Leo and Capricorn compatibility

Leo and Capricorn are the two most ambitious Zodiac signs. In fact, ambition is the trait in their personalities that will make them closer to each other. At the same time, they are strong, stubborn and very proud.


Leo is a symbol of fire, while Capricorn is a sign of earth, and they are both socially notable, people admire them. They can even admire each other, but a relationship of any kind between them is going to be a very hard job.

Let’s see their differences and similarities Why is it so hard for these two to be together?

Leo and Capricorn compatibility in friendship

Capricorn and Leo are not going to be friends at first sight. Actually, they won’t like each other because of their main differences. While Leo are extrovert, generous (they love luxury) and optimist, Capricorn prefer intimate groups, they are a bit pessimist and never spend lots of unnecessary money – they like to spend money on profitable things, though.

Capricorn and Leo in friendship are not the perfect match, as we can see from above. But, even if they are not going to be best friends forever, they can get to stand each other, or at least get along pretty well.

In order for Leo and Capricorn to be compatible as friends, they both need to change a little bit:

  • A Leo needs to appreciate the quietness of a Capricorn and his/her deepest passions.
  • A Capricorn, if he/she wants, can enjoy a lot with the happiness and friendliness of a Leo.

It is hard, but not impossible!

Capricorn and Leo compatibility in love

Capricorn and Leo in love are a complete disaster. They are completely antagonistic Zodiac signs, and it is probably the worst love compatibility ever. But don’t desperate, nothing is impossible if you fight hard.

Even in the beginning of any contact or possible relationship, their way of thinking and their reactions are very different. For example, when Leo are in love, they are always the first ones to make a move: they need to intensively live their emotions and experiences, their romanticism is on fire and they go to get what they want.

On the other hand, when Capricorn fall in love they keep a long distance. They need to analyze who they are falling in love with, they don’t want problems or mess up everything. They usually keep this distance to think about the whole situation.

Can this be a more opposed start?

Imagine, Leo making a move without Capricorn having done a proper analysis. Misunderstandings, discussions and misreads are going to be on the agenda. And moreover, Capricorn is going to become a challenge for the lion!

If Leo is not patient enough, Capricorn may think that this guy/girl is going to be too dramatic and complicated. If Capricorn doesn’t make any move, Leo will forget about him/her because of the coldness and lack of expression.

That is why it is difficult to start any romance.

But, what if Leo and Capricorn are already in a relationship?

Capricorn and Leo in relationship are going to face the same problems as any other couple, such as monotony or excess of routine, for example.
Capricorn, for instance, don’t mind to be on a regular routine, they feel comfortable in their own spaces. And Leo need adventures, experiences, new things.

Another matter that can be a problem between them is the excess of independence that Leo usually need. They want and claim their own space / territory. This can make Capricorn suspect about Leo’s loyalty and it can lead to a big fight.

Capricorn are also very resentful and they don’t easily forget other’s mistakes. They would never forgive an infidelity.

But if the big fight is about to come, the main issue will be home finances. Leo and Capricorn have very different ideas on how to administrate money.

Leo like to spend money on what they want or like, they don’t care about the price, they live the moment. In fact, they enjoy endless pleasure and luxury. However, Capricorn are foresighted and prudent, they like to save money “just in case”, they like to be prepared for a worse future. Who knows what is going to happen?

In their intimate moments, they are also very different. With the previous description, we may think that Capricorn are cold or frigid, but that is not true at all. They can be even more passionate than Leo –when they finally show their passion! The problem is that Capricorn lack of the creativity that Leo need.

They may share intellectual level, but Leo and Capricorn don’t fulfill each other’s emotional expectations. Leo need passion, fire, adventure, and lots of attention and admiration. Capricorn have a strong will, but they are intimate, maybe too much for a lion.

Does it mean that Leo and Capricorn compatibility in love is impossible?

You know there are always solutions to every problem, and it is in your hands to make it work. The secret to make this relationship work is no other than the same as in any kind of compatibility: loyalty, patience, tolerance and lots of communication. That is the only way that your relationship is going to be long-lasting and not just a temporal affair or a summer love.

Leo and Capricorn at work

Well, they have many things in common that may make us think that Leo and Capricorn compatibility at a workplace can be good:

  • They are both smart and intelligent
  • They are natural-born leaders and they really fight to achieve their goals
  • They both like to live comfortably, with no economic problems

So, why don’t they really match at work? The differences are not the goals, but the ways to achieve them. Let’s take a look:

  • Leo are, in general, very determined, but they dream too much, they have many impulses –sometimes not very practical ones.
  • Capricorn have their feet on earth, their element. They are realistic, organized, disciplined and they don’t like changes if they don’t have any guarantee of success.

It will be often for them to fight sometimes, usually when Leo has a new idea and Capricorn totally rejects it. Both are very proud and decisive, and won’t change their minds.

But if we take an overall look, if Capricorn and Leo are going to be in any kind of relationship, the most probably successful one is at a workplace –not love or friendship. And the reason why is what we said at the beginning of this article: ambition.

In order to earn money or start a new company or project, you need ambition, you want to succeed at any cost, and it doesn’t matter if you need to work with your most incompatible Zodiac sign. They can be the perfect partners in an entrepreneurship:

  • Leo will bring the enthusiasm to the project, tonnes of creativity and they will know when to take a rest and not get stressed.
  • Capricorn will bring the organization and sanity, the patience and the perseverance.

Photo source: Abouthoroscope