Does he want a relationship? Signs he wants more

They say that women are complicated, but what about boys? Men are not as simple as we may think. In their heads, there are more things than just games, sports, food, and girls. And especially with women, they are not just black and white: there are lots of shades in between.

And how do you know if he is serious with you? Well, words may trick you and confuse you, but there are some specific signs that allow you to know for sure if you are just a summer love or he wants you as the mother of his kids.


Keep reading if you want to find out his intentions with you!

6 signs he wants a relationship: is it just a fling?

He introduces you to his family

You don’t introduce just anyone to your beloved ones. Once someone meets the other’s family, we could probably affirm that the relationship has reached a new step. Level up! So, if he invites you to meet his parents, his sister or brother, his grandparents or any other close relative, you are in the way of becoming his serious girlfriend.

If you are wondering if he is serious about you or not, think about this: would you introduce a one-night-stand to your mom? So, if you don’t feel the same, you should stop before this happens. And moreover, do not freak out when the time comes!

He talks (a lot) about his life

Guys tend to be reserved and a bit reticent when it comes to talking about his life, his past and of course, his feelings –especially in front of girls. But if you pay attention and care about what he says and he is serious with you, you will discover lots of things.

For example, is he always bragging about his adventures with his best buddies or has he explained about how he enjoyed his childhood with his deceased grandparents? If his conversations are superficial or just for fun, he probably is not ready for something serious. On the other hand, an open heart means trust. And trust is the basis of any good relationship.

He is really interested in knowing more about you

The same happens the other way round. He expects you to explain him things about you, your past, what you like, who have you dated before, which are your hobbies, and how your family is –he may even suggest you to meet them!

You can clearly see the difference between a genuine curiosity and a random small talk. If a man wants something meaningful he won’t ask, for example, where were you born (and nothing else). Instead of that, he will be interested in where you grow up or how good you were at school.

He considers your opinion very importantly

He asks you before making any plan. Men love their freedom and independence. By asking you before they make any plan it doesn’t mean that they are not free anymore or that they are eating from your hand. It just means that he cares about your opinion and that he wants you to be part of his life.

By sharing with you his adventures and scheduling his free time to spend hours with you, he is showing that you are more than a fling.

He talks about you and him in the future sense

Ok, you shouldn’t talk about “future plans” on your first date (just in case). When we say that he talks about future we don’t mean talking about buying a house or having children –even though he can talk about how he imagines himself in a few years. We mean talking about future plans: maybe a trip to Italy? A new cinema release?

He is not scared of including you in his short-term plans… and if things go well, he will include you in his long-term projects.

He invites you to special and important social events

He is not satisfied with you meeting his parents once. One of the signs he wants more that never fails is that he invites you to special events with family and/or friends. For example: his grandma’s birthday, his sister’s graduation, Christmas dinner, his cousin’s wedding, a summer trip with his friends…

There are many special occasions in someone’s life. If he makes you become part of these special moments, he wants you in his future memories. And in fact, you can remember them together when you grow old!

Bonus: two more signs he wants more

He brings you to his favorite places

Everyone has a favorite restaurant, a particular part of the city you love to be around, a secret bar with the best drinks and the best staff… And of course, you don’t want to bring just a random girl or boy you just met to your special place, right?

If he shows you where he likes to spend some time alone, he means that he is enough comfortable with you and probably, he wants something more.

He takes care of you when you are sick

When we get sick, we are not especially adorable. We have a big red face, we are blowing our nose all day, we sneeze, our hair is a mess… So if you see him by your side in your worst moments, it means that he will be there for good or bad. He is probably a good catch! Don’t waste it!

As you can see, there are many signs that mean he wants something serious with you. Many of them are related to his own personal and private life, such as his schedule, his hobbies or his family and best friends. The question now is… Are you ready to start a serious relationship or do these actions sound like warning signs for you?