How To Tell If Someone Likes You – 10 Top Signs

You like someone, and you are dying to know whether he/ she likes you. How do you find out for sure? Obviously, you will not ask directly. So, how can you tell if someone really likes you? What are the signs that will tell you whether she (or he) is approachable?

Did you would know that communication is only about 10 percent verbal? The other 90 percent is a mix of body language and tone. Hence, watching out for signs that someone likes you becomes easy if you know where to look. There will be enough signs in the body language to spell it out loud and clear.

How to Know If Someone Likes You – Body Language Never Lies

Spies, police officers, army personnel, FBI officers, and intelligence personnel, among others, receive special training to read body language. No matter how much it is suppressed or masked, body language, will speak as eloquently as words to anyone who recognizes its signs.

Sometimes people are not comfortable expressing their feelings for you because:

  • it is too early and they are afraid to freak you out,
  • they fear rejection,
  • they feel they are not good enough for such a perfect person,
  • they want to be sure first.

To confirm that he/ she likes you focus on the body language, which with a little practice, will be easy enough to read.

  1. Tilts Her Head Towards You– if every time you say something, she tilts her head towards you as if trying to hear more clearly what you say, she definitely likes you.
  2. Body Is Turned Towards You – both men and women turn their bodies towards the person who interests them. This is one of the first signs they like you.
  3. Close The Distance Between the Two– both men and women try reducing the distance between themselves and the person they like. Hence, if you see him or her pushing things towards you, read this as an attempt to close the gap between the two of you. This is definitely a positive sign.
  4. Mirroring The Person– “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – Oscar Wilde. When you like a person, you pick up their habits and mirror them. For example, the way they hold a glass or cup, the way they put their hands on the table, the way they stand, etc.
  5. Touching Lightly– the other person keeps finding a reason to touch you. This touch is light and clean, like a tap on the hand while talking, or touching your back while leading you someplace, etc. It looks like the hands have a life of their own, and they keep coming back to touch you.
  6. Compliments You Every Time He/ She Sees You– if you find they always have something nice to say about you, this is a subtle way to tell you, “I like you!”

Some of the confirmatory signs are specific to each gender; check out some of the most common and easiest to catch:

She likes you if

… she touches her hair (and sometimes, face too) time and again while she talks to you. This is a subconscious gesture intended to ensure that she looks her best, while talking to the man she likes.

… she smiles a lot. Though this could be easily faked, it is still a positive sign, because she cannot keep on smiling if you are annoying her.

… she rolls up her sleeves (or attempts to roll them up). This is a subconscious way to show more skin, more of herself to you, because she likes you.

He likes you if

… you find his eyes doing the “flirting triangle”, i.e., his eyes go first to one eye of yours, then to the other, and then to the mouth as if he is drawing a triangle with his eyes. This is done subtly, as he is unconsciously checking out whether you would be okay and ready for a kiss.

… his stance is a little like that of a peacock, strutting around. Men assume the “I’d like to impress you” stance, unconsciously, when they like a woman.

… his stance reminds you of a cowboy movie. He stands with his legs slightly apart and hands in his belt or thumbs in the corners of the pocket, like he is ready to draw his gun. This is, once again, a subconscious pose to show they are in full form.

… he never mentions or looks at any other girl while he is with you. Most men have the habit of scanning for any attractive woman in the vicinity or ask you about women in your circle. If he likes you, he’ll have eyes only for you. Watch out, though; sometimes, men use this tactic to make the girl they like jealous.

… your gut feeling says so. Learn to trust your intuition. Women have it in them to “just know” when a man is interested in them. If your gut feeling says, “Yes” – listen!

How to Know If Someone Likes You – Other Telltale Signs That Say “Yes”

How To Tell If Someone Likes You (3)

Both men and women express their romantic interest in many non-verbal mannerisms, such as:

  • Talk a little longer than necessary – when they talk to you, they will keep asking questions or try to keep the conversation going a little longer, so you will be there with them a little longer. If you also like the person, do keep the conversation going.
  • Smile a lot – this is a friendly and engaging smile; it lights up the eyes and conveys loud and clear, “Oh, I am so happy to see you!” without saying one word. The smile is unmistakable, because the face of the other person literally lights up when he/ she sees you. If you like her/ him, smile the same way.
  • You Keep Meeting This Person – do you keep bumping into this person almost everywhere you go? This may be because this other person might be orchestrating this to happen. While this is a little creepy, it also says that he/ she likes you a lot to make this happen. There’s a very thin line between “one trying to bump into you through your regular hang-outs” and “one stalking you” – and you will know the difference. If it is the latter, take immediate precautions before it gets out of hand. If it is the former, it is a confirmation he/ she likes you a lot.
  • Cancels Events to Be with You – you’d observe that he/ she puts off the ringer of the phone, so he/ she could talk with you, without interruption, or he/ she refuses to go someplace where they would be due, because they are talking with you. When one cancels their plans for you, they like you! This is definitely a sign that you are liked very much.
  • Goes Out of The Way to Do Stuff for You – he or she offers to help you and does stuff for you that you have not asked or expected of them. This shows he/ she likes you and takes the extra trouble to ensure you are happy.
  • Exceptional Memory About Things Than Concern You – he/ she remembers all the stuff you tell them about you or they observed about you. For example, they’ll remember your favorite food, the way you like your coffee, the flavor of ice cream you like most, etc. They would take the trouble to remember only if they find you important enough to pay attention, find out, and remember all the small details about you.
  • Drops You a Cute Text Every Now and Then – he or she keeps dropping you a text with nice things like jokes, inspirational quotes, saying “hi”, and so on. This indicates that he or she wants to keep in touch and most likely to push the relationship to the next level as soon as it seems possible.
  • Finds A Way to Be Close to You – whether it is a group photograph or a party or work place, he or she will find a way to be close to you. The fact that they manipulate circumstances to be close to you shows they are into you very much.
  • Confirms Single Status – he or she would inadvertently mention their “single” status often, while verifying the same about you. This is a definite sign they are into you as they are making it a point to inform you that they are available, while they are ascertaining the same about you.
  • Playful Mood – you would know this person to be quite serious, but around you, he/ she would suddenly become playful, happy, and full of witty banter. This is a positive sign.
  • They Are Awkward Around You – you will find this person becomes a little goofy around you; they behave oddly, my stammer, and make silly mistakes like their minds have left them.
  • They Are Blatantly Partial to You – they will make it a point to see you have the best of all. For example, at movies with the group, he/ she will ensure you have the best seat; if there is something offered, he’d ensure you have the biggest/ best share, etc.
  • They Will Act On Your Opinion – they’ll make it a point to ask your opinion or approval when something needs done. They will take your opinion seriously and act on it. This is another sign that someone likes you. This is done subconsciously because the person is trying to become the person you like and conform to your standards.
  • They Laugh with You a Lot – they laugh with you easily. If you tell a joke or do something that is remotely funny, this person would laugh the first, hardest, and the most. This is one of the easiest ways to know if someone likes you. You will find that person to be in your corner no matter what.
  • They Are Genuinely Interested in Your Day – when he or she asks about your day, they are genuinely interested. They remember the important events, like an important presentation/ exam/ game/ etc., and they want to know how things went.
  • They Offer to Help – whenever the occasion arises, they offer to help. They always volunteer help and are extremely happy when you accept it.

Signs That Someone Does Not Like You – When You Should Know The Answer Is “NO”

You need to be tuned in to identify not only the positive signs, but also the negative ones. Just as there are signs that tell if someone likes you, there are signs that will clearly indicate he/ she is not into you.

  • Body Language Says It – if while talking with you, he/ she crosses their legs (if seated) and places hands across the chest, this is a sign they are closed against you.
  • The Words Say It – they might not be rude, but they would speak quickly as if they want to finish fast and carry on. The tone would be neutral and formal and the dialogue matter-of-fact. There would be no scope to allow any friendly vibes or personal touch.
  • Behavior Says It – they would tend to avoid you. They’ll always be busy for things that require them to be with you. They will never reply to your friendly texts, even the nicest ones. The reply to the formal ones would be limited to work only. Your phone calls would go to the machine and never returned.

It’s important that you learn to read correctly the signs that indicate whether or not someone likes you. While it is beautiful to find that the person, whom you like, likes you back, there is no reason to despair if that does not happen.

If the signs say “Yes”, build on and gradually to go to the next level. If he/ she is not interested, you need to decide whether you would pursue it further or drop it and find another person who is more likely to value you for the wonderful person you are.