40 Female Body Language Signs She Likes You

It can be difficult at times to discern if a woman really likes you or not. Is she actually attracted to you, or is she just being polite? Most single men would like to find out before they make a fool of themselves. One of the best ways to determine this is through the body language of women.

Here are 40 female body language signs that she really likes you.

#1. It’s in the hair.

Does your favorite girl touch her hair when she talks to you? Or, does she toss her hair? These clues are especially important when there is no reason for her to do it, except to attract your notice.

#2. She touches other parts of her body.

Does she rub her arm for no reason, or smooth down her dress when talking to you? Generally women who touch themselves due to an itch or to fix their clothing do it discreetly, so if she’s doing it right in front of you, chances are she’s trying it to draw your attention to her body.

#3. A seductive gaze.

Does she hold your gaze and not look away? Perhaps she is raising her eyebrows while narrowing her eyes. Other clues may be if she has a facial expression of pleasure on her face. She may also be gazing at you and blinking rapidly, or even blinking slowly. Compare her look to those of women who have no interest in your at all.

#4. She plays with her hair.

This goes beyond touching her hair. Playing with one’s hair signifies femininity. If she twisting it around her fingers she’s trying to draw your attention to her. It could also be an indication that she’s getting bored, so you’d better do something to spark her interest.

#5. She looks invitingly at your drink.

If you’re holding a drink and she doesn’t have one, she may be looking at your drink because she wants you to buy one for her. This is the perfect opportunity to ask if you can get one for her.

#6. She removes an article of clothing.

If it appears cool where you are but she removes her jacket or sweater, it may mean that she’s getting hot for you. You may also wish to take notice if she pulls her sweater or sweatshirt over her head, to remove a cute little camisole top underneath.

#7. She stares at you from across the room.

Are you in a room full of people but always catching her looking at you? Perhaps she’s just staring and smiling. If she’s not looking at anyone else, it’s a pretty good indication that she is only interested in you.

#8. Back arching.

Lifting up the head and straightening the shoulders has the effect of making the breasts more prominent, and elongates her physique, including the legs. Of course it’s possible she’s just stretching because she’s getting stiff, so you’ll want to add this one to your list of possible clues.

#9. Seductive looks over her shoulder.


It’s easy enough to turn and look at someone, but if she is lifting her shoulder and looking over it, particularly with a seductive look, she may just like you. If she’s been doing it more than once, perhaps it’s time to take notice. Do the same move back to her and see if she repeats the shoulder look.

#10. She reaches out to touch you.

People don’t touch people they don’t like. So, if a girl touches you, you’ll know for certain that she likes you. You may also wish to pay attention to whether she does this to others or not, as some people are touchy-feely with everyone. But if it’s just you, this is a great sign she likes only you.

#11. She does duck lips.

She may or may not be doing this consciously, but if she is sticking her lips out in that familiar duck pose that women do in selfies, she may just be hoping that you give her a kiss.

#12. Crossing and uncrossing the legs.

You can probably ignore the first one or two leg crossings as likely she’s trying to get into a comfortable position. But if she is doing this repeatedly, she may be doing it intentionally so you get a good look at her legs.

#13. Her knees are pointing towards you.

If she’s sitting beside you and her knees are pointing towards you, this is another sign that she likes you.

#14. She accidentally brushes against you.

Is her arm brushing yours? Do her fingers intentionally touch yours when she is handing you something? This may be a cue that she wants you to touch her back.

#15. She giggles at your jokes.

While laughing at jokes is normal, it’s important to discern if she laughs at all your jokes, even the silly ones. And when she’s giggling is she looking you in the eyes while she’s doing it?

#16. She pushes her glass closer to yours.

This is a subtle sign that she’d really like to sit closer to you, but since you don’t know each other all that well yet, the glass will have to do.

#17. She rubs her legs and thighs.

This is another tricky body language of women, but whenever she rubs her legs or her thighs, it could be another subconscious move that indicates she wants you to touch her too.

#18. She pushes up her sleeves.

This is an indication that she wants you to touch her wrist, which can be the most sensitive part of the body to touch.

#19. She plays with her jewelry.

Is your potential GF playing with her jewelry? Perhaps she is twisting her ring around on her finger, or playing with the charms on her bracelet. She may be tugging on her necklace or tapping her earrings. These are all good signs that she’s into you.

#20. She’s doing the flirting triangle.

This is a flirting technique where she looks at your left eye, then your right eye, and then your mouth. Then she repeats the look.

#21. She is blushing.

Women can blush for many reasons. It may be due to embarrassment, or when the attention is all on them. It could also mean that they’re really attracted to you. A pink or red face can signify pleasure. Try to put it into context, as it could be you who is making her blush.

#22. She doesn’t look directly at you.

Is her face turned and she is looking up and to the side at you? This is also known as the come thither look.

#23. She gently strokes an object that is not you or her.

Is she gently stroking her coffee mug or wineglass? Perhaps she has a toy on her key chain that she is gently stroking. This is a sign that she’d like to stroke you instead.

#24. She holds a confident stance.

Women nowadays know that men like a confident woman. To do this, she’ll stand with both of her feet spread further apart than normal.

#25. She plays with her shoe.

Is she dangling her shoe from her toe? Perhaps she lets it drop off her foot completely. This is her way of being coy with you. She may also be becoming aroused, and wants to get rid of an article of clothing.

#26. She’ll expose her wrist when smoking.

When she’s smoking does she hold her cigarette in her hand with one wrist out and exposed?

#27. Her breathing increases.

It could be her cologne is giving her an asthma reaction, or perhaps her faster breathing is a sign of her attraction to you. Try not to mistake this one for anxiety either, as some women do breath faster when they are extremely nervous.

#28. She returns your eye-gazing three times or more.

Women understand that a man may not initially get their eye flirting. If they return the gazing at least three times or more, she’s trying to get the message across that she likes you.

#29. She frames her face with her hands.

Perhaps she places her elbows on the table and then she rests her face on her hands by framing them on either side of her face. This is also so she can cover any double chin and put her best face forward.

#30. She stands facing you directly.

When women aren’t sure of you they’ll have their body at an angle to yours. But when she has decided that she really likes you, she’ll turn and face you directly.

#31. She licks her lips.

Does she keep licking her lips but it’s not because she has food on them? And is she doing it while maintaining eye contact with you? This could be a way to attract your notice. She may also be doing it subconsciously.

#32. She bites her lips.

Like licking her lips, lip biting can be another seductive mood. Perhaps she wants you to bite her lips too.

#33. She smiles at you.

Smiling may seem fairly obvious, so take note how often she does it. Does she continue maintaining that smile throughout the entire conversation?

#34. Her nostrils flare.

This is usually a subconscious move that she won’t be aware of doing. But nostril flaring is a natural reaction to arousal. If it happens more than once, take note.

#35. She raises one of her hips.

While chatting with you, she may tilt one of her hips while she places her weight on one of her feet. This has the bonus of accentuating the curve of her hip.

#36. She has a seductive walk.

Have you noticed her walk before but she didn’t do that then? Her seductive walk may involve swaying her hips back and forth so they are more prominent. Girls only do that when they want to capture the interest of a certain guy.

#37. She stands closer to you.

Does it seem like one moment she’s at a normal standing or sitting position from you, and then suddenly she’s right in front of you? This is a sign that she’s becoming enthralled with you. You may have just said something funny or witty and she wants to get closer to you.

#38. She exposes more cleavage.

Have you noticed how her stretchy top seems to be exposing more cleavage? She must have surreptitiously pulled her top lower when you weren’t looking. This means that she wants you to have a closer, more intimate look at her.

#39. Triple head nods.

When she’s chatting with you, does she nod her head or is she frowning? Frowning can be seen as negative, while nodding is positive. Even better, a triple head nod can be seen as a positive way to discern if she likes you.

#40. She mimics your body’s moves.

Do you move a certain way, and then she moves the same way? Is she mimicking everything you are doing? You can even test this one out if you aren’t certain. This is her way of letting you know that you’re both really similar. It could also be her way of trying to figure you out too, which is a good thing.

It may be difficult memorizing all of these body language cues from girls and women that may reveal that she really likes you. Better yet, spot them sooner, so some other guy doesn’t ask her out first. It doesn’t matter how she may be intentionally trying to keep her cool around you either, her subconscious body cues are sure to give her away at some point. Be sure to pay attention and soon you’ll have a date for the next concert, event, or special occasion that you wanted to attend.