How To Attract A Pisces Woman

A Pisces is a person born between 19th of February and 20th of March. This is the second sun sign of the zodiac. This is a water sign ruled by Neptune.

How To Attract a pisces woman

What Type of a Woman is the Pisces?

The Pisces woman is passionate, sensitive and mysterious. She is a romantic at heart and dreamer in mind. She has a deep artistic bent of mind that is natural and inborn. She is gentle and often deeply spiritual. You will find lending a helping hand to friends and complete strangers with equal fervor and commitment.

The Pisces woman is by nature extraordinarily curious and intuitive. Depending upon her mood, she is either totally quiet and restrained in social gatherings or the one who ensures that everybody at the party is having a good time. She often puts the needs of others before her and gets hurt easily.

The Pisces woman is a dreamer. She is looking for fireworks and magic in her love life. She is a total romantic at heart and therefore totally believes in love and the “live happily ever after” tag. She can move the earth for her man when she is in love.

What Does A Pisces Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

Because she is gentle and caring, many make the mistake to think she is weak or a person who can easily be fooled. Nothing can be further than truth. Though Pisces loves to be in love, they never give themselves one hundred percent. This woman would keep a tiny percent of her heart ready for heartbreak. If she feels she is treated unfair, she can walk away without as much as a backward glance and start her life afresh – without you – without blinking an eye.

Pisces is a born actor. She can play the air of mystery round her to perfection and have you mesmerized by her sensual personality in no time. She has a knack of blocking you out if and when she dislikes any particular aspect. If you are out to impress her check out what she likes in a man:

  • Sensitive and emotional – while she admires the macho me, for the Pisces woman to be attracted to a man, he should be sensitive and not be ashamed or afraid to show his emotions. She can become deeply attracted to a man who shows empathy to the people and animals around him.
  • Dreamer – this woman loves to dream. She will always have some plan or other running in her mind that would be mostly about how to have her own house and security for her family. She is looking for a man, who is well read and practical, but is not afraid to dream big – and especially share her dreams and help her achieve them.
  • Magnetic personality – good looks are very important to the Pisces woman, but more than that they appreciate a man who knows where he is going. She needs a man who is versatile enough to dream with her, yet he should be able to design and follow a concrete goal in life. She will also expect her man to be able to protect her and her children in time of need.
  • Easygoing – the Piscean woman is easygoing and wants this quality in her man as well. While she can and is capable to earn her livelihood on her own steam and be quite successful in building a powerful career, this woman would rather stay at home and take care of her family. She appreciates very much the ability a man to maintain a good work balance.
  • Humorous and creative – this woman loves humor. She can laugh at herself and her people non-stop. She expects that you do the same. Laughter is a very important component in the life. Her man should be able to laugh with her and himself; never at herself. A witty banter and slow smile would be something that will attract her to you.

What Does A Pisces Woman Not Like In A Man?

There is little the Pisces woman truly dislikes because she is gentle with everyone’s fault and quick to forgive and forget. Nonetheless, there are a few aspects that will put her off instant.

  • Flirting – the Pisces woman does not like flirting. She is a fairy tale romantic and looks for romance and courtship. For her, flirting is almost vulgar and insulting. She’d expect a man who likes her to woo her with flowers and gifts. Any type of flirting would send her running away from you.
  • Too serious about life – this woman is a dreamer. She can slip into a world of her making any time of the day. She is hugely put off by anyone who is through and through practical and logical. She is looking for a man who understands that life is only as serious as you make it and is reasonably laid back about stuff in general.

How To Seduce A Pisces Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

The Pisces woman is sensuous, beautiful inside and out, and always eager to please. She genuinely wants everyone to be happy and get along together well. She will be willing to go to any extent to ensure that you are happy and feel good. Even so, when it comes to romance, she will be guarded and believes that every person has a soulmate. To win her heart try the following tips:

  • Whirlwind romance – this woman loves and deeply believes in “fairy tale” style romance. You need to go all out with her – flowers, songs, chocolates, gifts, etc. She has to feel that you have eyes only for her and there is ulterior motive. She finds such attention irresistible.
  • Understand art – the Pisces woman is intrinsically tied up to art. She is hugely creative and whatever she dabbles in as a hobby or profession usually find high acclaim. Her man needs to understand art and enjoy making his home a gallery for various paints.
  • Friendly – this woman needs to know you as a friend first. It is a good idea to try making friends with those belonging to her circle. She will be flocked with friends wherever she goes. She needs her man to love making friends and especially stand with them when they are in trouble.

The Pisces woman is surprisingly lithe in the bed. She considers physical intimacy as an intrinsic part of “love” and once you have her heart she will crown you as the “king of her heart” and treat you accordingly. She is emotional, warm and gentle – and makes a dependable and nurturing life partner.