21 Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

When you find an interesting girl, you should try to know her better. Who knows? She might be just the right girl for you. The trick to get to know her better is getting her to talk about herself. So, what questions could you ask to get to know a girl?

Most women think men are interested more in their bodies and less in what they think or who they really are. This is not true. There are many men out there who are hoping to find a woman who is caring, intelligent, and loving; a woman, with whom they could spend the rest of their lives in bliss.

Women love it when they meet a man who is genuinely interested in them as persons. They are more likely to want to continue dating the man when this happens. You should understand that it is not enough just to know what to ask a girl. You also need to mean it because unless you are genuinely interested in her, you will come across as a phony, and that will be the end of the date.Questions to ask a girl

A Few Important Tips When You Ask These Questions

Asking questions – any question – requires a certain amount of finesse. When you ask a girl questions, it should be natural, friendly and warm. Unless you do it right, it might feel like you are prying, or worse; she might feel you are some kind of psycho. Hence, it is extremely important that you check out the following few tips that will help you strike the right note with the girl you like.

    • Ask her open-ended questions and listen with interest when she answers. Simple questions like, “Where did you spend your childhood?” can help you build a warm conversation. When she describes her childhood place, you may comment avidly on things/ places/ feelings she describes and look for common interests.
    • Connect questions with a situation, time, or mood so it sounds natural. For example, it is raining and you watch her smiling. Ask her, “Do you love the rain? What else makes you really happy about outdoors?”
  • Comment appreciatively on her clothes, accessories, color of hair, and anything you feel she has taken the trouble to highlight. For example, “High heels suit you very much. But aren’t your feet hurting when you wear them too long?”
  • When asking a question, make eye contact and maintain it in a natural manner. Look for hooks to ask the next question.
  • Smile a lot. Keep it natural, though; she should not feel that you’re lost in a world of your own. It should look like you are a genuinely happy person.
  • Drop compliments while she speaks. For example, “The scarf you’re wearing really complements the color of your eyes. Is this your favorite color?”
  • Use humor. Look for funny questions or funny stories. If you find what makes her laugh, focus on that. Women will almost always come back to a man who can make her laugh. Try laughing more at yourself; don’t use sarcasm or cynicism too much, though.
  • Drop a little information about yourself and then connect it with a question. For example, “I love dogs. I always had one living with me since my childhood. What about you? Are you a dog person or cat person?”
  • Touch general topics first, and as you meet her again and again, go into the more personal ones. Use ice-breaker questions such as, “Do you believe in ghosts?” or “Do you like travelling/ reading/ playing an instrument?” When you get her talking steer the conversation to topics that will reveal more about her.
  • When you ask personal questions, allow her space to refuse to answer, without putting her into an awkward position. For example, “Are you close to your parents? – you don’t need to answer if you don’t want. I am not too comfortable talking about my parents, either.”

21 Questions to Get Know a Girl

The list here is not all-inclusive; rather, use the questions given here to understand what you should ask her. Build on the list, change, and diversify it. Seek points of common interests and build your questions on those aspects.

#1 Do you have a bucket list? – if she says “yes”, ask her what it entails. Look for something of common interest and ask her further questions on those topics.

#2 What is the book you read last? – build on the answer she gives by asking whether she liked it , who is her favorite author, and so on.

#3 If you did not have to work for a living, what would you do? – complement her answer with your own answer about what you would like to do the most.

#4 What do you do in your free time? – look for what relaxes her most or gives her most pleasure to do. Much of her character will be obvious from the answer to this question.

#5 Where would you prefer to live – in a busy and bustling city or quiet and laidback countryside?

#6 Do you watch movies? What was your favorite movie ever? – use her answer to build on by asking about why the movie touched her, what is the most horrible movie she saw and why, and so on.

#7 What habit do you have that you love most? Or what habit you would like to nurture in your life?

#8 Do you like photography? Selfies? Social media? – you can build plenty of questions in this niche.

#9 Tell me something you absolutely hate about people. Connect to her answer and talk about your pet peeves.

#10 Do you like music? What is your favorite singer/ group/ song? – if she likes, ask her whether she plays any instrument, whether she likes to dance, whether she likes music loud or just in the background, and so on.

#11 Are you an outdoor or indoor person? If outdoors – ask about her favorite haunts, sports, travels; if indoors – ask about her reading habits, TV shows, etc.

#12 What is your favorite vacation like? Are you a beach and water person or a mountains and trekking one?

#13 Have you ever been scared out of your mind about anything? What freaks you out most?

#14 What is the ultimate happiness? What makes you unbelievably sad?

#15 What appeals to you most in a woman? What about a man?

#16 How do you find your father? – a girl who loves her father would be less inclined to be a man-hater. She’d know that men can be loving and good. From here, you could talk about your father and mother and your relationship with them. Let her do the most talking, however.

#17 What do you think happens after one dies? – if she is inclined, you could talk about spirituality, out of body experiences, and so on. This will tell you this girl is not a shallow person.

#18 What would you do if you could become invisible for a while or at will? – this answer could be funny, but it will give insight into how this girl would handle absolute power, what she thinks is right to do, and it will tell you what type of personality she has.

#19 What is the first thing you do when something goes wrong and upsets your plans? – you can complement her answer with your own experiences and feelings. This conversation would show you about how she handles stress.

#20 What is one thing you did that you are proud about?

#21 If you knew you would die in 6 months, what would be the 10 things you would want to do?

What is NOT A Good Question to Ask a Girl?

not a good question to ask a girl

There are a few things you should not ask a girl when you first meet her or until you are friendly with her, such as:

#1 What is your actual age?
#2 Do you want to have children?
#3 Are those your real teeth?
#4 How did your last relationship break up?
#5 How many men have you dated?
#6 Can you lend money, urgently?
#7 Have you ever stolen anything?
#8 Tell me about your Ex.
#9 Should we go to your place or mine?
#10 Would you say you are rich or poor?

There are many interesting questions to ask a girl you like, and you have all the freedom in the world to do so. However, it is important that you do dwell much on personal matters until you are into your third date, at least. Impersonal, general, and fun things will normally be the best questions to get to know her.

Try building interest in her, while searching for common ground to take the discussion further. Keep the flirting and conversation light, until you feel there is a possible connection between you.

The most effective questions are those which convey to the girl that you are genuinely interested in her as a person, and not as a “good catch” for a quick physical relationship. If you are careful how you thread in the beginning, you can find out who she really is, and who knows? You might find your soulmate!