How to cheer up your boyfriend

You come home one day and find your boyfriend depressed and blue. You are concerned, and have a conversation, but he is actually not telling you much. You know nagging would not do much good, hence too much questioning is not recommended.

It does not matter whether you know what’s wrong; there are many ways to cheer up a guy. With a little practice, patience and lots of love you will be able to put a smile on his face even in the most challenging situations.

15 Ways That Will Bring His Smile Back

How to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend

Before we go into checking out what you can do to cheer up your partner, you need to know that men are quite different from women in their thought process;  therefore, things that please women may not be as effective with men and vice versa. Hence, do not be surprised if, sometimes, your best efforts may not get the results you desire. This is because you may not be thinking as a man.

    1. Provide Unconditional Support – Saying, “Hey, whatever it is that’s bothering you, please know that I will always be there for you,” can have an amazing effect.
    2. Give Him a Tight Hug– Throw your arms around him and give him a tight hug. Don’t say anything. Just hug him tight for a while and give him an understanding smile. There can’t be a better way to cheer up a guy than this.
    1. Cook Him Something Great– Fanny Fern, the first woman regular columnist in the USA, said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, meaning men attribute a lot of importance to the taste of the food they eat. If your man is a connoisseur of food, plan a romantic meal for the two of you to set his mood right.
    2. Take Him Out for A Quick Brisk Walk Or Gym Workout– This one may be one of the surest ways to cheer up your boyfriend. Exercise promotes the production of feel-good hormones; plus, the activity will take his mind away from the problem for a brief while, giving him time to gain focus. Either way, your man will feel better for it.
    3. Give Him a Relaxing Body Massage– there is nothing better than a relaxing massage from your beloved. The effort it involves will show your boyfriend you love and care for him, while the massage will relax hid body and mind, ensuring that he snaps out of the blues that envelopes him soon enough.
    4. Get Him to Pray With You– if you are religious, it is a good thing to pray together. Pray that God will show you a way to find a solution to the problem and then name 10 special things you feel grateful for at that moment. Focusing on the positive aspects of your life will shift the energy from negative to positive, and suddenly, the world is no longer so dark.
  1. Take A Mini-Break– tell your man you both are going off the grid for a couple of hours (or days) and just be with one another. If you have a favorite hangout, that would be great. If not, do something that gives both of you great pleasure. Like a cat nap in a luxury hotel, a date in a classy restaurant, a picnic where you could introspect on your great relationship, and push your partner out of the depression.
  2. Ask If He Wants to Talk About It– if he does, do not volunteer solutions, reprimands, or advice. Just listen. Listen to what pains him, without volunteering redressal options, unless he asks for it. If he does, give your opinion without reprimanding him about any bad choices he might have made. Let him take his decision. You just be there for him.
  3. Drag Him to A Laughter Therapy Class– laughter class is an amazing experience and a super effective way to cure blues.
  4. Do It His Way – get DVDs of some of the greatest games of all times, depending upon what type of a game he loves, and watch them together, cheering when they win and feeling sad when they lose, reliving some of the finest memories of the games.
  5. Gardening – provided he loves plants, take him for gardening. This activity has huge therapeutic properties with abilities to lower both blood cholesterol and blood pressure in one go. It is amazing how beneficial gardening is to a stressed person.
  6. Write 10 Things You Love About Him– write down 10 things about him you absolutely love and give it to him. This is an almost foolproof method to cheer up your boyfriend, because this list would warm his heart. Be sure the list is genuine and that he deserves what you wrote on that paper; if it is underserved flattery, it will hurt more.
  7. Take His Mind Off It– try getting his attention off the problem for a while, even if it is a very brief period. Talk to him about other stuff around the house, your workplace, show him a good comedy movie, or put good music (his favorite) on and ask him to dance with you, etc. Do something that will take his mind off the problem, and perhaps, he will overcome his depression about whatever worries him, or he will find a solution. Sometimes, you need only to put it on the back burner for a while.
  8. Treat Him to a Spa– a spa is relaxing and invigorating. Sometimes, this is an amazing way to draw inner strength and inspiration. Get him there and let him unwind his mind and body. The pampering is bound to make him happier, and he will definitely be happy he has such a thoughtful life-partner. If you cannot get him to a spa, you could invite a professional masseur/ masseuse home for a relaxing massage, or you could give him one yourself.
  9. Have a Movie Night– organize a movie night. Put together movies that will appeal to his taste – some comedy and some sad ones. Laughter and tears are both cathartic, so have them mixed. Good movies can have a purging feeling; it may rid him of the sadness, worry, and depression and help him look at his problem from a different perspective.

It is not too difficult to cheer up your boyfriend; act on your intuition when choosing the best option. Sometimes, you may need to apply more than one of the suggestions given above; sometimes, you must improvise. The ideas shared here are just to get you going on thinking about ways to cheer up a guy. You know him better than anyone else!!