How To Tell Someone You Like Them: 40 Ways To Do It

It’s simple to tell a friend you like them but when it’s with a romantic inclination it can be difficult telling a boy or girl that you really like them. Often we’re held back from expressing our feelings because we feel we’ll be laughed at, or worse, spurned. And when your intended BF or GF has no interest in you it hurts, and you just want to crawl under the covers and never face them again. Rejection can be awkward.

So, how do you tell someone you like them? It must be in a respectful and kind manner and must make them think that perhaps you like them in a romantic way.

Here are 40 ways to tell someone you really like them.

#1. Bring them cookies.

If you feel really uncomfortable giving cookies to only one person, bring cookies for the entire group. Your intended will still get some, and they’ll think how cool you are for bringing in a tasty treat.

#2. Give them a small token.

If your friend is into a certain sports team, or they like pets, or a certain movie theme, have a look around the shops for an inexpensive gift under $5. When you hand it to them don’t make a big deal about it. Tell them how you found just lying around, and that they’d enjoy it more than you.

#3. Give them a compliment.

Give your favored man or woman a compliment, but one that is linked to romance. But don’t be creepy either. You can let them know how their eyes mesmerize you, or that it’s tempting to kiss their pink cheeks.

#4. Get a friend to scope out the situation.

Your friend can find out if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and if not, how they have a friend who is seeking a coffee date. They can gauge their reaction and then get back to you. This will then give you an opening so you can ask them out.

#5. Touch your face and your hair.

When you’re talking to them, let them see you touch your face and hair. It’s a subtle way of telling them you’d like for them to do the same.

#6. Gently touch them.

Don’t touch them anywhere inappropriate, but on the upper arm or shoulder is acceptable.

#7. Take selfies together.

How To Tell Someone You Like Them

When you’re out in public, ask he/she if you can get selfies of the both of you together in front of the garden, or cafe, or monument. Be sure that you send them the photos later, so that they also have a photograph of you.

#8. Ask for their social media information.

Most people don’t bother asking for personal information unless they’re truly interested in you. Show your special girl or boy that you’re interested in them by asking for their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. user ids. Be sure to follow up and friend or follow them, so they can do the same with you.

#9. Remember what they said.

Commit their pet’s name to memory, birthday, and other information. They’ll be impressed that you are interested enough in them to remember all this information.

#10. Ask them questions.

Don’t just nervously chat about yourself whenever you see the person you like, be sure to ask them plenty of questions too. You can ask them about their day, how school or work went, and what they plan on doing on the weekend.

#11. Tease them.

You’ll want to do some fun teasing, but nothing that is ever hurtful. Avoid topics of looks or weight. You can get some cues from what they make fun of in themselves. If they’re always late, you can tease them about that, or how they always wear a certain color. You can even make something up like how they like Smurfs or Ninja Turtles, which will really make them puzzled.

#12. Ask to hang out with their friends.

Mention how they’re a lot of fun to hang out with, and perhaps their friends are too. Then tell them how you have no plans, and perhaps you can all hang out together on Friday night. Be specific, so they don’t have to guess.

#13. Bring them a book.

Hand them a book and let them know you had it in your collection but that you thought they would enjoy reading too. Ensure that it is related to their student work or about a subject they’re interested in, such as science fiction or mystery.

#14. Improve your appearance.

One day they barely noticed you, and the next they will because you improved your appearance. You’ve had a new haircut, you ensure your face and hands are clean, and you wear your best clothes. Don’t forget to smell good too, as nothing is worse than someone who has body odor.

#15. Treat them extra special.

If there’s someone that you hope will become your boyfriend or girlfriend, treat them extra special. If you treat them like you treat everyone else in your gang, they may not take notice of you, or realize how much you like them. Stand out a bit and make an extra effort. Hang out by their side more often, or help them out with things.

#16. Ask if you can hang out.

Chances are you have no alone time at work or school. Often conversation can be stilted because you don’t want to embarrass him or her.

#17. Laugh at all their jokes.

When you laugh at even their silly, stupid jokes, they’ll realize that you like them. It’ll make them feel good about their jokes, even if they’re not so great. It may even make others in your group laugh, which will increase your appeal.

#18. Make eye contact.

If you see someone across the room who looks like they could be a potential girlfriend or boyfriend, be sure to smile at them. And don’t forget to look back and smile again.

#19. Use their name often.

People like hearing their name, but don’t hear it often enough. When you use it a lot, people will like you better.

#20. Forward amusing Facebook memes.

If they really love cats, superheroes, etc., forward amusing memes to them. They’ll be happy that you’re thinking of them and that you remember all their interests.

#21. Say hello every time you seen them.

Ensure that you greet them the first time you see them each day. And make it appear that you’re happy to see them. This is not the time to play coy.

#22. Stay in touch.

Don’t let your attractive man or woman forget about you. Be sure to send them a text or email, or even give them a call. Soon they’ll expect to keep in touch with you, and they may even become attached.

#23. If exes are brought up, stay positive.

Tell them that they are way better than the person they were with, and it all worked out for the best. This has the additional purpose of changing the conversation back to them. You can then ask them about something awesome they have done.

#24. Create a mix album.

Find out in advance if they have a CD player, MP3 player, or iPhone. You can create an album on a flash/thumb drive and give it to them. Do find out in advance if they like a particular genre of music. Don’t be afraid to add some other types of music that they may be willing to give a try.

#25. Always be consistent.

Don’t play the hard to get game. Always treat them with respect and don’t send mixed signals.

#26. Ensure their drink or their plate is always full.

If their drink looks like it’s running low, offer to get them another. This may make them start to think, particularly if you’re somewhere where you have to pay for drinks, such as the bar or a coffee shop. Also ask if they need more food, or are they full?

#27. Show excitement.

When you’re making plans together, or talking about the next day of work or school, show how excited you are to see them the next day. They’ll also start to look forward to seeing you too.

#28. Give them a tip.

If you really like your waiter, waitress, customer service person, etc., then give them a large tip, or tell them to keep the change. Be sure to visit often, so you can eventually hand them your card.

#29. Give them hints.

Hints can be as subtle as saying when you’re with them you always have fun, or how wonderful it would be to have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

#30. Open the door for them.

This tip isn’t just for holding doors for the ladies, gentlemen like doors being held open for them too.

#31. Bring up inside jokes.

If you don’t have an inside joke, make fun of how you tripped when you first met them, or did something else silly. It’ll remind them about how you were nervous meeting them, and they’ll think you have a great sense of humor.

#32. Say goodbye.

You made an effort to say hello to them, so before you leave a room, event, shop, etc., be sure to walk up to your fave boy or girl and say goodbye.

#33. Give them a card.

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, graduation, or promotion, give them a special card. Even better, make it yourself.

#34. Create a cute nickname for them that no one else uses.

Be sure that they like the nickname before continuing, and then be the only person who uses their special nickname.

#35. Wear what they like.

If they have ever commented on how they like your hairstyle, an item of clothing, or a scent, be sure to wear it often around them.

#36. Find a common enemy.

It may be the guy who pushed in front of you, or who shorted their drink at the bar but still charged full price. Perhaps you’re both annoyed at the costs of rentals in town. Find common ground to complain about.

#37. Talk to them if they seem lost.

It happens to everyone when out in public. People become overwhelmed with the chatter and draw back. Go over and check on them to see if they’re okay.

#38. Ask them out for coffee, but let them know in advance that you’re paying.

Often people will say no to a short date because they don’t have the cash on hand. Knowing that they’ll be treated will encourage them to say yes.

#39. Ask them for help.

Perhaps you need help on your calculus or law course, or maybe you have a chair or tap that needs fixing. Ask if they can help you out. It’s even better if you can get them over to your place, so you can offer them refreshments, and have a chance for some quiet chit chat time later.

#40. Tell them your cell phone number.

Encourage them to give you a call. You can offer to continue the topic of conversation, or help them with their homework or a big project. It doesn’t matter, as long as you can encourage them to give you a call that first time.

After you have shown someone you like them in 40 different ways they’re sure to clue in to the fact that you like them in a romantic way. It’s now up to them to take the next step—book a real date with you! There is no guaranteed time frame for when this may happen so if they are giving you all the signs that they like you too, you may want to step up the romance and take it to the next level.