How to Make a Girl Jealous

Whether you are trying to hook up with that attractive girl at the bar or spice up your relationship, jealousy can be a powerful tool in your arsenal as you are playing the game of seduction and love. In today’s complex and complicated world, it is essential to know how to make a girl jealous. With it comes great power. You could make girls want you more and make them work harder to get you. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Although each individual is unique in his or her own way, men all over the world have managed to understand why do girls get jealous and turn this to their advantage. Without even knowing, you might have done this yourself. Maybe, that’s how you won your girlfriend’s heart or picked up that gorgeous lady the last time you went clubbing.

How to make a girl jealous

As a disclaimer, you should know that it doesn’t matter who the girl is. She could be your wife, girlfriend, work colleague, or a complete stranger. Any woman on this planet can become jealous, and this can be a great tool in your advantage if you want to get laid or simply win her heart.

Without further ado, let’s dive in the most frequent tactics for making her jealous, and how could you use these to your advantage.

Talk with other girls

Women are mysterious creatures, and jealousy is one of those trigger points that can be activated in many simple yet amazing ways. In their quest of finding the perfect partner, women become highly competitive and will begging to see in any other female out there a potential competitor. Yes, that goes for your mother, sister or your next-door neighbor. At a conscious level, she knows that your mother is simply your mother. However, in her subconscious, hell is released anytime you interact with another female.

How could you use this to your advantage? If you already have a girlfriend, but the relationship is becoming more and more monotonous, starting to talk with other women will pull off the jealousy trigger. This means that she will instinctively start working harder on her relation – whether out of pure competition or simply because she might fear that she might lose you.

Moreover, the tip of the iceberg would be to see you with other girls, in an accidental manner. Let her see you have coffee with colleagues. Or let her see you have a small talk with other girls at the club. Simply just let her see you around other women, without her “permission.” That will drive her insane.

Jealousy can do wonders even when you are downtown for a beer pint or clubbing. Unlike your girlfriend, making a new girl feel jealousy might sound like a hard task. However, it shouldn’t take long before she develops enough interest in you. Talk with her, act confident and use body language to your advantage. Seeing that you are a confident guy, who has some interest in her, will be enough to make her jealous of competition. After that, take some of the attention away from her, and focus it on someone else. What would be the best scenario, for you, be out of this is if she came with a girl friend at the club. Who knows? Maybe you could persuade the two of them to fight over you. That will get things going for you, and eventually land you in one of the two’s bed tonight.

Talk about girls – again and again

There doesn’t need to be real competition in order to make her jealous. This is one of the important aspects of knowing how to make her jealous. Most of the time, potential competition is just in her head. An example would be when you are chatting in the morning with your next-door neighbor. The neighbor might be hot, but you don’t have any real intentions with her. However, in your girlfriend’s subconscious, the next-door female is a threat to her own well-being.

How to make your girlfriend jealous, knowing that a lot of things are happening in her head? Well, one simple way into playing the jealousy game to talk about other girls, as often as you can. This will bring a lot of questions into her head. She will begin building scenarios in her head about you cheating on her. What will you gain from all this? Of course, a loving girlfriend who will start working harder to win your heart, and a girlfriend who will start working harder in bed, too.

Keep in mind not to go too far with this technique. She could be convinced that the game is over, and that you have already found someone else. In the worst case, she might think that you are frustrated and the relationship isn’t going in the right direction, and dump you. When talking about other girls, context is the key. Don’t just bring other girls into discussion because there’s nothing better to talk about. You could, for example, talk about how your best childhood friend is such a great person. Or about what a nice and hard-working girl is your new colleague. Mentioning other females, in a natural way, will start making changes in her subconscious.

Play the bad-boy role with her

There are many theories out there on why girls are attracted to “assholes.” And it doesn’t matter much right now who is right and who is wrong. All you need to know at this moment is that being one can leverage jealousy to your advantage. What do we mean by “being an asshole”? Simply that you have that I-don’t-care attitude around her. And what should you do? You could simply call her less frequently than you used to at the beginning, see her less than you used to, be less enthusiastic than you used to – be more aloof!

This is a powerful technique if you want to make girls jealous, and it’s not limited to your girlfriend. Women’s reaction in general to this attitude is simply astonishing. Why wouldn’t you use it to your own advantage?

Appear less enthusiastic the next time you go out with her, and even call her less. This will make her want you even more because she is feeling as if she is losing something important in her life. With other women, you can use this technique to seem calm and confident around them. Moreover, make them feel like they are not in the center of attention will trigger them into trying to change the way you act.

Use modern communication technology to you advantage

Of course, in the era of iPhones, Androids and free Internet, knowing how to use technology to your advantage is as important as knowing how to make her jealous in real life. This advice works best for long-distance relationships. However, it’s also applicable if you live in the same town. What should you do in this case? As mentioned earlier in the article, don’t call her often, reply hard to her messages, as well as talk via phone about how nice and interesting is your new female co-worker. (Eventually, you could send a selfie with the two of you. That will make her go insane.) On the phone, you could also hold her call, telling that you’d just received an important call. This will make her feel unwanted and jealous of whoever is that you are talking with.

Like any of the advice delivered in this article, it is important to remember not to overdo it. Make her jealous once in a while, but surely don’t overdo it. There might be bad consequences if you never take her calls or if you always talk about other girls.

Bottom life

Knowing how to make a girl jealous is an important thing in the game of love and seduction. There are many ways in which you could do it, and we’ve just presented some of the basic ones: talk with girls, talk about girls, be the bad boy.

As mentioned earlier, it is important not to cross the line. Boundaries vary from person to person. Although you want to make her jealous in order to bring some passion into your monotonous relationship or to hook up with her, overdoing it will surely kill any chance you have with her.

Now get out there and start using these great tips on your girlfriend, girl friends, and potential hook-up partners. Triggering their jealousy maneuver will spice up the game of love and romance.