Taurus and Leo compatibility

Today we are going to talk about the compatibility between two zodiac signs, Taurus (earth sign) and Leo (fire sign). Even if they belong to two different elements –earth and fire- they have many similar traits, for example, they are loyal, possessive, persistent in their goals and very focused in what they want. They expect affection and care from their partners and friends, and security at work. But let’s take a deeper look into these two zodiac signs.


Why do they fight so much if they have so many things in common?

They both have determination and strength when it’s time to take a decision or make a plan, and they stick to their beliefs and thoughts until the end. They are pretty sure their vision is the right one. In fact, Taurus people are so stubborn that it usually leads to severe fights, so in order to keep a good relationship (with friends, family, lovers or colleagues) they need to stop standing in their ground and accept others’ point of view. Otherwise, that could be the end of any further relationship.

On the other hand, Leo are much more social than Taurus –who would rather be alone or with close friends. Leo men and women like to be the center of the conversations, the main characters of the moment, and this can be sometimes too eccentric for Taurus.

Leo and Taurus compatibility in friendship

Taurus and Leo in friendship are very loyal and stable, despite all the fights that may happen. The compatibility between Taurus and Leo is different if we are talking about friends, or casual lovers or the love of your life. For example, Leo are innate curious, romantic and very kind, and their friendship with others is very affective and independent at the same time –they need their space. Inversely, Taurus seek for harmony and peace, but simultaneously they are very obstinate.

We are not going to lie: the probability of fights is very high between these two, but they share so many things that they can have a great time together, for example:

  • They love anything related to pleasure. They are the perfect match for just do nothing, eat in a good restaurant or travel to enjoy vacations.
  • They don’t like changes a lot –even the fact that Leo can be more eccentric, they have very fixed ideas.

The main key point is the stubbornness. While is the number one in this matter among all the zodiacal symbols, but Leo is just behind him. In a discussion or fight, they have the urge to be right and to make others think they have the reason. So, this can be a high source of problems!

Taurus and Leo compatibility in love relationships

When Leo and Taurus cross each other, there is an unavoidable natural magnetism full of passion and mutual attraction, so they can be really good lovers. But their differences can make it a problem if they don’t change a little bit: Leo is too exhibitionist and tends to unfaithfulness while Taurus can be “too boring” for a Leo. That can also be saved in bed, as they are both warm-blooded “animals”, a lion and a bull.

Taurus and Leo in relationship can be a very high-tempered couple. Together, their strength and power are even higher, because they are both passionate about what they do. When we talk about Taurus and Leo in love, the main difference is that while Taurus is stuck to the ground, Leo is dreaming even during the day.

Taurus and Leo in love need to compensate their excesses in order to keep a good mood between them. For example, a fiery and fearless Leo will need to calm down in front of an extremely passive Taurus, who will think about the pros and cons of every decision and will plan everything before making any move in their lives. They both enjoy pleasure in the end, but while Leo is impulsive, Taurus needs previous organization.

As we have seen before, they both enjoy unlimited pleasure: sleeping, good life and intimate relations –which are, in fact, a big plus in their relationship as a couple as it works as a solution to many fights. This endless lust for pleasure is one of their best bets to succeed in their relationship. And they enjoy satisfying these needs.

However, not everything is temporal, fights or passion. Leo and Taurus in love also look for real love and, moreover, stability. For this, we need to understand what Leo and Taurus in relationship give to each other:

  • Taurus will give the sense of order, organization and proper administration of the couple’s resources. They always think about the future, as they hate the idea of having needs or shortcomings. Taurus are careful, firm (mentally and in their plans), thoughtful and a bit introvert.
  • Leo will renege on the austerity and practicality of Taurus. Yes, they both want pleasure but while Leo prefers luxury and excesses, Taurus enjoys a comfort and secure pleasure. Don’t forget that Leo is a lion, “the king”, so they have a lot of self-security and they tend to be leaders and to live intensely.

The sumptuousness of Leo may make Taurus feel upset –and, the other way round, they can bore Leo a lot. However, Taurus have a great seductive power, and with their voluptuousness and tangibility, their primitive passion and their basic love, will triumph over Leo’s luxuries and crazy desires.

If they manage to end up as a marriage, their relationship will be calm, with a lot of love, with no luxuries and not showing off.

Taurus and Leo at work: can they be compatible?

We have seen the differences between Leo and Taurus in friendship and in love, but in the workplace, these dissimilarities can be better established.

The energetic impulse and the intelligence of Taurus is a great complement to Leo’s ambition, as they will feel safer if their partner has their back covered. Together, they will reach success.

Leo need to feel a successful person, the leader, and he pursues it until the end in a very optimistic way. Taurus also want to succeed, but they tend to be more cautious and discreet than Leo. They need to respect the other and be patient.

Together, Leo and Taurus are a very creative team. Both are ambitious and want benefits that help them to satisfy their pleasant needs.

Taurus are very hard-working, and if there is any problem or obstacle, they will solve it and go through it until the end, with no limitations. Discipline and patience are two of their strengths at work. Otherwise, Leo also put an effort on the projects, but always a step behind Taurus. They are very smart and join the success at the end. The best part is that Taurus don’t mind this part of Leo, as they don’t need the recognition from others.

Last but not least, their roles at work need to be very clear from the beginning. Don’t forget that they both want to lead!

Photo source: Abouthoroscope