Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

If you are shy, you would be always haunted by questions like, “Do guys like shy girls?” The answer is “YES.” Guys do like shy girls for many reasons, but most of all, because this attribute makes him feel protective about the girl – an attribute that is inbuilt in the man’s psyche.

Though in the modern world, men and women are supposed to be treated as “equals”, inherently men are expected to be the providers and protectors, while women, the care givers and nurturers of the family and home.

The shyness of the girl ignites this particular and very basic trait in men, and they love the feeling. In addition, there are many other reasons why men find shy girls very attractive. Here are the top 10 for a quick reference.

10 Top Reasons Why Men Like Shy Women

Many men find bold and strong women emasculating. They admire them at work, as buddies, as team players, but would not be comfortable to have them in the role of girlfriend or life partner.

Do Guys Like Shy Girls

For these men, “shyness” becomes the main attribute they look for in a woman when seeking romantic relationships, because it allows them to be in control; they feel in-charge, without having to fight for it. Studies carried out on this  aspect identified 10 important reasons why “shyness” is seen as a positive  trait by most men.

  1. Shy Is Synonym With Feminine– shyness is a characteristic used almost interchangeably with womanly. It seems a natural characteristic for a woman, because it implies fragility and innocent beauty.
  2. Shyness Symbolizes Innocence– to most men, shyness is seen as innocence and purity of heart and mind. They are irresistibly attracted to shy women, because they come across as innocent and uncorrupted by the “ugly world.”
  3. Shy Women Are Becoming A “Rare Breed”– in today’s world where women walk shoulder to shoulder with men in all walks of life, “chivalrous men” and “shy women” are fast disappearing breeds. Chivalrous men are gone, because women feel they can take care of themselves; and shy women, because women feel that if they are shy, men will not take them seriously. Being a rarity, the shy woman becomes inadvertently a “great catch”.
  4. Shy Women Look Mysterious– it is an established fact that men love a little mystery in their women. It adds a challenge element, which is both intriguing and alluring; there is something to look for, a puzzle to solve. As the girl warms up to him, he feels like he has won her heart, mind, and trust.
  5. Shy Women Are More Romantic– being shy could also mean they are not initiated in love, which is quite a thrilling concept for men. First love is powerful and beautiful; every man dreams of finding a girl who looks at him as “her first love, her knight is shining armor.” This makes shy girls irresistible to men.
  6. Shy Women Talk Less– women are known for their ability to talk a lot – not many men see this as a positive attribute.  Some men prefer it the other way around. To these men, a shy woman is very appealing, because she talks less and listens more.
  7. Shy Women Are More Intense– some believe shy women love more intensely, as they are very serious about everything they do. Hence, it is perceived that when they fall in love they will totally commit to the relationship.
  8. Shy Girls Are Awkward in Love– there is an awkwardness that walks hand in hand with shyness, which many men find appealing. The goofiness of a shy girl is often seen as sweet and fascinating. Men feel attracted to this imperfection, because it indicates inexperience in love, and this is one area where most men like to lead. With no competition, it is easier to establish themselves as the best.
  9. Shy Women Would Not Argue Too Much– common belief says that most women are argumentative by nature. There is no guarantee that the shy woman would not acquire this talent later, yet this is one of the top reasons men like shy women.
  10. Shy Girls Look More Beautiful– some men find confident and assertive women very appealing; others find shy women attractive. The body language of a shy girl, the delicate movements, the lowered eyes, timid smile and so on, combine to make an irresistible package to men who find vulnerability the most striking attribute.

Do Guys Like Quiet Girls? Yes, Indeed – 5 Tips to Increase Your Appeal

Whether you are shy or want to look shy to attract your dream man, here are a few tips that will help you:

  1. Confidence and Shyness Are Not Opposites– shyness does not mean you come across as a person with low confidence or low self-esteem. Confidence at work and shy in romantic matters is a combination few men can resist.
  2. Talking Less Is Good – try letting him speak most. Men love talking about themselves and often admire women who can patiently listen to their banter.
  3. Choose Your Wardrobe to Enhance Shyness– revealing outfits would look out of place on a shy woman. This does not mean you dress in Victorian style; however, it would be good if you do not show too much skin or cleavage.

When “Shy” Is Not Attractive – 3 Points to Remember

  1. Needy and Clingy Behavior– Yes, guys like shy women, but they are repelled by needy and clingy girls. No man likes a girl who keeps running to him for everything.
  2. Do Not Be a Pushover– shyness is appealing when it looks like innocence. It loses its appeal when the girls seem like a pushover. Men find it difficult to respect a woman who cannot respect herself.
  3. “Shy” Does Not Mean “Boring”– you can be shy and interesting at the same time. Allowing him to do most of the talking at the date and encouraging him to share his thoughts and feelings is beautiful.