Cute good night texts for your love

The end of the day is one of the most crucial moments in someone’s daily life. It is, in fact, the moment where we can relax, think about what we have done during the day and make a mental plan of what you need to do on the next day. But it is also the previous moment of falling asleep and start dreaming as little babies.

A good night sleep can make our next day very positive, cheerful and productive, while a bad night sleep can make us tired, angry and very pessimist. We cannot do anything about sleeping disorders, it is something that the other person needs to fix, but keeping this (the importance of sleeping well) in our mind, how can we make happy the person we love? Is there something effective we can do?

Yes, and it is quite easy. Nowadays, the last thing we do just before closing our eyes at night is looking at our smartphone. We have to play that card and send the best and cutest good night messages to our girlfriend, boyfriend, crush or potential lover. We assure you it will make a huge difference. 100% guaranteed.

It will not only make him or her happy, but it will strengthen your relationship. And this happens because we usually dream about the last thing we see or read. Do you want to be the boy / girl of her/ his dreams or not?

If you are lucky, you may have been born with imaginative and creative skill and you don’t need anyone to tell you how to write a cute good night text. But if you are reading this, you are not probably one of these blessed people. Don’t worry, we are going to give you those goodnight texts that you need to send if you want to keep your love flame alive or you want just to make him or her sleep well.

Sweet dreams!

“Goodnight, my love” (for couples)

When you are already in a relationship, you may feel that you have many things for granted. But there is a danger with this: we can easily fall into a boring routine and the flame of our love can be extinguished. In order to avoid this and keep your boy or girl forever, you have to use your best weapons. In this case, good night messages for couples are one of the best ways to do it.


When receiving (or hearing, in case you already sleep together) a cute good night message from your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, your mind will be affected positively. We bet you that you will sleep like a baby, hugging the love of your life and securing your bonds.

  • Good night, my precious love. Even if you sleep alone today, remember that I am always by your side, my dearest love.
  • Every night I look at the stars and I think about their infinity. I believe our love is as infinite as that. Good dreams my love, I will dream with you tonight.
  • We have been together for a long time and I love you more every day. Good night honey.
  • You are the queen of the kingdom of my heart, and I hope I am your king for the rest of our lives. Good night, my love.
  • I thought that meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, but I wrong. Your love is, in fact, my reason for living. Thank you and good night, love.

Goodnight messages for the couples to be.

Starting a new relationship can be exciting and a very emotional part of our lives. But it is not always easy. Opposite to a long lasting couple, when you start dating someone you don’t really know that person and your feelings may not be as deep as you think in the first moment.

You need to be careful with the messages you send to him or her, and that is why goodnight messages for “beginners” are one of the best ways to strengthen your love affection for each other. They are sweet, not intrusive, cheerful and will make him or her smile in the distance. Try not to be too pushy, tough!

  • My days are worth if I can end them with you by my side. Good night.
  • I was looking for flowers to put them in a vase, but I found you and I put you in my heart. Sweet dreams and good night my love.
  • Relax, tomorrow will be a new day. Let your body and your mind forget about any negativity and think about how big our love is. You are my favorite person.
  • Did you know that the Moon is angry and the stars are jealous? This is because you are more beautiful than them, and they know it. Good night love.
  • I imagine my future with you every night before closing my eyes. Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.

Cute good night texts for your boyfriend/girlfriend or your crush.

Here there is a selection of cute good night texts that you can send through Whatsapp, LINE, Facebook or any other app or platform –it depends on how you two usually communicate! Texts are short, so we have to concentrate all our feelings and emotions in just a few words.


That’s not easy (how deep can love be!), and that is why we give you these messages for saying good night over the phone. They are direct, effective and will make him or her the happiest person on Earth! Take a look at our best selection of sweet goodnight messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend:

  • I like you more than pizza, and that is a hard thing to admit! Good night princess.
  • Every night that I am not with you is a lost night in the deepness of my heart. I hope we can be together soon. Good night cute thing.
  • You are my favorite person in the whole universe. Keep being as wonderful as you are. Good night!
  • I wish I was an angel so you could dream about me instead of them. Good night baby.
  • I always think about you before closing my eyes, and I spend all the night dreaming with you. Stop being in my head 24hours a day! Good night…

Goodnight short poems: I love you, good night

There are powerful romantic ballads and tender love movies, but poetry has always been the most romantic art of all of them. Despite the fact that we don’t always understand it, we can use it for our own benefit.


When we talk about short poems to say goodnight to your love, we mean easy ones, those which directly point to our feelings, our emotions, and our hearts. No one can deny the power of these romantic words, you will see!

  • Touch your heart, make a wish and close your eyes… Good night. Stars so bright, off the lights, sleep tight.
  • Good night and take a good rest, remember that I love you and you are my happiness.
  • It’s 11pm, there is no light. I wish you were sleeping by my side.
  • It is true, I don’t lie: I am happier when you say me I love you, good night.
  • You are my love, my love, and my life. I wish you a good night.

Good night quotes for him and her

We especially like this section. This is a selection of the best good night quotes for him and her. This means that these are words, expressions, and phrases that famous people said during past times. They are politicians, philosophers, poets, writers, singers or even scientists.

Talking about dreams, the night, the moon or the stars can be an awesome way to say good night to your crush. And it will show that you are a refined person, with cultural knowledge and appreciation for different kind of arts. Even if that is not really true, your image can be positively affected just by using these quotes!

  • Those who daydream are conscious of many things which escape those who dream only at night. (Edgar A. Poe)
  • I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. (Vincent Van Gogh)
  • The Moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night (Rumi)
  • You may fall asleep in the arms of a dream, so beautiful, that you will cry when you wake up in the morning (Michael Faudet)
  • Good night, good night! Parting is such sweetened sadness, that I shall say good night until it is morrow. (W. Shakespeare)

We have given you a huge selection of good night text messages, quotes, and poems to send to your crush. As you can see, you can find “Good night my love” messages for couples and goodnight famous quotes for the girl or boy you like in your class. Remember that a cute night text can make the difference between a wonderful sleep or just a normal one.

Make him or her happy by writing the best good night messages!