How To Attract A Gemini Man

The Gemini is a person born between 21st of May and 20th of June. This is the 5th sign of the zodiac.  The Gemini man is an excellent communicator, makes friends quickly, and is extremely intelligent.

How to attract a gemini man

What Type of a Man is the Gemini?

The Gemini man is charismatic and gregarious. They are quick to make friends, but they are demanding and have drastic mood swings. He loves partying and is always on the go. You will find the Gemini man always rearing to go.

It’s not easy to predict how they’ll behave no matter how well you know them. Sometimes, they seem to be double faced, but that is not true.

It is very difficult for them to disagree with others if that causes pain; hence, they choose to go along even if it is not what they really support or believe.

What Does A Gemini Man Find Irresistible In A Woman?

  • Unpredictability – the Gemini man need something new all the time. He needs to be exacted to get out of the bed and to go to bed. The woman who conquers his heart needs to keep him guessing “what next?” He needs to know that he cannot take you for granted ever.
  • Energy – this man is an outgoing person. He likes parties, outdoor sports, work – anything that will keep him going. A Gemini cannot sit still. Watching TV on the couch with a bowl full of butter popcorn is not what this man thinks as romantic; he would rather party all night, trek unknown regions, climb mountains, sail on weekends, etc. You need to be a woman who either love doing it with him, or one who does not mind him doing it all the time.
  • Good Listener – a Gemini can talk nonstop; it can be an earful sometimes. The good side is that they are great when they talk. They are funny, vivacious and never boring. However, they need an active audience; not one who does an occasional “aha” or “hmm”, but actively get involved.
  • Smart – you can be drop dead gorgeous, but to a Gemini man that would not be enough to attract and hold him. He needs to be stimulated mentally stimulated much before he is physically stimulated. This is one man who admires and loves to have a smart woman around.
  • Freedom – the Gemini man values his freedom more than anything else. You want to keep him, don’t curb his freedom. Let him do what his heart dictates and support him in every escapade he plans.  He finds women who are sure of themselves (non-clingy) hugely attractive because of this very trait. A Gemini man would encourage and support you to follow your dream, even if these dreams were most weird or untenable. He expects the same from you.

What Does A Gemini Man Not Like In A Woman?

  • Controlling nature – the Gemini man dislikes most anyone who attempts to control him. There is no faster way to lose this man than when you try to curb his freedom. Unless you are okay with him going wherever he wants and doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants – you are not going to lose him.
  • Domesticity – this man cannot live by routine. He cannot be domesticated. He needs to do new stuff all the time or he’ll disappear like a snowflake in a frying pan. He is not the man to settle for an ordinary life, with a regular job and regular timetable and regular life. He might settle for this scene for sometime – but not for long.
  • Intimidating nature – the Gemini loves a smart woman, but not one who is the “know it all” type. They cannot tolerate a woman who thinks she is right all the time – or needs to be right all the time.
  • Possessive nature – this is not a man who finds a possessive woman cute or romantic. He’ll feel claustrophobic the moment you start asking him where he went or what he did. You need to trust this one 100 percent and let him be free.

How To Seduce A Gemini Man: 5 Easy Tips To Follow

Make no mistake here – this one is a hard one to get. You need to put in quite some effort to grab a Gemini man. But if you set your heart on one and you must have him, follow these tips and you’d have a good chance to capture his heart:

  • Flirt with flair – flirting excites the Gemini and intrigues him. This is a man who loves excitement every moment of the day. He will be instantly attracted to a woman who flirts with finesse and impunity. Keep it blowing hot and blowing cold and you will have capture his attention and intrigue him enough to want to know you better.
  • Join him at sports or hobby – this man will be doing lots of stuff. Find out what hobbies he has, what sports he plays, what adventures he cannot resist – and join him at it. The Gemini man loves company and will appreciate a woman who      shares his interests.
  • Laugh a lot – a Gemini man will find humor and wit very attractive; but even more than that he loves a woman who exudes happiness and cheer. He is hugely attracted to sunny disposed women. Make him laugh and be cheerful when around him. He needs to have happy people around him all the time.
  • Be the party diva – the Gemini man loves parties and partying. Be ready to paint the town red every day of the week – or at least every weekend. This man appreciates a woman who loves partying and people just as much as he does.
  • Keep him guessing – let him know you love him. That should be straight and as early as possible. However, other than that he should feel that he can never get to the core of the real you. Keep the mystery on. Be as adventurous and unpredictable as you can. This is applicable in bed too. He will soon get bored if there is lack of imagination and adventure during lovemaking. You need to find new ways every time –  new foods, new people, new friends, new ideas  – with this man you could follow any dream you want. He’ll either join you or totally back you up.

The Gemini man is a handful and some. If you are the quiet type and look forward to a settled, comfortable life with a 9to5 job, children, yearly vacations – this man may not be the right one for you.

With this man every day is an invitation to an adventure, “routine” is banned and “normal” is shunned. If that is what you are looking for in your man and enjoy seeing him fly high, you will be assured of a devoted partner and a most exciting life.