10 Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

There is this old saying that goes, ‘men are from Mars and women from Venus. Though the differences between gents and ladies aren’t so bad, the truth is that each one of us has quirks and habits that annoy the shit out of each other and perhaps rarely make sense to the other. Probably this confirms how sometimes our brains are weird. This article will focus on the ten things that girls do but are annoying to their boyfriends.

What do guys hate about girls?

Things girls do that guys hate

Excessive jealous

Ladies, you have to keep in mind that your boyfriend is with you. Besides, there is a reason he decided to choose you to build a relationship. Boyfriends normally understand jealousy at that start of the relationship and will do all that it takes to prove to their girlfriends that they aren’t interested in any other lady.

But if you, the girlfriend, reveal excessive jealousy over other females, later on, the man might not understand that. Instead, he will think that you have neglected everything he has done for you trying to show you that he cares for you. Ladies, keep in mind that a dude who loves you won’t do anything weird even if he has two or more female friends.

Being over-dependent

Well, every boyfriend would want to help out his girlfriend and make her happy. But it is a huge turn off to any man if you can’t handle anything on your own. You don’t have to sit back and expect him to do everything for you. There should be a few things that you don’t have to do together. After all, you have different likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

Scanty dressing

Your boyfriend might find you attractive and irresistible in particular dresses, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear them when going out for parties or shopping or any other public place. Perhaps he fell for you because the dress was exposing some of your attractive features such as cleavage or thighs. However, note that the fact that he loves to see your cleavage doesn’t imply that you should display it to every other man out there. Save those small skirts and short dresses for a more intimate occasion.

Behaving differently in front of his friends and colleagues

Girls love glorifying their boyfriends in front of their colleagues and friends. However, this doesn’t mean that you change the way you conduct yourself to make his friends like you instantly. Keep in mind that such behavior will embarrass him. Just conduct yourself normally in front of his friends and colleagues. After all, he loves you, and he is proud of you.

Wearing excessive makeup

It is good and recommended to look perfect for your man. But remember, you don’t have to overdo the makeup. Perhaps he fell for you because of the simplicity, and a few imperfections. Just do your make up, as usual, try as much as you can to look natural.

Being too emotional

Girls love crying, but some of them have a tendency to cry more frequently. This doesn’t mean that you should get too emotional over almost every issue. He needs to see the strong woman in you and that you can handle a few things on your own. It isn’t hard job to hold your tears. He doesn’t have to see them every day.

Excessive Gossiping

Ladies, you need to know that your bf rarely care about gossip stories. Perhaps your boyfriend might skip past what you are talking about and act as if he is intrigued, but he doesn’t love gossips at all. It’s a complete turn off when you start gossiping about other people.

Taking too long

Every man expects a woman to be late a few minutes. Your boyfriend understands that you need a few more minutes to put on makeup and get ready, but you don’t have to take too long. Taking too long will drive a patient dude crazy.

Attention seekers

Another thing guys hate about girls is you don’t need to be the center of attention always. He will feel nice if you compliment him. Apart from making these compliments when you are together, you may also throw a positive comment about his coat, hair, and more even in public places. If you are the type that will put themselves in the center of a gathering, he might find you unattractive.

Being Nagging

He might forget to do one or two things, but that doesn’t mean that you should hold onto his brain. If you are the nagging type, the chances are that he will stop caring about what you say. In worst cases, it might make him stop doing something for you. If you feel he has forgotten to do something, just remind him politely.