solve” you, and will definitely ask you out again.

Go Slowly

While in approaching him it is best to be fast- in relationships it is sometimes better to slow down. Capricorns tend to hide their feelings, not because they don’t have any, but because they are afraid of getting hurt. The reason they hide their feelings is the fear of failure, which is a Capricorn’s general trait, and this applies to the love life, too. Being abandoned, cheated, and hurt equals to failure in their eyes. So, do not go very fast, especially in the beginning of the relationship. It is best not to force love statements, because a Capricorn man prefers actions instead of words. He will be thrilled if you show him how much he means to you, instead of saying it. Let him control the pace of the relationship. If you hurry him, he will feel trapped, and will probably try to avoid you the next few days, or maybe -for good.

Make Him Laugh

Capricorns value a good sense of humor. They have a rare, somewhat weird sense of humor, and they are difficult to please in that way because they will not laugh easily. If you want to share a joke with a Capricorn man, make sure he will like it. Make sure you have a joke just right for him. Observe what he finds funny, and then plan your move.

Make Him Feel Safe

Capricorns do not take a risk without a plan B. Therefore, they do not expose themselves unless they are certain that there would be no consequences. Show him that you are “safe to be around”. Show him that you will not judge him because of a secret he shared with you, or that you will not abandon him because you found out he is not perfect. Capricorns are great listeners, so wait for a good moment, maybe a late night conversation, and share a secret, a weird habit, or a desire with him. He will appreciate that and he will respond appropriately.

Connect Intellectually

A Capricorn man usually has a complex view of the world and its troubles, so he enjoys a good debate. In a relationship, a Capricorn man loves to connect intellectually, he loves being able to discuss different things that concern him. Do not worry if you don’t share the same opinion as he, he likes when people disagree with him because he will appreciate your honesty and your brave attitude. Just don’t try to convince him to change his beliefs, because a Capricorn man is extremely stubborn, and will never do that. Even if he eventually sees that you are right, he will never admit it. He will keep defending his belief no matter what.

Cook for Him

Every man loves food, and Capricorns adore it. They have a passion for cooking and enjoying the food. They are true hedonists in that way. They are also very conventional and believe cooking skills are necessary. If you surprise a Capricorn man with a simple dinner with no reason at all, he will be speechless. He will appreciate the effort and the dedication more than the food, and precisely this will make the food even more delicious than it really is. It doesn’t even have to be a dinner, it can be a desert, or simple scrambled eggs and a coffee. He will undoubtedly return the favor.

Capricorns have an appetite for life. They are wonderfully complicated. Despite their stubborn attitude, their obsession with success, and their trust issues once you win his heart, he will be the most faithful boyfriend. They will prove that you have made the right choice.