How To Attract A Virgo Woman

A Virgo is a person born between the 23rd of August and 22nd of September. This is the eighth sun sign of the zodiac. As an earth sign, the Virgo is practical and logical in her action and thought.

How to attract a virgo woman

What Type of a Man is the Virgo?

The Virgo woman is intelligent, detail oriented and a born perfectionist. She can be irresistibly seductive and friendly when she turns her charm on, which is when she is not focusing on something that needs improvement around her.

She is often believed to be critical and discerning about everything and everybody. However, this is not because she love picking up faults; rather it is because she is able to notice what escapes most people’s eyes. She is neat and usually slow to give her opinion about anything.

She is constantly looking for ways to improve herself and can drive you crazy about details. However, when she is around you need not do anything, because she has thought of everything and whatever needs to be done is already done or it will be done.

What Does A Virgo Woman Find Irresistible In A Man?

The Virgo woman is difficult to please not as much because she wants perfection in her man, but because she sees her flaws too closely and always wonders whether she would be good enough for this man. It’s not that she does not love herself or looks down upon herself, but she wants to fall for the person she bests complements. It is important that when she asks what she could do for you, you give her a concrete answer. She is really asking and needs to know.

For the Virgo woman, it is always difficult to commit because she is always looking for perfection – not in the man himself as much as in the relationship. Here are the traits that will convince you are THE ONE:

  • Practical Romance – this woman loves romance, but in a more down to earth, practical way. Instead of flowers, wine and dine she’d rather have him do things for her that she requires. Find where she needs any help and get things done for her. She believed in that kind of love. She’d love to do things for you too, and you better let her do it – because that is how the Virgo shows her love.
  • Honest and candid – she is the “perfectionist” in the zodiac. Don’t ever forget that. Fortunately, she is practical enough to understand that her man would not be perfect, but she would constantly put the relationship under the microscope checking whether it is perfect. For her, “perfect” here means her ability to contribute to it. Hence, when she asks you what you see in her – tell her. She really does need to know that you love for certain reasons – and those reasons better be good. This woman needs to know – and be convinced – that you need her.
  • Confidence – she is attracted to a man who seems in control of the situation – any situation. A confident man to a Virgo,  is a man who knows what he is doing and where he is going and that is the type of man she need. A compulsive worrier, the Virgo needs to know that she – and the relationship – are in good hands.
  • Thoughtful – for Virgo love means doing something useful for the one you love. This is the only definition she knows. She may be quite clumsy when it comes to showing her love by touching, hugging and kissing – but she would be perfect is ensuring that you are comfortable in all aspects. She would ensure you have the exact food you love, the preferred brand clothes, the right pen, the right things for everything. She is forever collecting these details from what you says and do – and she will do things for you.

You need to do the same to show her you love her. Find what she needs and do it. Find what she loves and get it. The Virgo needs action more than anything else. Though she loves romance and the “I love you” part, too – this is what will make her believe you really love her.

What Does A Virgo Woman Not Like In A Man?

The Virgo does not like many things, because she is always looking for perfection in every situation and person. However, she is aware that there is no perfect man and she is willing to keep that relaxed. Her quest for perfection lies in finding a man whom she’ll complement perfectly. There are certain traits that would push her away:

  • Dreamers – the Virgo needs a man who knows where he is going in life. While she appreciates and even admires those who go through life “as it comes”, for her only a man who is practical and down to earth would do. If she finds that you are a dreamer with no concrete goals and vision in life, she will move away from you because she cannot handle the insecurity that this offers.
  • Sloppiness – the Virgo woman’s attire and surroundings at home and work are impeccable. She cannot tolerate sloppiness in any form. Unkempt look, unpunctual, dirty, “I don’t care how I look” attitude puts her off. She needs a man who respects himself enough to ensure he is well groomed, punctual and purposeful in everything he does.
  • Loud and Bullying – the Virgo is just and will give everyone his due. While she is strict with herself and everyone she loves because she wants everyone to give their best, she detests loud people and bullies.

How To Seduce A Virgo Woman: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

The Virgo woman is difficult to win over. This is not because she is picky about men, but because she keeps questioning her fit to that man. She needs to feel useful and complementary to the man she loves and she will continue to try perfect the relationship throughout her life. To attract a Virgo here are a few quick tips:

  • Put yourself into romance – look for ways to do things for her that she would appreciate. If you give her gifts, find something she really wants. She will appreciate it much more than flowers.
  • Dress to kill – she likes a man well put together. While she appreciates the tall, dark and handsome type, the man who is impeccably dressed and groomed will catch and hold her attention. Pay attention to details like proper coordination of color, accessories, etc. These are things that she notices and if found proper score big.
  • Quiet power – the Virgo woman detests loud display of power and money. If you are successful and moneyed, keep it low profile. She can be swept off her feet by quiet power. Be the silent and strong type rather than the loud and pushy and you will have attention and heart.
  • Be knowledgeable – she admires a well read man. She cannot jell with shallow people as she needs to respect a man first. You need to be knowledgeable about things going on around you and be able to hold a discussion intelligently.
  • Humor –  the Virgo woman more often than not, lacks humor. This is something that she appreciates a lot in others. Make her laugh and she will be impressed. Being the practical and logical she is, laughter is something she often misses. The man who can makes her laugh scores big with her.

The Virgo woman will always seek to improve on herself and can drive you a little crazy because you would see her as a perfect person already. Don’t stop or nag her though; this is an inherent need and cannot be helped. Instead, tell her what you would like her to do and you will help more than you think.

She is a dedicated and faithful as a life partner. In bed she is deep, but she would prefer you to take the initiative. She is a great lover, who delights in making the lovemaking perfect. Whether it is foreplay or background, she will be perfection personified; you will never have anything to complain about in this area.