How To Make A Girl Laugh: Funny Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Humor is one of the most powerful tools you can use to charm a woman off her feet. There is nothing more attractive to a girl than a guy who makes her laugh. Nine out ten women said that they would prefer a keen sense of humor to good looks when they choose their life partner.

Using humor as a way to win a girl’s heart is not easy for those who are not naturally funny. Fortunately, you can learn how to be funny and use it to your advantage, but it requires a lot of hard work. The most important pre-requisite for using humor as a prop is the ability to do it naturally and in an non-assuming manner.

Experts advise you to stay away from humor unless you are totally comfortable with this method and sure that you are good at it. When you are not sure, do not risk it. Instead,  focus on being courteous, charming, chivalrous, and attentive – with the emphasis on “charming”, especially during the first dates, when she would be measuring you up to decide whether she would like to know you better or not.

How To Make A Girl Laugh – When Jokes Are Not An Alternative

Telling jokes is among the easiest ways to make one laugh. Tweaked carefully to match any given situation perfectly, a joke delivered with the right punch line can lighten up most conversations.How To Make A Girl Laugh

It’s a great talent to be able to remember the right joke at the right time, especially when you are dating someone. If you are not too good at recalling and telling jokes, it is best that you chose another method to make your girl laugh.

Check out these wonderful tried-and-tested tips that never fail to bring a smile to her face.

    1. Mimicry– if you don’t have a great sense of humor but feel that your ability to learn is just about right, try mimicry. This can have anyone in splits. To get to the point where your performance is flawless, try videotape yourself during practice so you can see for yourself where you lack and correct the flaws quickly. Also enlist the help of family and friends for feedback.
    2. One-liners are the best– whether this is a first date or one of those times when you are trying to make your girl smile, because she is low, one-liners are super effective. One liners are witty and fast-paced, therefore, have the power to change the mood pretty quickly. To learn the style of delivering one-liners, watch your favorite (or famous) comedians who use this method. Try practicing on your friends as much as you can; this will help you master the timing and delivery style.
    3. Do Fun Stuff– if you are not confident about the funny lines, no problem. You can still make her laugh by doing fun stuff with her. Bring out the child in you and have carefree fun together. Visit an amusement park, take part in a pie-eating competition, try finger painting, pottery, dancing, etc.
    4. Laugh (generously) at yourself – women are hugely attracted to men who are able to laugh at themselves. Learn to laugh at yourself – target your flaws, your failures, your mistakes without sounding cynical. It’s beautiful when a man accepts that he is fallible. This makes him look vulnerable, which is disarmingly charming. Tongue-in-cheek sarcasm focused at oneself can put you in a very attractive light. Girls admire men who can laugh at themselves immensely; they also feel protective about them. 
    5. Gather a collection of clean witty stories – it is best that you keep the jokes “clean.” Unless you are already physically intimate together, funny stories are better received when they are clean. Bedroom jokes, while immensely funny, may give the impression that you are making undue advances. Tell adult jokes only if you’ve already been intimate, but even in that genre, choose stories that have class. Girls do not go well with gross jokes. For a continuous source of new content, subscribe to a few good sites that send joke/ funny stories daily so you have plenty of inspiration.
  1. Take her out for a comedy movie/ standup comedy show– a good way to make her laugh is a good comedy movies or a hit stand-up comedy show. To be sure that the plan does not flop seek reviews of the movie/ stand up show from friends or online sources. If none available, it would be good if you see it beforehand to ensure that it is good before taking your girlfriend to the place.
  2. Smile a lot and be happy yourself – every person in this world can bring happiness – “Some bring happiness when they arrive; others, when they leave” – Oscar Wilde. Consciously project a sunny disposition wherever you go, especially when you are with your girlfriend. In time, you will learn to see the positive side of everything, and you will feel good about everything. Happiness and contentment is contagious. No one can resist a sunny disposition. If you smile a lot, are happy in general, and always try seeing the positive in others, you would radiate positive energy that makes those around you feel happy, too. She’ll feel happy and relaxed around you and with you, and this feeling is hugely addictive. So, smile a lot; the payback is great.
  3. Create your own style– copying someone – comedian/ actor/ character – is fine, for a beginning. However, you should create your own distinct style. Originality is very important. Don’t worry if humor is not your strong point; you can learn how to be funny with girls by developing your own style, depending upon what you are good at.
  4. Play pranks – “Just for Laughs Gags” is a huge hit because of the sweet harmless pranks they play. There is a lot of fun in playing pranks – as long as they do not cause any physical or material harm. Get inspired from the show and play a few tricks on your girlfriend.
  5. Take her to an animal shelter – most girls love animals. Confirm with your girlfriend before you choose this option. If she is allergic to dogs and/ cats and or simply does not like close interaction with animals, this option will backfire. If she is an animal lover, volunteering to animal shelters can build a very special bond between the two of you. Doing something for the hapless animals gives immense pleasure and a deep sense of satisfaction that will is better than any fun show.
  6. Take her to a flea market sale – girls love shopping, but even more than that they love browsing and searching for “hidden treasures” and “great bargains” that flea markets can offer. Allow plenty of time for this – a whole day would be a good estimate – and enjoy her delight while she flits happily from one place to another looking for stuff.
  7. Take her out to pub hoping – make a list of the pubs you want to cover, and learn all there is about them. You need to pay attention to the entrance fee and ambiance before you take your girlfriend there.
  8. Wine tasting trip – wine tasting can be both romantic and fun. If you have a vineyard in the vicinity or you can take a quick trip to the closest destination, this is something that she will thoroughly enjoy. Learning about wine, what cheese is suitable with what, the glasses, the protocol, the color, the gradation, etc is an amazing experience.
  9. Initiate her to a new sport/ outdoor activity – depending upon the locality you live in, you could take her for scuba diving, rock (or wall) climbing, trekking, eco excursions, short luxury cruise, cave expedition, haunted house excursions, camping, and so on. Choose something that she’d like to do and go ahead have some fun. Be careful that you take all necessary precautions to prevent any accidents or unpleasant surprises.
  10. Teach her a new game – she might be already into computer games, but even then you could always teach her something new; or challenge her at a game she already plays. While we are on the topic of “playing games”, you could also teach her poker, chess, or any other game and add your own fun twists to it.

This list is meant to inspire you to make your own recipes for fun keeping her likes and dislikes in mind. Making her laugh is a good way to bond with your girl. People love to laugh because it releases stress and sets a positive mood. Remember, though, the most important thing is to make her feel good around you.

So, be yourself, smile a lot, and do not worry too much about how to impress her. If you are genuinely happy and relaxed, there will be enough funny things to say to your girlfriend in day-to-day life, without having to worry about jokes and other funny things.