Leo and Aquarius compatibility

Leo and Aquarius belong to two different elements: Leo is a sign of fire and Aquarius is a sign of earth –even the fact that most people think that it is a sign of water! Even they are different, they often feel attracted to each other in many fields of their lives. Why is that?


Both are fixed and masculine signs. That means that Aquarius and Leo compatibility is marked by perseverance and willpower. An intelligent, idealist and creative Aquarius will find his/her better half in a warm and noble Leo, who, at the same time, is imaginative and smart as well.

Of course, they are also two stubborn people and they always want to be right. Both are extrovert, fun and happy: Leo, the fire, puts passion in the relationship; Aquarius brings air and makes the flame bigger –in love, in a workplace and in friendship!

On the other hand, Leo tend to be individualistic and like to be admired by others, they like to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, Aquarius enjoys being part of a community, not being very special. This can be a great opportunity for both to learn from each other’s point of view: they are idealistic and can share many goals and interests, but their way of achieving them is very different. Together they can go very far!

We are facing the union of two very opposed people, but their differences are going to make it work. They will complement each other perfectly –if they know how!

Aquarius and Leo compatibility in friendship

We are again with a natural-born leader couple. Aquarius and Leo in friendship and social life are always the center of attention, people like them. But for different reasons.

Leo can be the perfect example of leadership: they are spontaneous, extrovert, open-minded, self-confident and with a great ability to organize and delegate any task. Aquarius are really appreciated by others because of their altruism, their goals are normally related to a group well-being. They are seen as the rebels, the revolutionaries and the independents, but at the same time they are reflexive and more reserved.

When these two become friends, it can turn out a very enriching relationship, because Aquarius can teach Leo how to handle critics instead of receiving compliments all the time, and Leo can make Aquarius enjoy more their lives, with no analyzing at all.

As we can see, their differences make them closer. However, their stubbornness can make them fight a lot and end their friendship in just a few minutes. They never change their minds about any idea they have, although if you give Aquarius enough logical and consistent arguments, they may rectify.

They also have a high sense of independency: Leo and Aquarius need to feel free and not being attached to anything or anyone. The pride of a Leo and the avoidance of emotional problems of Aquarius may make them be apart forever if they have a strong fight for any reason.

Leo and Aquarius compatibility in love

Aquarius and Leo in love feel an irresistible attraction between them, and they will go and come several times until they start something serious, if they manage to control themselves. Once they overcome this first phase, they will admire each other’s strengths and love will rule their lives. Many happy moments are waiting for Leo and Aquarius in relationship!

However, they have to take into account that air and fire are two very different elements of nature. The lions are pure fire, emotional and spontaneous, they need to put their heart in everything they do. Aquarius can be less emotional and more rational, they don’t like to be attached or depend on any feeling.

But, can they work it out? Let’s see how Leo and Aquarius in love can manage their lives.

The excess of romanticism of Leo, with a high need of emotional care and affectivity can overwhelm a rational Aquarius, who refuses to be even close to cheesy little things. Who knows? If Leo accepts to live with a nice but not effusive Aquarius, and Aquarius doesn’t get exhausted of Leo’s exaggerated emotions… it may work!

Aquarius and Leo in relationship need to understand each other’s inside nature. Aquarius are devoted to social causes and they are very altruist, and this may confront Leo’s vanity, pride and egocentrism.

The same happens vice versa. Leo can get tired of the overthinking of Aquarius and the fact that they don’t like almost anything (at least at first). Leo likes to enjoy and have fun, not thinking about every little detail.

It is a difficult relationship that needs time to work. After their fights, they will be together only if they truly love each other and understand their differences. Patience and perseverance are indispensable to keep them together. Both know the meaningfulness of their own individuality and their relation with what surrounds them:

  • Leo need social acknowledge and tend to be conservative in their minds
  • Aquarius is a rebel, independent and irreverent, being different is part of their nature

It is worth mentioning that this couple is a total referent of fashion. They seem to be together to inspire! Leo like to take care of their appearance in details, being true fashionists; Aquarius are always informed about new tendencies and are always the first to try new styles. Together they are the trendiest couple!

Don’t forget that Leo and Aquarius are two strong temperamental zodiac symbols and if they fight, they can destroy each other. Nevertheless, if they can find harmony between their differences, we all know that opposite poles attract each other.

All the luxuries, ostentations and expenses of Leo won’t be a good thing for Aquarius. Aquarius’ eccentricities are more related to the spirit and personal ideas for a better world, not for individual pleasure.

But Leo will make Aquarius’ fantasies and dreams come true, so they can be an absolutely perfect match if they find out how. Both can accomplish their dreams if they feel the support and courage of their partners in life.

The good thing is, even that Leo are more emotional and Aquarius are more rational, both are very optimistic and together they have enough strength to overcome anything. Their relationship is full of life because they are lovers and friends at the same time. Independence and strength of Leo and Aquarius combine perfectly, they need each other!

They both feel special when the other is around and their flame is very difficult to extinguish. They just need to keep it alive every day.

Aquarius and Leo at work

Together they have an exceptional power, and they can make a great working team because they share these characteristics:

  • They are creative
  • They are smart
  • They have fixed goals and determination to achieve them

If they cooperate together, they can reach success in any project or task that they have in mind, no matter what: everything is possible. The main problem between them can be the discussion for leadership.

Photo source: Abouthoroscope