Leo and Sagittarius compatibility

Today is the turn of two Zodiac signs of fire: Leo and Sagittarius. Their compatibility is pretty good, but let’s see the main reasons.


When these two signs are together, no matter the field, they are matching two strong personalities with a lot of character, determination and desire to conquer the world together. It is pretty clear why Sagittarius and Leo can be together for a long time, right? They can be very compatible, as long as they each other’s space and territory. They both need their own dose of leadership.

They love enjoying life as much as they can, and their best way to do it is through their sense of humor. They love irony and sarcasm, and they get each other’s jokes. However, if they push too much to the other, they may go too far and spoil the relationship. Their temperament is their major weakness.

The element of fire is what keeps them so close. Both are enthusiastic, generous, confident, and they both want to live their lives in an extreme way, to the limit. All this may result very attractive for them, and the connection is often immediate.

Sagittarius and Leo are an unbeatable team, that’s for sure. They can be magnificent lovers, friends and co-workers. They are open-minded, they love traveling and live new experiences every time they have a chance.

Of course, there will be differences –nothing is perfect, right? Even if they both belong to the element of fire, Leo is a fixed sign (they need more stability and constancy in their adventures), while Sagittarius are flexible, mutable and in constant movement. This can be the reason why sometimes, their passionate relationship is very nice but not long-lasting.

Sagittarius and Leo compatibility in friendship

Sagittarius and Leo in friendship have the same goal in common: have lots of fun and have a great time together and with other people. They will be awesome travelers and they will live lots of adventures. They are both extrovert, independent and very active: they perfectly understand each other, but not only that. They complement and attract each other. But, how long can this friendly attraction last?

At first, Sagittarius can be fascinated by Leo’s self-confidence and self-esteem, but this first impression only lasts for a while. Later on, they will not admire Leo anymore. And we all know that people born under the symbol of Leo are often too vain and require lots of admiration.

The thing that Leo enjoy the most with Sagittarius as friends is how much they can laugh together. Everything can be a joke for Sagittarius and Leo people love it, even when the lion is mad for something. Sagittarius know how to make someone smile –if they share their sense of humor.

But, as always, the danger comes when someone crosses the line. If a Sagittarius is not joking but mocking, he/ she can hurt Leo’s feelings. And there is not a comeback from there.

In conclusion: as long as Leo keeps his /her vanity for themselves and Sagittarius is not a jester, they can be very best friends.

Leo and Sagittarius compatibility in love

We have seen that Leo and Sagittarius in relationship as friends can last forever if they are not extremists and they respect each other. Moreover, this friendship can turn into a love affair or a long-lasting marriage. Being friends first allows them to adjust to each other and understand each other much better.

Sagittarius and Leo in love are a pretty good match, that maybe is not perfect, but, what is the definition of perfect? Their story will be ruled by the tendency of domination of Leo and the desire for freedom of Sagittarius.

A Leo will be delighted by Sagittarius being their better half, their alter ego, the person with whom they can talk for hours. They have a similar opinion on almost any topic and they fulfill each other’s needs and make their plans real. Maybe, in the long run, their conversations tend to be a bit boring because they don’t hide anything from each other, so there’s nothing new to tell! But both are very imaginative so that shouldn’t be a big issue.

Sagittarius and Leo in relationship face a huge obstacle: they both have a lot of ego and concerns / interests in many things, and they won’t forget them easily. Being happy as a couple depends on how much they respect each other.

They will face many discussions and confrontations because of that, but they can make it work if they overcome the constant disputes over freedom and dominance. Again, they have a very strong personality, they need their personal spaces, they do not tolerate any kind of control, and they hate and refuse any imposition. For example, if Leo tries to control and manage Sagittarius’ life, Sagittarius will not even listen to what Leo says, they may just smile and do whatever they wanted to do in a first instance.

We have talked about their need for freedom, but what about commitment?

Leo are known for their loyalty and they take their relationships very seriously, as well as their feelings for the other person. They never cheat (even that they like flirting sometimes). On the other hand, Sagittarius are not that serious, and they love flirting, more than the lion: the risk of being unfaithful is very high.

If a Leo sees a Sagittarius flirting or doing something wrong for his / her pride and tries to take control over Sagittarius, that may be the end. Sagittarius will feel trapped and will easily run away.

Another thing they need to overcome is the lion’s stubbornness, which is not a lesser problem.

When Leo think that they are right about something or the way of doing something, there are no other options. They don’t think that other people may be right as well or that there are different points of view. There is just one opinion: Leo’s opinion. Sagittarius is the most optimistic Zodiac sign and people born under this sign see many solutions to one problem.

Their economic stability can be negatively affected because they are both very impulsive and they like to spend money on unnecessary stuff. This can be a source of problems: money or family budget.

If they are able to overcome their differences, they can be a great couple. There is nothing impossible, and the optimism of Sagittarius and Leo’s passion can make a very affectionate match.

Sagittarius and Leo at work

These two Zodiac signs have great compatibility between them and this is why they can enjoy any possible relationship between them. Nothing is impossible with these two. They are people who can be whatever they want, and together they will have a lot of luck in life, because they will be able to get, with lots of effort, anything that they imagine.

When they are together at work, their relationship is very beneficial. They can reach more goals when they are together than individually because they understand each other and encourage each other to work at full speed.

Photo source: Abouthoroscope