20 fun things to do with your boyfriend!

If you’re looking for unique activities to keep your date nights fresh, simply continue reading to discover a variety of fun activities to try out. After all, no matter how long you’ve been dating, it’s important to spend quality time bonding with your boyfriend.

20 fun things to do with your boyfriend:

1. Geocaching

If you’re interested in having an adventure in the great outdoors, you can use GPS co-ordinates to hunt down hundreds of thousands of hidden treasure chests or caches, which are hidden world wide. If you’re curious, visit www.geocaching.com for more information.

2. Play a board game

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If you have a competitive streak why not challenge your boyfriend to play your favorite board game. Alternatively, if you’re in a long distance relationship, why not visit a website like www.casualarena.com, where you can compete against your boyfriend, no matter how many miles separate you.

3. Sign up for a fun cooking class

If you want to be able to enjoy restaurant quality dishes from the comfort of your own home, it’s well worth signing up for a cooking class, with your boyfriend. You’ll be sure to bond over learning how to create new dishes such as home made pasta and tasty dumplings.

4. Visit a local vineyard

If you’re looking for a romantic destination for a date, why not visit a nearby vineyard for a bit of wine tasting? You can even enjoy a fresh, gourmet lunch, which your waiter will be able to match with the perfect wine.

5. Spend the night camping together

When was the last time you slept under the stars? If you plan a date around a camping trip, you’ll be able to roast smores under the stars and cuddle up in a tent for two. If you’re not interested in roughing it, make sure to pack an air bed and a couple of plush pillows.

6. Stand up paddle boarding

If you love spending time at your local beach or lake, why not hire a couple of SUP boards and try your hand at stand up paddle boarding? Just remember not to laugh too hard if your boyfriend falls off his board.

7. Movie marathon

If you’re on a budget why not stay in and enjoy a movie marathon? Why not introduce your boyfriend to two of your favorite films and ask your boyfriend to choose two movies, that you’ve never seen? Also make sure to stock up on your favorite snacks such as pop corn.

8. Recreate your very first date

If you’re feeling a tad bit nostalgic, why not recreate your very first date? As an example, if you went out to dinner at a local restaurant and then enjoyed a moonlit stroll together, why not return to the restaurant, where you first fell in love?

9. Make a time capsule

Fill a time capsule with mementos of the fun times you’ve spent together. As an example, you may want to include concert tickets, tickets from sports games you attended together and a variety of loved up photographs. You can even include Valentine’s Day cards and love letters.

10. Host a dinner party for your closest friends

Why not work together to create a fun filled evening that your friends will never forget? After dinner, why not split up into teams of couples and play games such as charades and Pictionary?

11. Attend a dance class

One way to get up close and personal with your boyfriend is sign up for a Latin or ballroom dance class. As an added benefit, once you perfect your moves you’ll be able to impress your family and friends at upcoming weddings and parties. After your class, why not go out for a drink to celebrate?

12. Thrift store makeover

For a bit of a laugh, why not see who can purchase the most stylish outfit from a thrift store? As an example, you may want to set yourselves a $20 or $30 limit. Alternatively, why not pick an outfit out for each other?

13. Build a sandcastle

Why not unleash your inner children, by building your dream sandcastle? Just remember to create a moat around your castle, to protect your imaginary villagers. Alternatively, you may want to create life size sculptures of both you and your boyfriend. Complete with seaweed hair styles.

14. Send each other hand written love letters

Whilst it’s so easy to send each other messages on a social media app, nothing compares to the feeling of reading a hand written love letter. Why not spend an afternoon writing each other love letters, which you can then post to each other by snail mail? You can even post a handmade gift such as a leather bracelet or a bookmark with your letter.

15. Embark on a day trip

Why not hop on a train or a ferry and visit a nearby city for the day? Make sure to take plenty of selfies together to commemorate your fun day out.

16. Visit a karaoke bar

If your boyfriend fancies himself as a bit of a rockstar, why not visit a local karaoke bar and belt your favorite tunes out? If you’re feeling nervous, just order a drink or two, in order to build up the courage that you need to sing a duet with your main squeeze.

17. Play dress up at a costume store

Why not spend the afternoon trying on a wide array of costumes and making your own video montage of all of the costumes that you try on. Better yet why not try on couples’ costumes such as Beauty and the Beast and Superman and Wonder Woman.

18. Visit a driving range

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be able to play golf to visit a driving range. All you have to do is learn how to hit a tee shot. Why not see if you can out drive your boyfriend?

19. Pack a picnic

When was the last time, you enjoyed a romantic picnic with your boyfriend? Why not visit a local bakery or delicatessen to fill your picnic basket with a variety of scrumptious treats. Also make sure to pack a picnic blanket, which you can lie on.

20. Feed the local ducks

Purchase some bird food from your local pet store and feed the ducks at your local park or lake. Just avoid feeding ducks bread as they find it hard to digest.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start working your way through each of the 20 fun filled date activities listed above?