75+ Sweet Pick Up Lines

    1. If I want to fly I don’t need wings or an airplane, it is enough to be by your side.
    2. Which is my crime? Loving you. Which is my dream? Having you. Which is my pain? Not being with you. And which is my agony? Forgetting about you…
    3. Pretty, give me a syrup for lovesickness because my heart is breaking piece by piece.
    1. If your beauty was a sickness there would be no remedy.
    2. How sad is walking without nowhere to go, but it is even sadder to love you and knowing that you don’t.
    3. If you were rain I would leave my umbrella at home to feel you in my body.
    4. What is happening in Heaven? Why are angels walking on Earth?
      Sweet Pick Up Lines
    5. You would never get a cold with me by your side: I wish I was your jacket!
    6. I prefer just one touch of your hair or just one kiss from your lips than an eternity without you.
    7. If I want to look at the stars I only need to look into your eyes because they reflect the whole sky.
    8. If you were a pie I would eat you very slowly to enjoy your taste for a long time.
    9. If your kisses were fire, I’d like my lips to become ashes.
    10. I wish I was a shadow to be always next to you!
    11. You are so amazing that if you didn’t exist, I would create you.
    12. I love you much that my heart is too small to handle it.
    13. Not even Michelangelo would be able to do such a beautiful piece of art like you!
    14. Beautiful and important things in life can only be appreciated when I’m with you.
    15. Without you, seconds pass by like a sudden nightfall and my feelings fall into a void of sadness.
    16. How sweet your kisses are! It must be the honey in your eyes…
    17. If Adam ate an apple for Eva, I would eat a whole grocery store.
    18. In that beautiful mouth, even bad words sound nice.
    19. Beautiful honeybee, look at me, I am the honey of your heart.
    20. Even if your name is not Alice, you must come from Wonderland.
    21. You look so sweet that I’m afraid to die if I eat you because I’m diabetic!
    22. There are two kinds of days: sad days and days that you spend by my side.
    23. Who left the Heaven’s door opened? The most perfect creature of creation has escaped!
    24. I need you closer so I don’t need to imagine you all the time.
    25. I see you with the eyes of my heart and I feel you with the arms of my soul.
    26. Hello, I am a prince and they say I’m charming… someone said you were looking for me.
    27. The first thing I look for in someone is that they look like you.
    28. You came to my life like nothing and now you are everything.
    29. I would like to be an aviator to fly into your dreams.
    30. In the kingdom of my heart, you are the queen.
    31. Time stopped from the moment I first saw you.
    32. If my soul went off at night time, only the light of your eyes could turn it on again.
    33. You are like a mint candy: sweet and strong.
    34. You make me better every day.
    35. You kill me with your eyes, but your kisses resuscitate me.
    36. You are as sweet as sugar syrup.
    37. Beautiful women like you encouraged cavemen to paint on the walls.
    38. Stop breathing for a minute and you will know how I feel when I am not with you.
    39. No one has ever told you that your skin was made to be touched?
    40. You are the trunk where I put the ax of my desires.
    41. You will understand how much I love you when you finish counting stars.
    42. Out of all the flowers, the rose is the most beautiful, and out of all women, you are the most gorgeous.
    43. You are like the Moon, mystic and calm, owner of my dreams, muse of my verses.
    44. I lived without knowing you and now that I know you I realize that that was not life.
  1. The moon shines at night, and the sun shines during the day, but your beautiful eyes are the ones which lighten up my heart.
  2. You are like a cappuccino: sweet, hot and you make me nervous.
  3. When I have you in my arms is like having a whole world.
  4. Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.
  5. You are an oasis in the desert of my loneliness.
  6. Life owed me something and it paid me with you.
  7. You are like a cake and I’ll eat you piece by piece.
  8. Perfection doesn’t exist, but you are very close to it.
  9. You are so sweet that flies follow you around.
  10. Your eyes dazzle me like a thunder in the storm.
  11. The day I die I will write in my grave that I loved you more every day.
  12. I must be a good painter because I’ve been all my life painting my soul with the color of your eyes.
  13. You are my inspiration, a reason for living. I breathe for your existence.
  14. I’d like to be born again so I don’t miss not even one of your sunrises.
  15. I would like to be a chessboard to have a queen like you.
  16. If hell is like this, Devil take me with you!
  17. If my love for you were music, you’ll be the most precious lyrics.
  18. You can keep my heart, but give me life with your kisses.
  19. I wish I was the Sun to enlighten your days and the Moon to look out for you in your dreams.
  20. I wish I was a prince and you my princess, so I could make you my queen when I’m the king.
  21. I would like to be in your life what you are in mine: everything.
  22. My love for you is so big that the whole world seems small for me now.
  23. You are my Genesis and my Apocalypse, the beginning of my life and the end of my agony.
  24. My days would be perfect if I wake up with the scent of your skin and the taste of your lips.
  25. If I was a clock I would stop time and have you forever.
  26. I wish I was a jeweler to appreciate this beautiful diamond every day.
  27. I wish I could be thought to be inside your head.
  28. I don’t know where we are going but I know I want to go with you.