How To Approach Women: Best Ways To Approach Girls

You need to understand that a woman is not seduced by your muscles, your money, your success, your adventurous spirit, your jokes or your job position. The thing that allows you seduce women is the way you use any of those things, in case that you have one or more of those attributes. If you don’t, don’t worry. There are many techniques and tips on how to approach girls, and any man can use it with or without previous experience.

How To Approach Women

You have to believe in you. Every man has something that makes him different from others, something that gives you an advantage in the game of love. So, you just need to find out what that thing is, use it for your own benefit and to conquer women.

The best way to approach a girl is during the daytime

The game during the day is one of the best, much better than at nighttime. This basically means that it is easier to approach girls and having a conversation with them during the daytime, in a bookshop, waiting for the bus or at the supermarket, for example.

Why is it better during the day?

  • At night, women have their defenses very high because they know that many men are going to talk to them. This helps them to increase their ego, as many men beg for their attention.
  • During daytime, they don’t expect to be approached by strangers and their reaction is often of surprise and generally pretty positive. Only 1% of men approach girls during the day, and that makes you more valuable to her eyes. You have already make a difference among other men.
  • At night, in bars or pubs, women are on high alert and most of the times they’ll be surrounded by their group of friends, a difficult barrier to trespass.
  • And of course, there are not only friends around but other potential lovers. Men that are taller, richer, more handsome and more seductive than you. All these things work against you and your intentions on how to approach a girl you like.

How can be overcome all these difficulties at nightclubs?

Pretty easy: learn how to approach random girls during the daytime.

Best way to approach a girl

There is not only ONE best way to approach a girl you like. Instead of this, there are many tips that you may follow in order to be successful in the art of seduction. Remember that approaching a girl is the first step!

Avoid stereotypes

Maybe your best pal has an infallible technique to approach girls, and it never fails (or at least that’s what he says). He learned it from TV, so it must be true, you may think. But you need to understand that if something works for some people, it doesn’t mean it has to work with you at all. Some guys defend that the best way to approach a girl you like is by making her laugh. But what if you don’t know any joke? Maybe this technique is not for you! Others may use very fancy clothes, but what if you don’t feel comfortable with them?

Find your own way!

Do not use the same expressions or pick-up lines as other men

You don’t need a script that teaches you how to approach women. If she is stunningly beautiful she has probably heard all the typical pick-up lines you can think of, such us “What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?” or “Do you study or work?”

Try to find something more original, whether romantic, funny or nerd –that depends on you and the kind of girl you wanna reach. Make her hear something different and you’ll have her attention.

Overall, be self-confident

The game of approaching a girl that you fancy (as a girlfriend or just one-night stand) starts from the moment that you enter in her visual field (o she enters into yours). Until you talk to her there are many things you need to take into account so you don’t mess up all the seduction technique. Probably, even before you say your first word, she has already decided to give you an opportunity or to politely reject you.

Why did she make that decision without knowing you? Well, it is easy: body language. Everything that you physically show to her tells how self-confident, decided and adventurous you are. For example, your reaction when she looked at you, your facial expression, your smile or your way of walking.

Try to have a good time –even if you are rejected!

Did you know that the creators of the successful game “Angry Birds” was the result of a big series of previous failures? The developers were almost broke and this was their last chance. So, even if their previous projects were rejected, they kept trying with illusion. So, the same happens when you try to figure out how to approach girls: take a rejection as a part of the process.

The point is that you must have a great time flirting with girls and learn why things didn’t work out so next time you don’t make the same mistake. Relax and enjoy the moment: everything is easier than you think!

How to approach random girls on the street?

When you see a beautiful woman that instantly attracts you and you want to approach her, just go. Yes, walk to her directly in her direction with no hesitation. You must walk with confidence, with your head up, parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight and make sure that your body position is secure and strong.

That is how your first encounter should be. Once you are in front of her, keep the attitude: you need to break the ice by saying something:

  • Funny
  • Interesting (at least for her)
  • Focused on her (if you know her a bit, something she likes; if she is a random girl, something she is wearing)
  • That doesn’t really show your interest in her
  • That makes you like a funny guy without fear of laughing about himself

One of the biggest mistakes that men do when approaching women is that they talk too much about themselves. So, if you do the opposite and let her talk about her passions, her interests, her hobbies, her plans, her feelings or her past, you are already in advantage, because you are generating empathy from the very beginning.

And never forget that this encounter must end with a phone number! Otherwise, you can’t go to the next level.

How to approach women: DON’TS.

So, as always, there are certain things that one man should never do –or avoid as much as he can- when trying to find the best way to approach a girl. Pay attention!

  • Don’t be negative. Do not criticize, do not judge, and do not say sad things. People, girls and boys, they all want to have a good time, laugh and enjoy the moment.
  • Don’t be presumptuous. Don’t show off about yourself, your job, your money or your belongings.  If you are that great don’t tell her, she’ll discover it by herself.
  • Don’t say bad things about other people: this shows your inferiority complex.
  • Never, ever, ever badmouth your ex-girlfriends. If you do so, she may think you’ll talk behind her back if things don’t go well between you two.
  • Don’t say that you don’t like kids or pets. Women try to find men (most of the times unconsciously) that would perfectly fit as a father and a husband. So shut up.
  • Don’t show any lack of respect towards her for being a woman. This includes sexist comments, actions or jokes: it will make you look like a fool.
  • Do not flatter her all the time, because she’ll be tired of it if you do it too often. A compliment once in a while is good, but if you exaggerate it won’t be any longer attractive, just sickeningly sweet.
  • Don’t be rude. If you want to say something nice to her about her, try to talk about her eyes, her mouth, her intelligence or her sense of humor.
  • Don’t say goodbye, leave your number and tell her to call you. She won’t do it. Ask her phone number and call her right there so she has yours on her phone. Don’t be surprised if she calls you first!
  • Never say that you like her on your first date: that’s for beginners! This is a typical mistake that many men do, as they get very excited and they cannot control their emotions towards the girl that is in front of them. Please, play it cool and say “I love you” when she accepts to be your girlfriend, not before!
  • Never make her think that you doubt on anything that she says or anything related to her –even if you are really doubting!