Leo and Virgo compatibility

Today we are going to talk about two signs that are particularly different and apparently don’t have anything in common. These two zodiac signs are Virgo and Leo, and today we analyze their compatibility at work, as friends, and in love. Their elements (fire for Leo and earth for Virgo) tell us that this isn’t going to be easy.


Usually, these two signs don’t get along very well. Leo are subjective in everything they do, they are independent and very optimistic. On the other hand, Virgo people are practical, hypercritical, perfectionist and sometimes a bit gloomy.

It is normal that we think this can’t work out, especially in a romantic way: What will do an energetic and vibrant Leo, a symbol of fire, with a steady, reasonable and humble Virgo?

But, in fact, even that the compatibility levels are not very high, they are definitely not impossible. Leo can show their strength to everybody, but this doesn’t mean that Virgo is weak: on the contrary, they keep their strength for when it becomes necessary.

Let’s see how they can be together!

Leo and Virgo compatibility in friendship

Some people say that Leo and Virgo in friendship are not a great combination. But that is not true. If they both learn from each other, they will benefit and keep up a rewarding friendship between them.

Leo will give, show and infect Virgo their enthusiasm for life, a relaxed rhythm of living, the spontaneity to do crazy things and the optimism. Virgo have lots of good traits to offer Leo, such as the practicality, the appreciation for little details and the value of humility. These two together can be very good friends, with very good moments and also many fights –mainly because of their different personalities.

Maybe they are not the craziest couple of friends, but if they can combine their good parts of their personalities, they can be unstoppable!

Virgo and Leo compatibility in love

When we talk about love between Leo and Virgo, we are talking about a very difficult test to pass. It can be either fantastic or terrifying. In fact, in love affairs is where they lack the most compatibility.

In the beginning, everything may seem wonderful because a Leo can easily cheer up Virgo’s life, and Virgo will keep the balance of Leo’s craziness. If it goes wrong, two things can happen after a while:

  • Virgo will get tired of Leo flirting with everybody and with the delusions of grandeur of the lion.
  • Leo will get angry at Virgo for being a “smarty” and very critical.

Nothing special happened, nothing went wrong. They can’t just stand each other.

After being together for a while, Leo and Virgo in relationship tend to look at the other’s defects than to those things that made them fell in love with each other at first. They are no longer a mix of passion and sanity, but a couple yelling at each other all the time.

Leo and Virgo in a love relationship are more intense when Leo is a man and Virgo is a woman because a dominant and fearless woman is impossible to control at all, especially by a Virgo. The other way round, we can find some harmony (sometimes). Anyways, the continuity of this couple is not assured.

But, is there something that can keep their Virgo and Leo in love? Yes, of course.

The answer to this question is easy: genuine love can keep them together. That kind of love that can make you do anything for your better half.

And not only love. One of their secret weapons is their intimate relations. Their private life is fantastic, very passionate and seductive at the same time.

If they leave their stubbornness (Leo) and their hypercriticism (Virgo) aside, the relationship between them can be awesome, from the beginning until the end. The strong personality of Leo combined with the shyness of Virgo can turn out in a very beautiful love affair, where the lion will protect his/her partner. There will be romanticism and tenderness from Virgo, and honesty and protection from Leo.

If they work their weaknesses and listen to each other, this can become a very beautiful (but not easy) relationship.

Leo and Virgo at work

Virgo and Leo compatibility at the workplace can be very successful in many ways. While Leo offer vision, imagination and emotion, Virgo are in charge of the perspective, analysis and order. A Leo person can help a Virgo to gain self-confidence, and Virgo helps Leo to fulfill his/her dreams.

They can work together in any creative project because they can perfectly combine vision with attention, and shape with little details. This can be a very satisfactory relationship between two colleagues at work.

As we have seen before, Leo is fire and Virgo is earth: all those things that can get them along well can make them fight.

Virgo people can feel used because of their natural need of feeling useful, while Leo may think that they are special and can do whatever they want –and, as we have seen in this zodiac sign, they tend to be too bossy.

Leo usually want to reach very high goals, and sometimes they feel annoyed by the realistic reminders of Virgo about everyday tasks –they are too important for that! Virgo need to feel that they are not just one more employee, they like to feel valued and Leo can easily forget to do this.

Both are organizational, but in different ways. For example, a Leo organizes everything out loud, everybody needs to listen to his/her commands, creating an environment of “dictatorship” at the office. They also like to be the center of attention and like to be rewarded when the project is finished or when the task is delivered, even if they didn’t do the hard job.

Virgo like things to be properly done. They don’t mind if Leo wants to be the boss, as long as he/she is a good boss.  At the same time, Leo will love that a smart (not smarty) Virgo is aware of the details, the possible problems ahead and anything that requires especial attention.

Criticism is a dangerous ground. If Virgo is too exigent with Leo, he/she will wake up the anger of the lion. So, being subtle and tactful is a must.

The professional compatibility between Leo and Virgo can be very harmonious if both work their defects. Innovation and creativity of Leo with a sense of practicality and a gifted mind for finance of Virgo: what else can you ask for a good work team?

These two zodiac signs are more compatible in business than in love or friendship. Both are temperamental (although Leo shows it more often), and while Leo is pure passion and leadership, Virgo is stability and perseverance. These four points are very relevant for a company, especially for new ones –Leo and Virgo can be good in an entrepreneurship together. Success is guaranteed, as long as Leo stops being so eccentric and Virgo less critical.

Photo source: Abouthoroscope