10 Signs Your Ex Is Over You

So what is the real score between you and your ex? Yes, you have been separated for let’s say 3 years now, but how sure are you that your former sweetheart does not love you anymore?

If you are among those folks who, until now, are not so sure if your ex still has feelings for you, this article can help you a lot. Continue reading and know more about it.

Signs Your Ex Is Over You

    1. New contact number: Phone number could be the first and the last thing that may keep the connection between you and your ex. When he/she has not moved on yet, it is almost impossible for him/her to end up with a decision to change his/her phone number. It serves as the last thread that keeps the hope of potentially getting together again. In the event however that you can no longer communicate with him/her due to change in number, forget about it. Your ex has moved on.
    2. Less or no texting: Lovers text with each other and even ex-lovers may still do. The words may not be as deliberately sweet as they were before, but the fact that your ex is still texting you (even if it seems unnecessary) is a sign that he/she can’t let go of the feelings yet. However, if you seldom receive text messages, or you do not receive any texts at all, it is a proof that you and your ex have your separate paths now.
    3. No emails: Perhaps you are among those people whose first activity in the morning is to check emails, not because of office-related works but because you want to see if your lover has sent you messages. Now that you two are no longer together, do you still receive emails from him/her? When was the last time you received an email from him/her? If her name no longer registers in your email’s inbox for new message, it is safe to say that your ex is over you.
    4. Change of account on social networking site: This is similar of change of phone number. Sometimes, the only way to re-communicate with your ex is trough Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networking sites. A person that does not want to be contacted though will try to make an effort to make it impossible for you to obtain communication with him/her. Have you heard it from a friend that your ex has changed his/her account on social networking sites already? If yes, your ex have finally lost that feeling you thought he/she still has.
    5. Transfer of residency: At times, are able to cut the means of digital connection between each other that easily. But the thing is that ex-lovers have the knowledge on how to easily get him/her at home. Location is another factor that will help you determine whether or not your ex has finally accepted the break up. In the event that your ex transfers his/her residency very easily, you may now stop asking yourself if he/she still feels something about you. It is almost sure that he/she finally cut the thread that ties everything about you. It is a clear message that your ex is ready to not see you physically anymore.
    6. No longer affected when talking about your break up: Have you talked to your ex lately? Was he/she able to talk about your once epic love story without any pains or bitterness? If the answer to the latter is yes, there is no doubt that your ex no longer holds on to the memories of your past love or the painful feeling of your break up. It will be impossible for someone to talk about break ups when the feeling is still there. But the moment a person can already talk about your previous love affair without signs of doubts and pains; there is no string on that love anymore.
    7. Considers your flirting or attempt to flirt pointless: One of the best ways to find out if your ex still loves you is through his/her response with your flirting. If you are not so sure whether or not your ex still have feelings for you, flirt with him/her. There will only be two different responses. She might reveal that she still hopes for it or frankly tell you that you’re not making any sense. If it’s the latter, forget about it. Stop acting like your moves will awaken the love by those.
    8. Being able to directly tell you that the he/she has no feelings for you anymore: Why make it so complicated when you can know how she really feels by directly talking to you. If your ex can tell you (without any hesitations or bitterness) that he/she is no longer in love with you, it’s time to proceed to the next chapter.
    9. In a relationship with someone else: The equation is simple. When you were together, you are lovers. When they are together, they are lovers. When your ex is already in a relationship with someone else, what’s between you is finally over.
    10. Attends your wedding: There is no better way to determine if your ex still loves you or not anymore than to invite him/her to your wedding. Of course, there’ll be alibis about busy schedules and all. However, if you mean nothing but a mere friend, he/she’ll do everything to make it on your weeding day and show his/her support.

These are ten of the most reliable signs implying that your ex is over you. Have you remembered your ex to have met all these? If yes, you too should start moving on.