How To Attract A Taurus Man?

Remember the first time you met a Taurus man? Your eyes are drawn to him because of his warm aura. The spontaneous nature of this man has caught you off guard. Taurus men are very confident but they are not boastful.

Taurus men are very warm which makes them quite irresistible. They are stubborn yet passionate. They are playful and adventurous. They are very down to earth which makes them the ideal partner for life. They enjoy the glamorous things in life but remain level-headed. Like a bull, Taurus men are energetic and driven. They are loyal to their friends and loved ones. Having a Taurus man in your life would indeed be an asset.

How To Attract A Taurus Man

Here are some steps on how to seduce a Taurus man:

Be yourself

Never pretend to be someone you are not. The Taurus man would recognize a change in an instant. For your attraction to be genuine, you must not always put your best foot forward. Try to relax and act naturally. Taurus men are spontaneous so being your real self-counts. Pretending could make you stiff thus giving you a cold personality. Smile and do fun things that suit your personality. Do not sacrifice being you.

Let go of negative thoughts

Taurus men enjoy life to the fullest. Leave your emotional baggage behind. Do not be afraid to be optimistic. Try new things with your free time. Learn to appreciate everything. Taurus men love the glamorous things in life but they remain grounded. Find a balance between simplicity and sophistication. Remember that a woman who smiles is more attractive than a woman who frowns. Do not procrastinate. Taurus men like women who are light and drama free. Negative thoughts would just make Taurus Men stubborn.

Learn to wait for him

A Taurus man is a man who lives in the present. Change is definitely not his friend. He is so used to being single. Give him the time and space to think it over. Do not be a push over. Remember that he is still the man. You want to attract him and not scare him. Take things slow. If you really want him, wait for him. Drop hints about liking him without going over the top. Be patient when he is stubborn but do not be a doormat. You may not instantly become his lover. Be his friend first. Enjoy his company without pressure.

Be thoughtful

Small things count when dealing with him. Do you remember the time when he posted on social media his love for donuts? Surprise him. Bring him his favorite stuff. It may just be a piece or a box of donuts but it will surely make his day. He may not reciprocate it but he will surely be grateful for the gesture of thoughtfulness. Like his social media posts or post witty comments. Just do it with tact and style. He would appreciate it. Remember his hobbies. If you are friends you could directly ask him out and surprise him with his interests. Be sincere all the time.

Be presentable

Being beautiful on the outside does not hurt. It does not require the perfect supermodel genes or DNA. Being beautiful should not be limited to your physical attributes. Always take note of your hygiene. A girl who smells like an angel would definitely get any man’s attention. Wash your hair and clean the tips of your nails. Your breath should smell like mints all the time. Do not go out with dirty worn-out clothes.

Look at him in a classy way

When you see him at the park do not go crazy and walk out without any reasons. Looking away while talking to him would send off snobbish vibes. You clearly like him but not looking at him may send him a different signal. It is 2016. It pays off to be confident. Act normal. When talking to him look at his eyes. Remember to do this in a classy manner. The eye contact would establish a connection between the two of you.

Have a sensible conversation with him

Get those nerves out of your body. Have guts to talk to him. Small talk is a thing of the past. Impress a Taurus man by showing him new perspectives about life. If you want to attract him you must have a connection with him. Get to know him. In this way, you could assess not only his feelings towards you but also your feelings about him. Talking to him would check your compatibility.

Be a dreamer

Impress him by being successful. Before he gets interested in you, you must show him your self-worth. Having a career would show him that you are hardworking and you have goals. Your daily routine to the office would be something that intrigues him. At the end of the day have something to ponder on. Having goals would help you in the long run. It keeps you on track. It gives you confidence that attracts men. Be secured before attracting someone.

Tell him that you like him

You have been friends for so long and he might have showed hints that he likes you too. With his Zodiac sign, being direct is usually the key. You do not need to fool yourselves. If you feel that he has feelings for you too make the first move. Tell him when the place and timing are right. Tell him when the two of you are on a date or having brunch. You might be surprised of the result. Remember to do this only if you are sure that the feeling is mutual. Do not be brave when you are unsure where you stand. Otherwise, you would not only sacrifice your friendship you might also lose your confidence.

There is no harm in trying to win his heart. Be prepared all the time but never lose your self-worth in the process. If fate is on your side you might get the man of your dreams. Life is about setting goals. If one of your goals is to get the man of your dreams then go for it. Give it your best and who knows you might just be lucky. Always maintain a positive outlook.

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